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Chapter Eleven

Blue Angel

Kagome sat staring out of the window at the first snowflakes of the season. She was trying to act brave, but the truth was her hands were shaking horribly. The door behind her opened and closed, but she didn't bother turning around, she already knew who it was, it was the other man in the room that she was puzzled about.


"Higurashi-san, the truth is, Sato is under investigation by the school board for student harassment" Oto, one of the security guards told her and InuYasha

"If you would be willing to give a statement and testify, you would make ten students to come forward about his conduct, the school board couldn't ignore that, and it would be enough for the police to open their own investigation." Chin, the other guard added.

"Ten? Why so many?" Kagome was shocked

"Well, with all due respect, your kids. Kids often lack respect for authority, and they also stick together. To the school board, it just looks like a group of kids don't like this guy and want him gone." Oto shook his head sadly

"And that's just what that jerk is counting on to get away with it?" Kagome asked "Unfortunately, yes." Chin shook his head "This guys been doing this for awhile, he's pretty secure that he can get away with it."

Kagome was silent for a minute, her head working over time.

"What if you got him on tape harassing someone? Can the school board use that?"

"Well sure, but who would be willing to put up with him to do it."


"You would…"

"Uh…Kagome? Can I talk to you?" InuYasha broke in.

"Sure, just a minu…"

"Now…" He grabbed her hand and pulled her into the kitchen

"What the fuck do you think your doing?" InuYasha practically yelled into her face.

"InuYasha, Kagome, is there a problem?" Mrs. Higurashi turned from the sink.

"InuYasha, you heard them, they cant get this guy, no one will listen"

"So you volunteer to go chat with him? Are you out of your mind? Have you forgotten…"

"You WHAT?" Mrs. Higurashi yelled.

"Now see what you did…you upset Mama" InuYasha yelled

"You're the one who upset her!"

"I'm not upset! And your not going to see that…that…!"

"Keh! See, Mama agrees!"

"InuYasha! That's not fair. Mama, this guy is abusing students, they cant get him, if I can…."

"But your not, I said you can't and I have the say" InuYasha cut in.

"Osuwari" InuYasha kissed the tile.
"Kagome that was uncalled for"
"Mama, listen please…I have to do this…because if he wins, someone else is going to get hurt, and I cant let that happen"
"Oy! Kagome! I understand how you feel, but, I'm sorry. This time I agree with InuYasha. No"
"But Mama"
"She said no Kagome" InuYasha got up from the floor "Now, let it go"

-End Flashback-

"Here, I brought you some water." InuYasha sat next to her, kissing her quickly, seeing how her hands were shaking.

"Are you sure your okay?" InuYasha took her hand, intertwining their fingers.

"I'm okay." She lay her head on his shoulder "I'm sorry InuYasha, I imagine your probably madder than all hell at me."

"Yeah, but there's plenty of time for me to give you hell later, right now I just want to hold you."

"I'm sorry InuYasha, I'm so sorry." InuYasha took the water from her hand and pulled her against him.

"Kagome…damn it. Why didn't you listen to me? You could have been hurt."


Kagome waited for the secretary to leave the office for the day before slipping in. She double checked the voice activated tape recorded in her pocket then put it back in place and opened the door.

"What the hell am I doing?" she thought, suddenly hit with nerves as she stood outside Sato's office. The building was nearly empty and would be completely so soon. It was a Friday, no one stuck around long on Fridays.

"I can't do this!" She turned

"What do you want Higurashi?"


"Sato-sama…I" shit! Well, nothing ventured nothing gained right? "I was hoping to talk to you about the points being taken against me"

"My decision has been um made Higurashi, you uh should concider yourself fortunate that I uh am allowing you to continue in the program after what your gangster boyfriend pulled the other day."

He turned and went into his office, Kagome followed.

"Sato-sama, this isn't right, that girl was the one who started it."

The door slammed shut behind her, no one was there.

"Welcome miko" Sato smiled from behind his desk "I've been waiting for this opportunity."

"What is this Sato?" Kagome backed against the door, trying the knob. Though the door did not lock it wouldn't turn.

"Don't bother with that yariman, it wont work. You may also call me Sinepon." His shape shifted to a very tall demon, with light green hair, eyes and markings.

"You're a demon." Kagome said

"Afraid so. Modern day demons have learned to sense miko and disguise ourselves from them, so don't feel too badly about missing my identity. How else would we have survived all these years?" Sinepon began to advance.

"Where is Sato-sama?" Kagome tried the knob again, then moved away as Sinepon approached.

"Oh, he's hanging around somewhere." Sato appeared, having been attached to the wall with some kind of purple netting. He was in suspended animation, as InuYasha had been when Kagome found him on the tree years before.

"Let him go, now." Kagome glared

"Perhaps, when I am done with you." Sinepon was still across the room from her, Kagome now stood behind the desk.

"What do you want with me?"

"What would anyone want with a yariman?" He laughed "But we have business to finish first."

Kagome wanted to be sick. "What business?"

"The Shikon no Tama. I want it."

"I don't have it."

"But you can use your miko powers, to call for it." He began to advance on her again.


"Higurashi Kagome, the priestess who had the power to transcend time, The legendary priestess who controlled the Shikon no Tama and could call it to her hand by will"
"I cant do that."

Sinepon was next to her in a blink "But you can. And you will."

"No, I wont. I'd rather die."

"Well yariman, that can be arranged too." Kagome was knocked to the floor, straddled by Sinepon. "Now, call for the Shikon no Tama."


Kagome spit at him. Sinepon slapped her, bloodying her lip and mouth.

Sinepon put his hand on her throat and began to squeeze.

"Call for the no Tama."


"Then Die Temee!"

Kagome began to lose consciousness and the last thing she saw was a man with a long black braid busting through the door, then everything went black...

When Kagome woke, she was laying on the sofa in the teachers lounge in InuYasha's arms. The man with the black braid was talking to Sato.

End Flashback

"InuYasha…who is that man, the one with the braid?"

InuYasha smiled and laughed softly "I'll let him tell you, you wouldn't believe me if I told you." He lifted his voice "Kagome would like to know who you are."

Sato turned first, grinning, then the other man turned, nearly causing Kagome to faint in shock again. He wore jeans, faded almost to the point of whiteness, with holes in random places. A light blue t-shirt with a dark blue flannel shirt open over it and a baseball cap backwards. A long black braid reached to his knees, but the demon markings were unmistakable, even if his hair color was different.

"Sesshomaru!" She gasped "But how…"

"Kagome, I am glad that you are well. Still just as reckless as you were five hundred years ago however, your going to put my brother into a coronary condition if you keep scaring him like that." Sesshomaru smiled at her, coming closer.

"Sesshomaru…how…." Kagome shook her head, as if she were seeing things.

"Sesshy and I have been friends for a long time." Sato nodded

"I became concerned when Yosh didn't show for our weekly poker game last night, I use his paycheck to supplement my income." Sesshomaru laughed.

Sesshy? Poker? WTF?

"I'll explain it all later" InuYasha whispered in her ear, kissing the side of her head.

"I came this morning to check on him, he seemed odd, I knew there was something amiss when I recognized your name on paperwork on his desk." Sesshomaru went on to explain, taking a large drink of soda.

"When Sesshomaru saw you come, he called me, then came in to listen. Just in time it turned out." InuYasha finished.

"Kami, I don't know how to thank you Sesshomaru." Kagome said, shaking her head.

Sesshomaru only smiled.


InuYasha walked down the long hallway looking for Kagome. She had gone behind his back and come here without telling him, putting herself in incredible danger.

Finally he found a door and pushed it open. The room was blinding white and Kagome lay awake on a table. She turned her head and called to him.

"InuYasha! Help me!"

He ran forward, only to be stopped by a barrier inches away from her.

"InuYasha, please help me!"

He reached down for Tessiaga to dissolve the barrier, it flamed red as the masked demon stepped forward holding a huge sacrificial dagger.

"You bastard! Let her go!" He screamed

InuYasha remembered the red barrier breaking Tessiaga he held and swung with a violent swing, but the barrier dissolved the mighty fang.

He reached for her again, trying desperately to get to her through the barrier as the masked demon laughed at him.

"InuYasha, please, help me!" She cried

She turned away from him, as if realizing a truth. "You would help me if I were Kikyo!"

"No, Kagome! I'm trying, I don't know what to do!"

Kagome looked at him one last time. "You don't want to save me because I'm not Kikyo."

"No! That's not true!" He screamed, desperate to get to her

Kagome looked away again, this time to the demon with the dagger.

"Kill me."

The demon nodded, then plunged the dagger deep into her chest, bringing forth an amazing gush of blood.
The laughed at InuYasha's screams, pulled the dagger from Kagome's chest, licking it clean.

"Your dead you bastard!" InuYasha screamed through his sobs.

"Whatever you say, my dear InuYasha"

The demon pulled off his mask.

InuYasha stared into his own face.


Kagome paced the hallway outside her room

His screams terrified her, but on what was suppose to be good advice she was allowing him to bring his nightmare to completion.

If this didn't work she was going to brain Ayumi and Hojo.

"No! Kagome!!" He screamed again

Mrs. Higurashi appeared at the bottom of the stairwell. His screams had woken her for the third night in a row. Mrs. Higurashi had expected difficulties with Kagome after her recent trauma, not InuYasha. She loved this boy like he was one of her own. In her heart, he WAS one of her own. Still, she and Kagome hadn't a clue how to help him. They felt useless. He thrashed around in the bed now, calling to Kagome in a cross between a loud talking and outright screaming.

"Another?" She began to climb the stairs.

She nodded, meeting her halfway and sitting down next to her on the stair. They sat together quietly for several minutes, listening to his ranting. "Such a horrible nightmare" Mrs. Higurashi remarked

"They're getting worse mama. I don't know what to do."

"I don't know how to make his nightmare's go away sweetie, but until you figure it out, just love him."

She hugged her, then turned and went back down the stairs to her room. Kagome sighed, then returned to her pacing.

A minute later InuYasha woke; he sat straight up, his breath coming hard and fast.
When he was calm again he noticed Kagome, sitting on her legs at the end of the bed "What are you doing up?" his voice was harsh, reminding her of how he talked when they had first known one another.

"You had another nightmare, didn't you?" She scooted forward reaching out to put her hand on his.

InuYasha nodded reluctantly. "Yeah." He lay back, hooking his fingers with hers.

"Will you talk to me about them? Please."

He shook his head. "Kagome, I don't want to talk about them."

"InuYasha, you need to." The time for ignoring was past. She couldn't bear to see him tormented anymore.

He let go of her hand, rolling over away from her "I told you, there's no point. Now just,… just drop this Kagome."

"I can't. Your nightmares are getting worse, tonight your screams woke mama and…"

InuYasha sat up, looking at her strangely.

"So you don't want me being a bother to your family anymore? Is that it?"

Kagome gasped, how the hell he had gotten that into his head.

"I never said that InuYasha."

He rolled the opposite direction, pulling himself out of bed. He snatched up his robe and hoari, tossing them on and getting them in place in record time.

"InuYasha? What are you doing?" She slid out of bed, reaching for his sleeve.

"I'm going back to where I won't bother people. To where I belong." His words stung her. He picked up Tessiaga, securing it in its proper place.

He ran down the stairs, he seemed to hesitate at the bottom, and then he opened the sliding door and began walking towards the well house.

Kagome quickly slipped her shoes on, then she ran after him, catching up to him under Goshinboku and grabbing his sleeve. "InuYasha…"

"Go back inside Kagome, your gonna freeze to death." He turned, trying to pull his sleeve out of her grasp.

"You belong here InuYasha. You belong with me."

InuYasha wouldn't turn and look at her, her tone told him she was crying. Not the normal tears, but the huge ones, the ones that meant that he had wronged her. The ones she had always worn when he hurt her with Kikyo. He didn't want to see them. He didn't want to know what his weakness was doing to her.

He spoke, not turning around.

"I'm not so sure about that anymore Kagome."

Kagome felt like she had been punched in the stomach, but she had to ask. "You're not sure about what InuYasha? Being here or being with me?"

He spoke just loud enough for her to hear.


He pulled his sleeve from her limp fingers. He didn't turn, or even look at her over his shoulder. He heard the snow crunch behind him as her shaking legs collapsed from under her and she fell down onto her knees. At the well house as he opened the door, he caught the sound of her tears.

InuYasha tried to walk through the door, to go to the well, but his feet felt frozen to spot. Her scent was carried to him on the gentle winter breeze, soft, gentle and oh so sweet, fruity like the shampoo she used, musky like the perfume she wore. Her natural scent, clean, pure, like fresh air and fine line dried silk. She was pure and innocent, yet her kisses left him with the desire to make love to her. He picked up the sound of her heartbeat, at the moment beating in perfect time with his. They were one heart.

He turned his head and caught her in the corner of his eye, slowly turning to take in the entire vision.
She was breathtakingly beautiful, yet heartbreakingly sad Her face rested in her hands as her body shook with pain. Clothed in all in white, yet bathed in the blue of the full moon. She looked like a weeping angel, on her knees in the snow.

The moonlight kissed her hair, encasing it in a blue halo, bare shoulders and arms reflected a spectacular blue radiance, like protective wings folded over her sweet innocent face, attempting to hide her tears. Fresh snow sparkled around her, more brilliant than the shards of adamant that flew from Tessiaga when he released the Kongosouha.

InuYasha's mind began to clear, and he saw the situation for what it was. Kagome was beautiful, sweet and kind. She was pure, loving and devoted completely to him. She had been through hell in the months since Miroku died, and it wasn't over yet. She knew this, and still she was more worried about helping him than how she felt. She had nearly been raped just three days before, and she was begging him to let her help him.
She was his, and he was walking away from her. Why?

Because he was proud! Too proud to tell her…to admit that he…

He was such a dumbass!

He quietly shut the well house door, then retraced his steps, returning to her. He knelt across from her, their knees touching. She was still crying softly, and it broke his heart to know that once again it was his fault. He reached out gently taking her hands, pulling them away from her tear stained face. She looked at him, her eyes red and swollen, yet sparkling with surprise and hope.

"InuYasha…? You… came back?"

He nodded, clutching her hands tightly in his.
"Why?" she whispered, terrified of the answer.


His voice caught, choking him up. He was unable to speak. He moved closer, their bodies touching, so he could speak in whispers.

"My life is where you are."

"But you said…"

He lowered his head, kissing her softly.

"Forgive me, please. I didn't want to tell you…didn't want you to know."

"Know what?" Her eyes searched his face, looking for some kind of clue. Kagome lifted her hand to InuYasha's cheek.

"How weak I…" He closed his eyes, shaking his head "That's not it. It makes me weak. I'm…" His throat felt tight, and then he couldn't speak at all. He looked into her eyes, pleading with her to understand, to give him time. He let go of her hands, covering his face.
Kagome rose up on her knees and took his hands again, pulling them away from his face. She left them to rest at their sides. He looked at her for a minute, the squeezed his eyes shut.

"I…I'm afraid " He opened his eyes, letting the tears and his fear to the surface for her to see, surprised when she didn't look sick or disgusted by them.

"InuYasha…" She grasped his arms, looking deep into his eyes.

"I'm so afraid that I'm going to lose you Kagome!" It came out in a rush as he fell forward, laying his head against her chest. He pulled his arms around her, like a small child. His body shook with his sobs, emotion gaining intensity until it exploded, his head falling down into her lap, his entire body involved as he vented his anguish. She lay her cheek on the top of his head, wrapping her arms around his shaking shoulders.

"Shhhhhhh…"She whispered softly, rubbing behind his ears with her fingers "Its okay. " Her voice gently soothed him, whispering the words he had once whispered to her. "Just let it all go love, your gonna be okay. "

Kagome knew, this was InuYasha's break through. She remembered only too well, the day on the dock when she had seen the blood and freaked out. Kagome had been held in the arms of a handsome hanyou as he gently soothed her fear. It was the day she had finally started getting better.

She gently brushed her fingers through his hair his hair while she kissed his ears, leading him in the same direction he'd had to bully her in four months before. A long time later, his tears finally beginning to dry, InuYasha sat up and looked into the eyes of his blue angel.

"Your going to be okay InuYasha. I promise."

He nodded, a small smile on his face as he reached for her, pulling her up and into his arms


Mrs. Higurashi had just begun to make after breakfast cleaning noises when InuYasha carefully eased his arm from the soft tumble of Kagome's hair, quietly rising from the warmth of the bed. Kagome shivered without his body heat, InuYasha picked up the extra blanket from the desk chair, unfolded it and laid it over her. He felt the weirdest mixture of happiness and guilt. He had been relieved of the most horrible burden that he had been carrying for…well, for longer than anyone with any sense should ever carry something. However, in route to releasing his torment, he had kept Kagome out in the freezing cold and snow for over an hour without a coat.

When his storm calmed he realized too late that she was now soaking wet, in only a thin sleeveless cotton nightgown, sitting on her knees in a snow drift. He yelled at her, asked her if she was out of her fucking mind or trying to catch pneumonia. He picked her up and carried her into the house, promptly running into Mrs. Higurashi. He immediately took the blame; he knew if she got sick it would be all his fault. She had decided to stay out of it, but warning them both that if one of them somehow managed to accidentally kill the other one, she would be rather unhappy.

InuYasha had immediately ordered Kagome into a hot bath, with orders to not come out until she was warmed through, then he promptly lay down and fell asleep. He had woke several times and checked her, she seemed to be fever free so far, and not a cough or sniffle.
He threw his inner robe on, then made his bleary eyed way down the stairs, missing the kitchen doorframe slightly and stubbing his toe.

"KUSO!" he yelled loudly, making Mrs. Higurashi jump. She turned around, seeing him holding his toe and hopping about.

"Kuso to you also, InuYasha-kun." She bowed, smirking sarcastically.

"I'm corrupting these nice people" InuYasha thought with a grin as he pulled a chair out and slid up to the table.

"Sorry Mama" InuYasha grinned "I am still mostly asleep. The door frame got in my way."

"I so hate it when the door does that." She smiled, setting a plate and cup of tea in front of him.

"Thank you" InuYasha bowed, realizing just how good Mrs. Higurashi was getting at this sarcasm thing. "I really need to get out of here"

"You're leaving?" Mrs. Higurashi said, turning away from the sink.

"Huh?" InuYasha hadn't realized that he had spoken out loud "Oh! No!" He smiled "Sorry Mama, I was just thinking that it sounds as if you are picking up my sarcasm."

She laughed "Oh InuYasha-kun! I was sarcastic long before you met Kagome-chan! So save your apology for another time."

He smiled a little "In that case, allow me to apologize for last night."

"For what?" She raised her eyebrow at him

InuYasha looked at her like she was crazy "For what? All of it, keeping you up with my nightmares, hurting Kagome again, dragging her out into the snow and cold, acting like a baby…"

"InuYasha-kun, don't be silly. Often it's hard to admit how we feel, and when we hurt or are afraid, that is usually when it is the hardest. You hurt yourself by holding your pain and fear inside, and you help no one. Yes, InuYasha-kun, you hurt Kagome-chan when you tried to leave her. But you brought her joy, you were smart, you turned around and came back to her, and together you made everything all right."

"Yeah, we did" His mind flashed back to his vision of her sitting in the snow, his blue angel surrounded by sparkling adamant.

"However InuYasha-kun, you did drag her out in the cold. If she gets sick, you get to be the one to take care of her. I warn you, Kagome-chan is a big baby when she is sick…'Mama get this…mama get that'…up the stairs, down the stairs, every twenty minutes. Well InuYasha-kun …it is YOUR job now! HA! HA!" She grinned, making him laugh.

"So far she's fine" He laughed "Still, I wish I knew… Some way to make it up to her"

"Just your being with her is enough."

"I'm not good with words like Kagome is, I'm more into actions. I just need to think. To find the perfect way to show her…I mean to let her see, I want her to know exactly how much I love her."

"That's very sweet InuYasha-kun. When you think of something, I will do all I can to help you. You just let me know"
Mrs. Higurashi began paging through the newspaper. InuYasha was only half watching, until something caught his eye, reminding him of something Kagome had said some time ago.

He smiled, catching Mrs. Higurashi's attention.

InuYasha knew exactly what to do.

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