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Chapter 1:

People jumped out of the way as Megumi Takani walked straight down the corridor towards the door leading to study hall. Her hands were clenched so tightly her knuckles were white and her expression was absolutely unreadable.

Truth or Dare?

Dare, of course…what do you people take me for?

Taking a deep breath, Megumi pushed her way through the double doors and stepped into the hall. She kept a firm grip one of the doors while her eyes scanned the hall. She was about t turn around and leave when she spotted her target.

Okay, Megumi…we've reached to a decision…now, are you sure you want to go on with this?

Of course I'm sure.

You won't back out or anything?

No, I won't. I'm not a wuss!


She knew her face was colored a deep shade of crimson, but she didn't care and made her way to the table where two senior guys were sitting; Kenshin Himura and Sanosuke Sagara. She stopped at the table. They both looked up tensely at her. Megumi closed her eyes for a moment.

'You, Sanosuke,' she said, sharply.

We want you to ask Sanosuke Sagara out for dinner…

Sano blinked at her. 'Me?' he said, looking confused and somewhat scared.

'I want a word with you, please,' she said.

Sano exchanged quick glances with Kenshin, as if to ask if he had done something wrong. 'With me?' he finally said. He scratched the back of his head. 'Um…alright, sure. What do you want?'

'A private word,' she said impatiently.

'Oh,' he murmured. He shot a helpless glance at Kenshin before getting up to his feet. 'Okay…let's go outside, then.'

Megumi turned around on her heels and headed towards the door, with Sano close behind her. Once they were outside, Megumi rounded on him, arms folded firmly against her chest. They remained like that for a few moments, seeing as Megumi couldn't bring herself to say her next words. Sano just watched her with polite puzzlement.

'Um…Megumi, I don't mean to be rude, but…' he started.

'I know! I know!' she snapped. She took a deep breath. 'Sano…will you go out with me on Saturday?'

She had said it so quickly she doubted he had even understood what she meant. Sure enough, Sano was looking at her in bewilderment. 'Um…excuse me? I didn't quite catch that,' he said.

Megumi gritted her teeth. 'I said…will you go out with me on Saturday night?' she asked in a rush.

There was a moment of stunned silence, in which Sano just gaped openly at her. Megumi just waited for him to say something, even though she was getting slightly irked. Sano had been asking her out for a date ever since sophomore year, but she had always turned him down. Surprisingly enough, he hadn't seemed to date any one through all these three years of knowing her. Her friends told her that that ought to make her feel rather special and then she'd change her opinion on him, but she didn't. Sano was just another guy to her. Just an annoying rooster-head who wouldn't get off her back...and now, to be the one actually asking him out...it was just too humiliating for her.

Suddenly, to her surprise, Sanosuke burst out laughing. Megumi stared at him. 'Er...what's wrong? Why are you laughing?' she demanded, rather angrily. 'I don't believe I said something even remotely funny.'

'You did!' he wheezed, clutching his stomach. 'You're asking me out on a date? I mean, are we still in the real world now, or am I just dreaming? Could you please pinch me, Meg?'

Megumi scowled. 'We are in the real world, Sanosuke, and I'm not about to pinch you,' she deadpanned, and folded her arms firmly against her chest. 'So, how about it? Will you go out with me on Saturday night?'

Sano was actually looking quite serious now. He frowned at her. 'Megumi, I know that you consider me a pain in the butt, but that's no reason to be making fun of me, alright?' he muttered. 'So, just come out with it. Where are the hidden cameras? Where are your people hiding?'

Megumi stared, dumbfounded, at him. She had expected Sano to agree to the date in a heartbeat, but surprisingly, he was pondering over it, and when she looked closely at him, she could see that he was looking a bit hurt. 'Um...hidden cameras?' she sputtered. 'What...what the hell are you talking about?'

Sano shoved his hands deep into his pockets. 'Megumi, both of us know that you'd never ask me out...not even in my dreams,' he said quietly. 'So, please stop pulling my leg. I'm gonna leave now, so you can go ahead and have a good gloat with your friends. See you around.'

Megumi clenched her hands. Alright, she was feeling rather offended now. She was being quite serious, and she was putting a lot on line now, asking him out, and here he was...actually rejecting her! She was not going to have that! And it wasn't just because her friends were firm about the fact that she keeps on insisting till he agrees. "Not that you're gonna have to insist," they had told her. Well, they were going to be shocked now.

'Wait!' she cried out, as he reached for the door. He stopped and looked back at her. 'I'm not pulling your leg, okay? I'm really asking you out! I decided that...I was going to give you a chance, and that I was being really mean turning you down all the time...and if this year ended and I never went out with you, well...I'm sure I'll regret missing out on a great opportunity.'

Sano paused, and Megumi had to exercise a bit of an effort to stop herself from smirking; she definitely had him now. He let go of the door handle, and took a few steps back towards her. 'R-really?' he croaked. 'I mean...are you serious?'

She flashed him her most winning smile. 'Of course I'm serious,' she replied. As if to prove her point, she laid a hand on his shoulder. 'So...is it a yes?'

And whatever you do, you are not to tell Sanosuke that this is a dare.


Megumi applied lipstick to her lips for the tenth time in the last hour. She checked her reflection in the mirror. Mascara; check. Blusher; check. Lipstick; check. Eye shadow; check. Hair; check. Next she did a quick look-over on her dress. A low cut black silk dress that reached a bit over her knee. A simple platinum necklace rested around her neck, and she had slipped her feet into a pair of glittering black sandals.

She was surprised at herself for being so careful about the way she looked on this date. She had spent more than an hour at her dressing table applying her make-up, and then she had spent another hour blow-drying, and piling her hair on her head in an elegant ponytail-like style. It wasn't just because her friends had insisted that she makes an effort to look nice that night, but she sort of wanted to look pretty. Even better, she wanted to look drop-dead gorgeous.

She was just curling her hair a bit round her finger, when then came a knock at her door. 'Megumi, sweetheart,' her mother's voice carried through the wood. 'Your date's here.'

'He's here...already?' she squeaked. She glanced at the clock hanging on her wall. Blimey, is it 7 30 already? 'Okay, mom, I'll be out in a minute!'

She quickly looked herself over in a minute one last time, picked up her purse and jacket, and left the room. She went downstairs to the living room, and there he was, sitting on a couch in the living room, hands clasped together in his lap. She cleared her throat and he jumped up to his feet. He opened his mouth to say something, then he paused as he took a good look at her. Megumi wanted to giggle; Sano's mouth was still hanging open and his eyes were nearly popping out. Instead, she maintained an indifferent composure...and took a good look at him herself. She found that she actually was liking what she was seeing; Sano was wearing a pair of jeans of basic black, and a simple, plain white, long-sleeved t-shirt whose sleeves he had folded up a bit. She was impressed at how he managed to look so good even though his clothes were so simple.

'Hello,' she finally said.

'Megumi!' he finally exclaimed. 'Hi! Wow! Erm...you look stunning!'

Megumi smiled. 'Why, thank you, Sano,' she replied. 'You look quite good yourself.'

Sano blushed a bit. 'Really? I mean...th-thank you,' he murmured, rubbing the back of his neck. He didn't say anything for a moment, and then he looked up to see that she was looking expectantly at him. 'Er...shall we go now?'

She nodded, and pulled her coat on. Nervously, Sano held out an arm for her, and she accepted it. They headed for the door and with one last shout from Megumi telling her mother that they were leaving, they were out. They got into Sano's sports car, and he pulled out onto the road.

'Out of curiosity, where are you taking me?' she asked him.

'Um...well, it's a surprise,' he replied, without looking at her.

'Oh, okay,' she said, not quite satisfied with his answer. She turned to look out the window. 'Well, it better be a good surprise.'

As they reached a sophisticated restaurant/dance club, it became quite evident what Sano's surprise was. They both stepped out of the car, and Sano left it for the valet parking driver. They went up to the front door and Sano held out a card. The man at the door took a look at the card, and then checked the clipboard he was holding. He nodded after a few moments, and opened the door for them.

Megumi gripped Sano's arm as they went inside. She was feeling rather excited; she had never been into such a place before. 'Wow, Sanosuke! I didn't know you had a membership in such a fancy club!' she exclaimed, looking around her at the magnificent surroundings; carved wooden walls, a fancy bar at the back, hundreds of restaurant tables all around, mostly packed with people in designer outfits and loads of jewels, a huge dance floor were already many dancers were occupying. 'That's really cool!'

'It's not my membership,' Sano said dully. 'It's dad's. He won't allow me to be a member until I'm at least eighteen, but until then, I can use his membership a bit.'

'Oh,' she said. 'But it's still pretty impressive.'

Sano shrugged. He walked up to a desk to which a man with a pointy moustache was sitting. 'Hello, I've reserved a table here for tonight under the name Sanosuke Sagara,' he told him.

The man checked his list. 'Ah, yes, of course,' he said, with a strong French accent. 'This way, please.'

He led them over to a table on the furthest end of the restaurant. He took Megumi's chair and pulled out a chair for her, and Sano sat on the chair opposite to her. He summoned a waiter and he handed them both a menu, and poured out glasses of water for them. Then he left to let them decide what to have. Megumi studied her menu thoughtfully. There were a lot of different meals there, and all too over-priced too. Megumi bit down on her bottom lip; she didn't like Sano, that was true, but it wasn't fair to make him pay for all this. Heck, even a glass of water cost 5 bucks!

'Sano...' she started.

'It's fine,' he cut her off. 'Ignore the prices, and order whatever you want, okay?'

'But...it's all too expensive,' she protested. 'I can't make you pay for this! It wouldn't be fair! If you want to go on with this, then let me at least pay part of the bill!'

Sano raised an eyebrow at her. 'Are you done?' he inquired, and after a moment's hesitation, she nodded. 'Okay, shut up about the bill and try to concentrate more on what you're going to order. Believe me, it requires a lot of thought...some of the meals are really gross, no matter how much they sound appealing to you.'

'Er...gross?' she repeated, confused. 'How?'

'Squibs...slimy little things...' Sano murmured, and broke off, shuddering.

In spite of herself, Megumi giggled. 'Sounds like you're talking from a past experience,' she remarked, and he nodded vigorously. She picked up her menu again. 'Alright. If you're sure...let's see what's good in here.'

Sano picked up his menu too. 'Just stay clear off the fish food...they make even shrimps taste bad,' he told her.

'Okay, I'll take your word on that,' she agreed, and casually turned the page over to the meat dishes. She paused for a moment, and then she grinned at him. 'Hey, I was thinking, we could probably order anything in here and they won't say anything, right? So, how about we get some wine or something? What do you think?'

Sano frowned at her. 'You're not serious, are you?' he asked her. Megumi, uncertain of what she should do, did something between a nod and a shake of a head. Sano looked away from her. 'We'll have coke.'

Megumi felt affronted. 'H-hey! What's that supposed to mean?' she demanded. 'Why are you looking at me as if I'm stupid or something?'

'Look, I'm not going to get you drunk, alright? I don't do that to anyone...especially not to a girl I like!' he said, and there was a note of anger in his voice. Megumi felt her cheeks warming up a bit. 'If we get drunk, then I might do something which I would definitely regret later on...so, there's absolutely no alcohol for either of us!'

Megumi felt a slight shiver run up her spine. She had never seen this side to Sanosuke before; she had always thought that Sano was the type of guy who didn't give a damn about anything or anyone as long as he got laid, but now...hearing that from him...somehow, she was looking at him in a completely different way. She was actually starting to feel something towards him...and it wasn't something cold and mean. She smiled and hid her face behind her menu to hide her blushing face.

'Okay, then, coke it is,' she agreed.

She felt this date was going to go well after all...as long as she managed to keep her silence about the dare, which should be easy in her case; she really wasn't the blabbermouth type.


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