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Chapter 3:

'There she is! Megumi, what...oh, God!! What happened to your nose?'

Megumi had been hoping that she'd be able to avoid being confronted by her friends, but apparently, they had been waiting for her at the school's gate. At the mention of her nose, she hastily adjusted the mackintosh around her neck so that it would cover up her disfigured, covered-in-bandages nose. For the hundredth time that day, she thanked God that today was really cold, which would excuse her wear of a mackintosh.

She hugged her book tightly to her chest as they approached. 'Hey, you guys!' she exclaimed, trying to sound cheerful.

'Megumi, what the hell happened to your nose?' one girl demanded. 'Don't tell me you've gone for plastic surgery! Shame on you!!'

Megumi laughed. 'Don't be silly! Of course I haven't gone for plastic surgery! Why would I do that in the first place?' she replied. She started walking and they all trailed after her. 'I just had a bit of an accident...but the doctor said it was going to be fine in a matter of a week.'

'A week!' one girl gasped.

'It's no big deal, really, one week's not...' Megumi said, and trailed off as her eyes fell on someone; Sano had parked his car, climbed out and was walking straight in their direction. Megumi stopped dead in her tracks. She held her breath as Sano approached, but then sighed in dismay as he walked right past her without a backward glance. 'Excuse me for a minute, girls, but there's something I really have to do.'

'Oh, no, you don't!' one of them said, grabbing onto her arm. 'You still have to tell us what went on with Sano!! You're not going anywhere till you fill us in on every juicy detail!! Like, for instance, why didn't he even look at you right now? He usually goggles at you like a madman!!'

'Girls, please...' Megumi said, disgruntled. She tried to ease her arm out of her friend's grip, and turned to look frantically at Sano's departing figure. It was when he walked into the school building that she knew she'd lost. She gave up her struggle. 'Now see what you've done!! What happened between me and Sano is a totally private matter! You set the dare, and I went on it! If you wanted to be filled in on the details, you should've said so in the first place! Now leave me alone!'

Tears stung Megumi's eyes, and she wrenched her arm out of her astonished friend's grip. Head bent, she rushed away from them. Ever since their date, Megumi had been trying to apologize to Sano, but he always turned her away. If she called him he'd hang up in her face before she even finished saying hello. If she came to his house he'd hang up in her face and wouldn't open it even when she kept ringing the bell. If she sent him an e-card he'd delete it without having a second look at it. All that in two days, but nothing seemed to work with him. Sano seemed to have taken the insult really deep.

What made things worse is that she really liked him.


Normally, Sano would've hated it when Megumi was surrounded by all her ditzy friends; one, because that meant he couldn't talk to her alone, and two, because they always made loud sarcastic remarks about him when he was around. But today, he was actually glad that they were with her, because it meant that he could right past her and avoid the conversation Megumi had been trying to bring up the entire weekend, because if that ever happened, he'd begin to relent, and he definitely didn't want that...as far as he was concerned, what Megumi had done to him was definitely not something that could be forgiven that easily.

'Sano! Wait up!' Kenshin called out. He hurried up to him and clapped him on the shoulder. 'Why are you in such a hurry today?'

'Nothing,' Sano muttered.

'Don't give me that!' Kenshin snapped. 'What's up with you? You didn't tell me anything about what happened on Friday, which is really weird, since I had thought that you'd have been gloating about it till now...and next, I see that Megumi has a broken nose. What happened?'

Sano winced. Even though he was really angry with Megumi, he still felt bad about hurting her nose...even if it was just a small fracture, which sucked, actually; because he didn't want to feel bad about her. He got to his locker, and started entering the combination. 'Nothing happened,' he said irritably. 'It all was a big mistake from the start. I really shouldn't have bothered about Megumi from the very beginning. Turns out she's just like those girls she hangs around with.'

'I don't believe you,' Kenshin said. 'If there's anything I can trust in this world, it's your intuition. So don't tell me your intuition about Megumi was wrong, because I really won't believe that. So, tell me, when are you going to see her again?'

'God, Kenshin! Haven't you been listening?' Sano snapped, wrenching his locker open. 'I'm not going to be seeing her again, alright? That's it. End of story.'

'Uh-huh...well, it doesn't seem that she shares the same opinion,' Kenshin said, matter-of-factly, and Sano frowned at him, confused. Kenshin jerked a thumb over his shoulder, and Sano saw Megumi coming up towards him. 'I'll see you later, mate. Be nice.'

Sano rolled his eyes. Kenshin just shot him a warning look and stalked off. Megumi stepped up close to him. 'Hey,' she said softly. He looked away from her and busied himself with fetching his math book out of his locker. 'Sano! Please, will you at least listen to me?'

'How's your nose?' he asked without looking at her.

Megumi was taken by surprise. She blinked. 'Erm...well, it's fine, actually,' she replied. 'Thank you for asking.'

Sano found his book and pulled it out. He closed his locker and turned back to her, offering her a short smile. 'Good...so when it's all fixed you'll tell me so that I can come and pay your bills, alright?' he said, and started to walk away. 'See you around.'

But Megumi wouldn't let him go away; she grabbed his arm and pulled him back. 'God dammit, Sanosuke!! I don't want to talk to you about my medical bills and you know it!! Screw the bills!' she said. Tears welled in her eyes, but she fought them back. 'What I want to talk about is us, alright?'

Sano tried to pull his arm away but she wouldn't let go. He sighed in exasperation. 'Look, Megumi, there was never something such as us, alright?' he said sharply. The bell rang announcing homeroom and he tried to shake her off, but she wouldn't budge. 'There never was an us and there will never be one. So, get that into your head and leave me the hell alone, ok? Now let go of my arm; there's a class I have to get to.'

The corridor was starting to clear out, but Megumi still wouldn't let go. 'Sano...I'm sorry,' she murmured, head bent.

'Well, so am I; you killed off what seemed like a bloody good relationship,' he shot at her. 'But in your case, sorry just isn't enough.'

It happened too quickly for Sano to be able to comprehend it in his mind; Megumi had pulled him down and was kissing him...deeply. The few students who were still in the corridor whistled. It was a few moments before she finally released him. Sano looked absolutely shell-shocked, and Megumi couldn't help the giggle which escaped her lips. He stared, open-mouthed, at her, and then he blushed and rubbed the back of his head.

'Sano...I know sorry won't be enough, and that's why...' she said, softly and earnestly, gently nudging his chest with her finger. She looked up into his eyes. '...will that help make up for my mistake...if even just a bit? I could repay you in the same way in good time if you'll let me, because I really want to be with you for as long as I can...what can I do? It seems like I'm a sucker for sweet guys. What do you say?'

Sano frowned at her. 'No more tricks?' he asked her.

Megumi smiled. 'Cross my heart...and hope to die,' she replied.

'That's good enough for me!' he said cheerfully, and swept her into his arms. He leaned forward and kissed her lightly on her bandaged nose, which slightly took her by surprise. 'And by the way...I really am sorry about your nose. When I hurt it, I was really worried that you'd hate me and never look at me again, but...'

'...look at how the tables have turned,' she continued for him. She smiled again. 'Guess we can call it even now, right?'

'Guess so,' he agreed, grinning.


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