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A word of advice: for those that do not like death, depression and temporary unhappy endings do read this. Otherwise enjoy.

Chapter 1

Lilo was holding her legs to her knees, crying silently to herself. It was all her fault that it happened. She could have done something, anything to prevent it but she didn't. It was all her fault despite the words of her family, telling her that there was nothing she could have done for him. How could they have know; they weren't there to witness it, to fell him die in her arms as she prayed for him to stay but was not granted her wish. She still blames herself for letting her love die.

It was Lilo's fault that Stitch died.

She could still remember that day four weeks ago so clearly in here mind, as if it happened to her yesterday.


Lilo and Stitch were walking through the streets together happily. All the experiments were happy in their one true place, Gantu redeemed himself and Hamsterveil and all the Leroy's were jailed on am asteroid far away. Mertle and Lilo have started to become friends thanks to their experiments, and Lilo even got word from the grand councilwoman that they were dehydrating all the Leroy's so that they wouldn't be a problem.

Lilo and Stitch started to bond with each other more than ever, changing from friends into lovers. Stitch realized that she loved Lilo and not Angel and Lilo realized that the love she felt for Stitch wasn't just family love. Nani noticed that Lilo and Stitch were getting closer than usual and eventually found out about them. She flipped at first when founding out that they loved each other as lovers but soon accepted that this was what her sister wanted and that she would not be able to change her mind, even though she slightly disapproved.

Even though the two loved each other they still had to hide it from the world due to the fact that as far as everyone else was concerned aliens didn't exist and that Stitch was some disfigured dog that Lilo had. She didn't care though what everyone though as long as she had her family, friends and Stitch, her love.

Everything was going well until one day where Lilo and Stitch we walked on the beach when they were attacked by two of the Leroy's Hamsterveil had cloned. They started to fight against Stitch and looked like they were going to win when Lilo intervened, pushing one of the Leroy's off Stitch long enough for him to regain his composure and finish off the Leroy's by throwing them far into the ocean. They shared Stitch's weakness of being too dense to stay afloat in the water and they ended up drowning. Stitch was heavily hurt but went over to Lilo, who had been scratched in the face by one of the Leroy's. As Stitch helped up Lilo a high pitched laugh was heard. "Ha Ha Ha. So you defeated the Leroy's didn't you 626. You defeated them but will not do the same to me" laughed Hamsterveil, who was wielding a plasma gun which would cause serious harm to Stitch and even kill him in his condition. Stitch ran at Hamsterveil, who was firing at Stitch but constantly missing. Hamsterveil got scared as Stitch approached him from ten feet away but then aimed not at Stitch but at Lilo in hopes of killing her as well for all those years she thwarted him. Stitch saw this coming and did the only logical thing he could do; he jumped in the way and took the shot.

"Stitch" screamed Lilo as she ran to Stitch's body. He was bleeding heavily through the hole in his stomach. Lilo began crying loudly as she put her head on his chest.

Hamsterveil continued to laugh as he walked over to Stitch's body, believing he was no longer a threat. "Ha Ha Ha. This is what happens when you interfere with my plans to rule the galaxy. Don't worry little girl you'll be joining him soon" said Hamsterveil, right in front of Stitch's body as he pointed the gun at Lilo's head.

Hamsterveil did not calculate what happened next to be possible; Stitch, with the little strength he had left, knocked the plasma gun out of Hamtsterveil's hands and into the air, where Lilo caught the gun and aimed it at Hamsterveil.

Hamsterveil took a few steps back but didn't look fearful despite being aimed at with his own weapon. "Do you expect me to beg for my life or something like that little girl? If 626 had the gun I would probably beg for my life but you, on the other hand, would not harm an Earth fly, much less kill me. You are too kind and gentle for bloodshed. Call the Federation and have them put me in jail again but I'll escape and be back for you, your family and those other alien freaks" said Hamsterveil as he laughed at his success at killing 626.

Lilo just stared at Hamsterveil as she aimed at his head and fired, blowing his head up and leaving a bloody corpse on the beach as she threw the gun into the ocean. "I guess you were wrong about me being too nice to kill, you mutated gerbil" said Lilo darkly as she walked over to Stitch, holding him partially up. "Stitch, please don't leave me. I need you" said Lilo as tears escaped from her eyes.

"Sorry Lilo. Stitch is leaving" said Stitch weakly

"No. Please don't leave me. Please" whimpered Lilo as she cried

"Stitch loves Lilo. Always has and always will. You saved me from darkness and for that I will always be in debt to you, my love" said Stitch; closing his eyes and breathing for the last time

Lilo panicked and started screaming at her lover, praying that he would open his eyes. "Stitch!" screamed Lilo, but to no avail; Stitch was dead.

Stitch was buried two days later. Many people came to his funeral to say their goodbyes to the fluffy blue alien who impacted all of their lives. Jumba, Pleakley, Nani, David, Cobra Bubbles, Victoria, Mertle, the Grand Councilwoman, Gantu, the experiments, and of course his love, Lilo attended the funeral. All of them were saddened by the lose of Stitch but mostly by Lilo, who looked blankly at the grave, still not able to believe he was gone. She loved him but it wasn't enough to save him, not this time. All the hardships and problems that they encountered and Stitch's life had to end like this, so prematurely. Lilo couldn't handle the grief that she was left with at cried her eyes out, knees on the ground as she prayed that Stitch would come back to her.


It has been four weeks since that day and things had gone from bad to worse for Lilo; her once beautiful body has been reduced to a frail stage that looked like it would break with the slightest touch; her hair lost it's shine and her personality of happiness and caring for others changed to one of isolation of solitude. Her friends and family tried to help, as did the other experiments, but she keep to herself most of the time in her room, crying to herself.

Lilo had given it some though for quite some time; she was going to kill herself. She couldn't stand a world without Stitch and couldn't take living her life knowing that if not for her Stitch would still be alive and well. She took the knife from under her bed that she took from the downstairs kitchen and looked at it. She saw her reflection in the knife, the bags under her eyes, which were red from all the crying she has done. She knew that her sister, Jumba, Pleakley, Victoria and the experiments would be saddened by her death but she needed to do this. Lilo decided to write a note to her sister and the others explaining why she had to do this. She left the note on her dresser where the others would find it and sat on her bed, looking at the bed where Stitch use to sleep. "I'm coming Stitch" said Lilo to herself as she pressed the knife to her right wrist. She winced slight at the pain as she began to bleed and then proceeded to the other wrist. She put the knife down and looked at her wrists as her vision began to blur, she knew there was no turning back and she had no intention of living.

She sat up and tried walking but fell on her knees and fell on her back, looking up at the ceiling, envisioning being in heaven with Stitch. "Sorry Nani, but I need Stitch. I love you" said Lilo to herself as she began to drift of to sleep, never to open her eyes again.

Lilo's body was found a few hours later by Nani, whose scream alerted the entire island of the lost of one of it's kindest and perhaps most intelligent citizen. Jumba and Pleakley ran up to Lilo's room to see why Nani was screaming but were unfortunately answered when the two aliens found Lilo surrounded in a pool of her dried blood. Pleakely started vomiting and the sight of her dead niece while Jumba started crying while saying to himself that Lilo could not be dead. Nani held Lilo's body in a hug as she prayed that her baby sister would open her eyes again and start breathing, but her prayer was not answered. Lilo Pelekai was dead.