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Chapter 2

Nani cried in her bedroom all alone; Lilo was dead and for the first time in her life she was all alone, her parents were dead and now her little sister. She still couldn't believe she took her own life; she knew Lilo loved Stitch but never would have guess she would have killed herself so that she could see him again. Nani always though that Lilo was so strong the way she lived her life that she tended to forget how young she really was. She remember what happened so vividly.


After she found her sister dead she cried for an hour before Jumba took her away from Lilo as Pleakley covered the body with the blanket on the bed. The two aliens made the preparations for Lilo's funeral themselves, seeing that Nani's mind was too fragile to handle something this. The funeral was held two later with every from Stitch's funeral, except for Lilo of course, to say their goodbyes. As they buried the body a part of Nani, the loving, caring side of her, finally snapped. She started screaming at almost everyone and everything there. She blamed Jumba and Pleakley for allowing Stitch to come to Earth in the first place because if Stitch never came her sister would still be alive. She blamed Mertle for always picking on Lilo despite her attempts to be friendly to Mertle and her posse. She blamed the grand councilwoman for allowing Stitch to remain on Earth and allowing Hamsterveil and the experiments to find their way to Earth to begin with. She blamed Gantu for all those times he nearly killed her sister over Stitch and the other experiments. She blamed the experiments for existing in the first place as well as putting their responsibility in the hands of a little girl. She finally blamed Stitch, who she believed to be the cause of Lilo's death and only wished she and her sister never meet that abomination. She feel to her knees and cried into her hands as everyone looked at her with sadness, Jumba tried to help her up but she yelled at them and told them to leave and never return. David helped Nani back into the house as everyone said their final goodbyes to Lilo and left the Nani broken.


It has been a week since that dark day; Jumba and Pleakley left Earth with the Grand Councilwoman, Mertle and Victoria helped the experiments the best they could, even though the experiments became more distant and cold themselves since Lilo died and after what Nani said made it even harder on them, so much that they because lethargic at work and became depressed. David tried to help Nani but she became distant and refused to leave the house; she barely ate and began to waste away. All she seemed to do nowadays was cry and sleep in hopes that the pain would go away.

After all the crying and sadness in her heart she decided to do the only thing left; she was going to kill herself. That way she would be with Lilo and her parents; they would be one happy family together again in heaven. She smiled to herself as she ran downstairs to get a knife from the drawer and then she ran back into her room, locking the door behind her. She looked at the knife to see her reflection her eyes; they were bloodshot from all the crying and she had bags under her eyes from the lack of sleep she was having. She rested the knife on her wrist and closed her eyes. "Goodbye cruel world. I'll be there soon mom, dad and Lilo" said Nani as she prepared to push the blade down.

"Nani don't"

Nani opened her eyes and searched the room frantically. Seeing no one there she thought it was her imagination, but then she heard the voice again.

"Nani, don't do it please."

Nani looked to her side and there he was.

"Lilo!" Nani screamed as she ran to her and embraced her, not wanting to lose her again so she held as tight as she could. "I missed you so much". Nani was crying and praying this was real.

"I missed you too Nani" said Lilo as he held her sister, letting her cry on her shoulders. "Nani, I do not have much time. I cam hear to talk to you" said Lilo

Nani wiped her eyes and took a deep breath. "What is it Lilo?" asked Nani

"I don't want you to follow the path I have walked. I want you to live on and be happy" said Lilo

"But…but you're here. You're alive. I see you" said Nani

"I'm not of the living Nani. I died. I came down from heaven just this once so that I can tell you that I want you to live happily.

Nani looked at Lilo with teary eyes. "How can I be happy? Your dead, mom and dad are dead, I have no one left, nothing to live for. How can I be happy? Whimpered Nani

Lilo held her sisters hands and smiled. "You do have people who care for you and about you. The experiments, especially Angel, respect you and care for you more than you realize, Jumba and Pleakley cared for you and me so much, just like family, Mertle and Victoria look up to you, and David loves you so much, it kills him to see you so sad. You have plenty to live for Nani and I want you to live your life happily" said Lilo

"But it's my fault you died. If I had been at home I could have stopped you from killing yourself" said Nani

"Even if you did stop me then I would have done it at another time. You couldn't have kept an eye on me forever. Nani, I have little time left. It is not your fault I am dead and it will never be. I love you very much and am proud how well you raised me but I needed Stitch. People need you here Nani; Mertle and Victoria are going to need help taking care of the experiments and David needs you as well, more than you realize. I want you to do me one favor" said Lilo

"Anything" said Nani

"I want you to make up with Jumba, Pleakley and the others. It wasn't their faults for my death and I want you to make up with them. They'll forgive you knowing what you said was out of grief and sadness. I also want you to live your happily; I know I'm saying this a lot but I can't stress how much I want to see you smile and laugh again. Do this for me" said Lilo

"I will" said Nani

Lilo started to glow with a white light. "I have to go now" said Lilo

"Wait" said Nani as she walked towards Lilo and gave her one last hug. "I love you Lilo. Tell mom, dad, and Stitch I said hi" said Nani as tears starting falling from her face onto the floor.

Lilo smiled and hugged her older sister. "I will. We'll be together again one day Nani. Until then live well and be happy. Goodbye" said Lilo as she in a blinding white light.

"Bye" said Nani softly as the room was illuminated with the bright light.

Nani woke up on her bed. As she wiped the tears out of her eyes she though to herself about the dream she had, knowing that it wasn't just a dream but a message from Lilo, wanting her to be happy. "I will be live for you Lilo and be happy once again. Thank you" said Nani to herself. She stood up and opened the shades to look out the window; the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. She would make up with those she wrongly accused of wronging her and Lilo and live happily, for Lilo.


One year had passed since the death of Lilo and much has changed as well as staying the same; Nani had made up with Jumba, Pleakley, Cobra Bubbles, Mertle, the Grand Councilwoman, Gantu, and the experiments, Nani also started to help take care of the experiments with the help of Mertle and Victoria, continuing the legacy that Lilo and Stitch started. Jumba and Pleakley no longer lived on Earth but constantly visited Nani and the others, as did Gantu and the Grand Councilwoman. The experiments, especially Angel, developed a strong relationship with Nani that was akin to the bond they all shared with Lilo.

David and Nani started dating each other and fell in love with one another, even getting married after two months of dating. They held the wedding on the beach that they spent so much time together with each other, as well as with Lilo and Stitch. Jumba, Pleakley, Nani, David, Cobra Bubbles, Victoria, Mertle, the Grand Councilwoman, Gantu, the experiments, as well as David's parents, who were told the truth about aliens, attended the wedding. Four chairs were left empty, signifying the seats where Lilo, Stitch and her mom and dad would be sitting. She knew they were watching her heaven and smiled happily knowing that she would keep the promise she made to Lilo and live happily with David by her side.

Nine months later Nani gave birth to a beautiful girl who they named Halia Lilo Kawena, in memory of Lilo. Halia had Lilo's shiny brown eyes which curiously searched her surroundings, focusing mostly on the woman holding her and the man standing closest to her. Nani and David kissed and looked proudly at the child they conceived, knowing that great things would be seen of Halia.

Currently one month of Halia was being up in her crib to rest by Nani. David was out working at the hotel as the vice-president so Nani was at home alone with Halia. Nani looked at baby Halia sleep so peacefully; Nani couldn't help but think of the wonders that she would bring to this world just as her little sister did. "Halia, always know that I love you so much. Inside of you resides the spirit and will of my sister Lilo. I know that, like Lilo, you will do great things and be a great person" said Nani as she kissed Halia on the forehead, causing her to coo a little and smile happily. Nani smiled and had shed a few tears. "Lilo, I know that your happy in heaven with Stitch and our parents and your probably watching me right now. I love you and thanks to you I lived on and have a loving husband and a beautiful baby girl. She would have loved you. Thank you Lilo. Enjoy heaven with Stitch. You deserve it" said Nani to herself as she sat down in a chair and watched Halia.

Lilo looked down and smiled at her sister, hearing what she had said. "I love you too Nani" said Lilo, wiping her eyes as she walked with Stitch with her. She's glad that Nani found her happiness on Earth and that she was able to move on.

"Lilo ok?" asked Stitch, wondering what Lilo was thinking

"Yes I'm ok, as long as you're with me" said Lilo as they kissed and walked together side by side, loving each other and staying by each others side, forever.

Author's Note: I hoped you enjoyed this story. For those that are curious Halia means remembrance of a loved one, which is perfect in that she resembles Lilo. I'm wanted this to be happy ending for Nani as well as for Lilo and Stitch; I hoped I accomplished that in the eyes of the readers. Review and tell me what you think.

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