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Atticus Rhodes was walking quickly through the streets of Domino. He was dragging his sister Alexis behind him.

They where going to see the semi finals of the pro league dueling tournament. It was a big match between Hell Kaiser Zane, and some other duelist that Atticus didn't know or care about.

The two Rhodes siblings had been invited long before to see the finals, before Zane became Hell Kaiser, before the society of light, and way before he had broke Alexis's heart.

Alexis had asked why they where going. She didn't want to go. She had wanted to before, but the last time she saw Zane she changed her mind.

Atticus made her go. And she didn't know why. She didn't know how Atticus was going to try to get his best friend back to his old… slightly normal self.

Atticus had assumed that Zane forgot that he invited them. And that's a good thing he thought to himself. The element of surprise was on his side.

The two siblings finally arrived at their hotel. It was nice, one of the nicest places in domino. And of course it was full of dueling fans.

Atticus ignored the squeals of fan girls and dueling fans, just trying to check in to the hotel was his goal.

And besides he thought to himself Alexis will have my head if I get distracted.

Finally they made it to the front desk.

"Hi welcome to the Domino Plaza. Mr. um. Rhodes. Your room is all ready. If you need anything please hesitate to ask, I mean don't hesitate to ask, yeah. Your room is all ready." The nervous, obviously overworked check in lady (sorry Fay forgot what it was called) said

Alexis rolled her eyes. She was still upset over coming. Atticus knew she didn't want to go. But he made her come.

The two siblings rode up in the elevator to the top floor.

The elevator pinged and the doors opened. Alexis made a look. One that said why the heck are we here.

"Because Lexi, where going to do to Zane what Jaden did to you." Atticus said before picking up their bags and walking towards their room.

Alexis was confused. She had no idea what her brother meant. But she wasn't going to ask for him to clarify. She knew with her brother, it was better to sit back and watch his plans unfold.


Atticus had finally finished unpacking, he jumped onto his bed and watched his sister look at her duel monsters cards.

She picked one up and sighed at it.

Atticus knew which card it was, power bond.

It was the Card Zane had given her when he told her that he loved her.

She kept it, after everything that had happened she kept it.

The Icy memory still was locked away in her head.

That phone call with him.

She had called right after he made it back to the top. Saying congratulations.

She had ignored all her friends comments about how he had lost it. How he wasn't the same Zane he once was.

She ignored all of it, saying it was just his new dueling alter ego, how on the inside he was still the same.

He had answered the phone angry.


She was polite and just happy to talk to the man she loved.

Hi Zane, it's me Alexis!

His mood did not change.


She was frustrated but did not swing from her happy mood.

Great job in that duel, we all watched it.

It was the next comment that had really burned

Like you would know a REAL victory. Your just a little school girl, who I have no time for.

She had become upset, but wouldn't let her voice change


He answered her

I have no time for you. Don't call me. I don't love you. All I love is victory, and you are not victory, you're a loser.

She had started to cry over the phone

Who are you? What have you done with Zane?

He obviously didn't care that she was crying

I am Hell Kaiser Zane. Zane is long gone. Don't count on him coming back. You where part of Zane's life, not mine.

And with that he had hung up.

The next morning she had joined the society of light.

Everyone said it was because she lost, but it wasn't that at all.

She lost on purpose, she wanted to be reborn, and she wanted to forget him.

But it never worked.

She pretended not to care about him; she didn't want to go to the finals, or the semi finals.

All she wanted was Zane back.


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