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"Lex, were home"

Alexis stirred at the sound of his voice

"Were, Home?" Alexis said sleepily.

"Yeah, come on, we need to get going," Zane said, pulling her to her feet.

"Zane, I can hardly see!" Alexis exclaimed.

"Put your hand on the wall to guide you" Zane said.

Alexis did as he told her to and began to walk up the dark stair case. Her arm following the wall.

After a while, Alexis's arm got tired.

"Zane, can we stop please? My arm is tired and scared"

"Keep moving, switch your arm" Zane said, picking up the pace.

"I can't, my other arm still hurts" Alexis said.

"K fixed it didn't he?"

"was K even a real doctor?"

"yes, he was under orders to fix your arm with minimal effort," Zane said, grabbing Alexis's hand and walking with her.

"Didn't he think that was strange?" Alexis asked.

"No, a has freaked out on a lot of whores when he gets drunk, K's used to it"

Alexis stopped and inhaled sharply

"Are you calling me a whore?" Alexis said, offended.

"Not in the least, M, X, the girls who were in your position to get a letter, those girls are whores" Zane said grabbing her hand and beginning to walk again.

"I thought you were friends with X" Alexis said.

"I use the term friends lightly… And it doesn't mean she's any less of a whore"

Alexis blinked and kept walking.

"How are these stairs this long!?" Alexis said.

"I don't know all the details, but they are about two miles long, they spiral and zigzag… its an endurance test" Zane explained

"How long has it been in real world time?" Alexis asked

Zane was quiet for a moment

"We were in the other world for 10 days, its been 20 hours here. When we get out it will be about four or five o'clock on Saturday." Zane said.

The pair finally reached the top of the stairs. Afternoon sunlight poured in through the cracks in the door. Alexis and Zane shielded there eyes from the light. Zane opened the door and began to walk toward the main city.

"Zane, could you call a car or something, I'm really tired" Alexis said, sitting on one of the crates outside the building.

Zane rolled his eyes and continued walking.

"Please!" Alexis said.

"You got zapped by bondage gear, was kidnapped, half starved, beaten and I don't want to know what else by A, had your energy taken within an inch of your life, and your complaining about walking?" Zane said, rolling his eyes.

"Please?" Alexis said.

"There's a bar about a five minuet walk from here, I'll call from there" Zane said.

"But, I'm only seventeen… wont they card?" Alexis said.

"You don't look it, and your not going to be drinking are you?" Zane said, walking over to her and pulling her up.

Alexis nodded and began to walk with him.

"Zane, um, when you said that you loved me… were you serious?" Alexis asked, trying to break the silence.

Zane ran his hand through his hair.

"I think you know the answer already, but yes, I meant it. I wouldn't do the things I did back there for just anyone" Zane said.

"Oh, well, I meant it too, when I said I loved you" Alexis said.

"Oh, good" Zane said,

Well that was awkward… they both thought.

Soon enough, the overwhelming odor of a bar hit the two of them. From the door way Alexis could see several large, tough, and drunken looking males were sitting inside with various drinks.

Oh gawd…

"Zane, can I stay outside, you call a cab from inside?" Alexis asked meekly.

Zane looked at her for a second.

"No" was his answer.

"I'm scared, please?" Alexis said.

Why am I being such a wimp, probably because I'm exhausted, and my dueling skills aren't really going to win me a fight with these kinds of people.

"Stop complaining Alexis! That's all you've done since we got back!" Zane said with a harsh whisper.

Alexis froze, he was right!

"I'm sorry, I'm just tired and my shoulder hurts." Alexis said.

"No, its fine… I shouldn't have snapped. You really can't go anywhere without supervision when you're dressed like that in this part of town, I should have explained that" Zane explained, taking Alexis's hand and walking into the bar.

"YO! HK! Haven't seen you around here lately!" The bartender Eddie (shh! Sorry it's a Rocky Horror thing…)

"I've been busy" Zane said, his voice becoming noticeably colder.

"I see, well, were all rooting for you tomorrow!" Eddie (shh!) said, smiling his toothless smile.

"Awww! Guys look, HK had to hire a whore because he had no game" One of the males slurred.

Alexis blushed and held on to Zane's arm.

"She's my girlfriend you bastard" Zane spat.

"Ohhh, getting mad are you?" The man taunted.

"Okay boys, I'm not in the mood to drag your injured asses to the hospital today, don't mess with HK because I swear when he snaps, I'm going to let you bleed" Eddie said.

Alexis's brows furrowed.

"Don't ask" Zane muttered.

Alexis nodded.

"Eddie, I need to use your phone" Zane said, more of a command then a question.

"Sure, you know where it is" Eddie said.

"Alexis, watch yourself, I'll be right back" Zane said.

"You're leaving me alone!" Alexis exclaimed.

"Don't worry, there all too drunk to really be a threat, I'll be right back, the phone is in the back where all the mega drunks hang out, I don't want you to see that" Zane said, ducking under the bar and disappearing into the back.

"Sit down, no point in standing when you can sit" Eddie smiled.

Alexis sat on one of the stools.

A man sat next to her.

"Whatever you want, it's on me" The man winked.

Alexis ignored him.

Another man came up behind her, placing an arm around her shoulders.

"Aw, don't be like that! Come on, let a real man take you out" He said.

Alexis winced and shook him off.

The first man smiled at her.

"I'll give you twenty if you take off your shirt"

Alexis stood up and walked toward the entrance.

Two more men came up to her.

"Awww, Baby don't be like that!" the said grabbing her.

"Guys cut it out, she doesn't even look legal yet" Eddie yelled, trying to get them to lay off.

"Didn't stop HK from doing her, and he's no better then the rest of us!" One of the men said, grabbing Alexis.

"STOP IT!" Alexis yelled. He had grabbed where A had hit her with the bottle.

"Aw, looks like we hurt the little girl, you want me to take a look at it, I am a doctor" One of the men said.

"No you aren't" Another said, grabbing Alexis and pinning her against the wall.

"STOP IT!" Alexis screamed.

"Aw, come on, just a little kiss" He said.

"Fuck you" Alexis yelled.

"Oh, please do!" He said, laughing.

Alexis sat on the floor, dragging him down with her, and then she immediately stood up.

"Guys you've had your fun, now lay off her" Eddie yelled.

"Its HK's fault for not protecting his property better" One said, touching Alexis's ass.

Alexis screamed.

"Come on. Wearing shorts that short? You are practically begging me to touch it" The man smiled.

Two of the men pinned her to a wall and ripped her shirt off of her.

"STOP IT! ZAAAANE!!!!" Alexis screamed.

"Aw look at those scars, HK must have been pretty rough on you. You want me to lick those wounds?" One of them said, laughing.

"Shut up" A voice said from the back. It was cold and the entire bar fell silent.

Zane was standing in front of the bar, looking like he was about to kill someone.

"Oh, hey HK, we weren't doing anything to your girl here" The first guy said, backing towards the door.

The men that were holding her let go and Alexis slumped onto the ground, her arms folded over her chest.

"I said shut up," Zane said, grabbing a bottle from behind the bar.

"We didn't do nothing, she was practically begging us to…" the man didn't finish. Zane cracked the bottle over his head and yelled some very colorful language.

(yes I am aware of the grammatical mistake, its because it seemed to fit the dialogue better)

All of the men began to run out of the bar.

Zane said something very mean sounding in what sounded like German… he took off his suit jacket and handed it to the whimpering Alexis.

"I'm sorry, so, so sorry, for everything" Zane said. Sitting next to her.

"They… they tried to…" Alexis started to sob.

"I promise right now, that I will never let another man lay a hand on you ever again" Zane said, putting his arms around her protectively.

"Thank you" Alexis whispered.

Alexis pulled the jacket on, her face turning red.

"I called a Taxi, its going to be here in five minutes" Zane said.

"I'm sorry; it's my fault, if I had just been willing to walk…" Alexis said.

"No its not. Any other girl would have left after half the things you went through, why do you still stay with me?" Zane asked.

"Its because I love you, I thought you understood that" Alexis said, kissing his cheek.

"I love you too, and I swear that I will protect you from now on" Zane said.

"Oh yay! Now I get to have the overprotective brother and the overprotective boyfriend!" Alexis said sarcastically.

"Shut it Alexis, before I make you"

"Aw young love, I wish my love was that pure" Eddie(shh!) laughed.

"You shut it too Eddie!"

Eddie laughed and placed two bottles in front of them.

"Its water, I'm not fond on breaking drinking codes and I doubt your 18 yet Alexis" Eddie (shh!) smiled his toothless smile. (I'm just going with the drinking age from everywhere I've gone outside the US… I have no clue what the Japanese drinking age is…)

Zane nodded and mouthed thank you.

Alexis stared at the bottle.

"Don't worry 'Lex, its just water" Zane said, taking a sip out of his bottle.

Alexis nodded and took a sip of hers as well.

"Let's wait outside" Zane said, taking Alexis's hand and pulling her to her feet.

Zane put his arm protectively around Alexis they walked outside and they leaned against the wall outside.

Standing, Alexis realized just how big Zane's jacket was, and how much cleavage she showed in it. She pulled it up buttoned it and pulled it tight against her body. (It's the jacket from the grey suit in the episode where Zane goes all Hell Kaiser on us)

Soon enough, a taxi pulled up in front of them, Zane opened the door and Alexis slid in, Zane next to her.

"Where to?" The driver asked.

"Hospital in Down Town Domino" Zane said.

The driver began to drive.

"Get some sleep, its going to be a long ride" Zane said, noticing the bags under Alexis's eyes.

"But you were willing to make me walk?" Alexis said

"Not the whole way," Zane said

Alexis mumbled something, but was too tired to argue. She leaned into Zane's shoulder and fell asleep.

Her Dream:

Once there was a girl who would do anything to get her prince, er… her Kaiser, back to being the man she loved. She traveled far and wide, across desserts and into the darkness to find him. What she realized was, he was always with her, even when he wasn't with himself. But there was a problem, for her Kaiser had sold her soul, and his as well, to the devil. They were forced into his domain, and she was forced into his Lair. But she still loved the Kaiser. The devil hurt the girl, and hurt the Kaiser too, but they made it back home. But they weren't quite out of trouble yet, a group of bandits attacked them while they were traveling. But the Kaiser scared them off. He promised that he would love her forever. And they lived happily ever after.

Alexis blinked at a sudden stream of noise. She opened her eyes and looked around, they were in the city, it was about six at night and they were in the middle of a traffic jam, and cars were honking there horns left and right.

Alexis sat up.

"Have a good nap?" Zane asked, looking tired.

"Yeah, you should take one" Alexis said.

"I'll sleep tonight… are you too tired to walk?" Zane asked.

Alexis shook her head.

"Good, were not too far from the hospital, and we'll get there faster if we walk" Zane said.

"Here" He said, handing the cab driver some money.

Zane opened the door and stepped out, Alexis behind him.

They walked to the hospital in relative silence; Zane clearly knew where he was going.

They walked into the building not too much later.

Alexis walked to the receptionist desk.

"Hi, Is Atticus Rhodes here?" Alexis asked, adjusting Zane's jacket.

"And you are?" She asked.

"His sister… Can I see him please?" Alexis said.

"Sure, just sign in" The woman said.

Alexis signed the clipboard, Zane came up behind her and Signed in As Well.

"Its room seven on the fifth floor" She said, pointing to the elevators.

Alexis thanked her and called the elevator. It pinged and they stepped inside.

"Zane, were not going to tell my brother, about what happened are we?" Alexis asked, blushing.

"What part?" Zane said, beginning to blush as well.

"All of it, everything" Alexis said.

"We'll just tell him it was all Monkey Perris, and Fautso, and that there all behind bars, and we went missing because we were talking to the police, if he even remembers it… and tell him not to tell the media, or your parents" Zane said.

"If he remembers it?" Alexis asked.

"He might not even remember, hopefully he wont" Zane said.

Alexis nodded, the elevator pinged again and the door's opened.

They nodded at each other and walked over to room seven.

Alexis knocked on the door and walked in quietly.

"Hey Atty, how are you?" Alexis said.

"LEX! I was so worried about you!" Atticus said, there was a bandage on his shoulder and he wasn't wearing a shirt (drool).

"Oh Atty, I was so worried about you! After what happened…" Alexis started to say.

"Lex, I don't remember anything, Raine told me that there was some guy threatening her and I jumped in front of the bullet. She says that you two had to talk to the police for me" Atticus said.

Alexis and Zane both inwardly breathed a sigh of relief, both making a vow to thank Raine.

"But, really, were you really talking to the police all day!?" Atticus said.

"No, Alexis was really worried and you weren't allowed visitors so I stayed with her" Zane lied.

"Oh, that makes sense... Alexis, why are you wearing Zane's jacket?" Atticus grinned.

CRAP! We didn't come up for a story for that one! Alexis thought.

"Um…I… Um…" Alexis stammered. Zane was also stumped.

"Did you two?" Atticus asked.

Alexis began to blush, Atticus ignored it because, well, she always did that when the subject came up… but Zane?

ZANE'S BLUSHING! Atticus thought.

"OH MY GAWD YOU DID!" Atticus yelled.

They both turned noticeably redder.

"Atticus, if you weren't injured right now, I'd hit you" Zane said.


"Atticus, shut up!" Alexis said harshly.

"Wait until everyone finds out!" Atticus grinned.

"Atticus shut up! We didn't- Okay, even if we did, it doesn't mean you can announce it to the world" Alexis said.

"Oh my gawd, you totally did it! Zane remind me to kill you later for deflowering my sister" Atticus said grinning.

Zane growled, but said nothing.

"Um... what are you going to tell mom and dad? About your injuries" Alexis asked.

"That I fell, I'm going to stay here to work with Raine for the rest of the summer, I'll be fine before they even see me… do you know how much they would freak if they found out!?" Atticus said.

"Well, if you insist…" Alexis smiled.

"But of course I'm going to tell them all about what happened between you and Zane!" Atticus grinned.

"Atticus I am going to murder you" Alexis said.

"So, why are you wearing Zane's jacket anyway?" Atticus asked.

"Um… Well we went out for lunch, and on the way to the hospital this guy started assaulting me, but Zane fought him off, but another guy came up and started assaulting me and he tore my t-shirt, so Zane gave me his jacket to wear" Alexis said.

Well, its not completely untrue Alexis thought.

"Oh, I guess that explains the bruises too…" Atticus said, pointing to her face.

"Yeah, but one of them hit my shoulder with something, it really hurts…" Alexis said.

"Ouch… the doctors said that the bullet barely grazed my shoulder and I was really lucky, and that Its going to be better in a few weeks." Atticus said.

A nurse walked into the room carrying some food.

"Hey, Anna, can you check out my sister's shoulder?" Atticus asked.

"Oh, um, sure Atticus." The nurse said awkwardly. She walked over to Alexis and smiled.

"Could you take that off?" She asked.

Alexis complied, the nurse checked it and said that it was pretty badly bruised and cut, but it would heal pretty quickly.

"Just keep it bandaged" She said, setting the food on Atticus's bed and leaving.

Atticus smiled at how awkward Zane looked.

"Zane… you alright?" Atticus asked.

"Fine" Zane said, staring out the window.

"You look… tired… not surprising, I bet you didn't get very much sleep did you?" Atticus teased.

"Atticus I'm warning you" Zane said, not looking at him.

"Normally I'd give the protection talk, but its you… so I'm sure you were safe…" Atticus teased.

"Atticus I am really tempted to murder you right about now…" Zane said gritting his teeth.

"But your not going too are you? Anyway, they wouldn't let you out of jail for the finals" Atticus grinned.

"Oh shit" Zane mumbled.

"What?" Alexis asked. Jacket back on.

"With, everything that happened, I completely forgot about the finals" Zane said.

"There tomorrow… And the hospital says I'll be able to leave in the morning anyway. so we'll be there to cheer you on." Atticus grinned.

Zane nodded.

"I'm very sorry, but I need to change Atticus's bandages… visiting hours are about to end anyway...You can see him tomorrow." A doctor said, coming into the room.

"It's quite alright" Zane said, walking toward the door.

"Atty, be good please, get better, I'll see you tomorrow" Alexis said, giving her brother a kiss on the cheek.

"Okay, now remember, Zane has finals tomorrow, he needs to get some sleep, alright!?" Atticus joked.

"One day your going to get bitch slapped, and I'm not going to stop whoever is doing it. Bye Nii-San" Alexis said, blowing a kiss and leaving.

Zane stood by the elevator.

"Come on, we'll go back to your hotel to change and then I'll take you out for dinner." Zane said.

"Okay, are you sure you don't want to sleep, you look really tired." Alexis asked.

"Maybe later…" Zane said.

Outside, they began to walk uptown. The traffic was as bad as ever.

Surprisingly for Alexis, they weren't all that far from the hotel.

They didn't talk much, too tired to.

They walked into the lobby when Alexis remembered that her purse was at Zane's, and her key was in the purse.

She walked to the check in desk.

"I'm really sorry about this. I'm Alexis Rhodes, And I'm in room 517, I lost my key…" Alexis said.

"Its okay… Here" The woman handed her a new key.

"Thank you!" Alexis said, going towards the elevator.

One problem with that…

Zane and Alexis stepped inside the elevator along with two other girls.

"OH MY GAWD YOU HELL KAISER!" one of them screamed.

Zane stared at her.


"If you lower your voice" Zane said.

The girl handed Zane her hat and a sharpie.

"Make it too Ari, my best friend in the whole world!" She said.

Zane took the sharpie and signed it.

The elevator pinged and Zane and Alexis stepped out. Zane handed the hat to the girl.

"You didn't really write it did you?" Alexis asked.

"No, I just signed my name" Zane said.

Alexis laughed and opened the door to her room.

They stepped inside and Zane laid down on Atticus's bed.

"I'm going to shower… Take a nap or something" Alexis said, going into the bathroom and closing the door behind her.

After about a minuet, Zane heard the water turn on.

Zane closed his eyes, not really planning on sleeping, but he did, instantly.

Its sometimes sudden silence that wakes one up from there sleep. Zane opened one of his eyes and looked at the room. Alexis was getting dressed.

Shit! Zane thought, turning on his side.

"Zane, if your awake, which I know you are because you turned very suddenly, please don't turn around again until I tell you" Alexis commanded.

Zane smirked.

"Okay I'm decent" Alexis said. Zane sat up and looked at Alexis, her long blond hair looked brown when it was wet. Alexis was wearing jeans and a blazer, with flipflops.

"Can I have my jacket back?" Zane asked.

"Here, have a nice nap?" Alexis asked, handing him the grey jacket.

"Yes, although, I'm still pretty tired" Zane said, sitting up.

"Then go back to sleep, I'm tired anyway. we'll go out to eat later" Alexis said, sitting next to Zane.

"Alexis what are you doing?" Zane asked.

"You make a good pillow" Alexis said, pulling the covers over Zane and Herself, holding onto him.

"I've been demoted to pillow?" Zane asked, putting his arms around Alexis.

"Yes, now shut up, pillows don't talk" Alexis said, closing her eyes.

Zane smiled, a real one (albeit, his real smile is kind of creepy) and closed his eyes as well.

This feel's so right Zane thought, drifting into sleep.



Anyhoo, I'm sorry I didn't do the finals or anything, I just thought this would be such a great place to end it!

Once again, sorry if Zane was (and he most definitely was) OOC… But It did kinda fit the situation didn't it?

Anyway… I'm working on ideas for my next story… I have the first chapter done of two possible fictions: The first one of How did I End Up In This Mess? Is already posted, and the first chapter of A-Z is below… Read both and PM me (or if you already read How did I End Up In This Mess, write it in your review) which you want me to write first… Remember, this is the rough draft….

Here's chapter one of A-Z: The alphabet, Royalshipping style.


The Alphabet, Royalshipping style

Alexis: 19

Zane: 21

A is for: Apartment- Alexis moves in with her friend Zane.

"I still don't get why you won't just move in with me for good" Atticus said, attempting not to drop the heavy box he was carrying.

"Well, One: This is closer to my job, Two: I love you Nii-san, but I'm not prepared to deal with you without mom or a teacher around all the time, and Three: I wont have to sleep on the couch here" Alexis walked up the stairs behind her brother, carrying more boxes.

"I still don't think this is going to work out" Atticus said, leaning against the wall, taking a break.

Alexis walked past her brother, the sooner she moved out of his tiny one bedroom apartment, the better. She had gotten a job at a teen magazine, which she was tempted to turn down, but she would get to cover dueling. Unfortunately, as the dueling reporter for a teen magazine, she also has to ask questions un-related to dueling… but the money was just too good to turn down.

Alexis had been working for about six months, but her chronic lateness due to her long commute was threatening her position at the magazine. So Atticus had invited her to live with him. After about a week in his ant sized apartment, she had decided to look for other places to live.

After six months of searching, Alexis had just about given up, that is until Atticus's twenty first birthday bash… Alexis had spoken with her old friend Zane, who, after a bit in the hospital, was finally back to normal. Alexis had visited him in the hospital, and they were finally friends again. Alexis had told him about how living with her brother sucked, and Zane had given her an offer:


"I've actually been looking for another place to live, but I cant really find a place that I can afford without a roommate, and finding someone that I really trust is pretty hard nowadays… so I'm saving up, I should be able to move out in about a year" Alexis said, she was defiantly not looking forward to the time between then and now.

"If it wouldn't be too awkward, I do have an extra room, and my doctors don't want me living by myself for about a year, why don't you consider moving in with me?" Zane had said.

It had taken quite a bit of effort to convince her brother that rooming with a guy didn't mean she was going to be gang raped. But after quite a few bribes, and blackmail (She had picked up a few of his tricks) he was willing to let her go.

The terms were set, she and Zane would share his apartment, and she would pay one quarter of the rent (she had a much smaller room, and wouldn't be home as often).

"So why does Zane all of a sudden want a roommate? He never had one at school, my theory is that he wants the whole 'roommates with benefits' thing, why else would he invite you of all people to move in with him?" Atticus said, in one last attempt to keep his sister from moving in with a boy

"Atticus, that was disgusting! You know as well as I do that its because Zane cant live by himself because he is sick, no more, no less. I had hardly spoken to him since the whole Hell Kaiser thing until he had the heart attack, and we bonded while he was in the hospital… nothing is going on between us!" Alexis said, getting frustrated, both with her brother and the fact that Zane conveniently had the penthouse in a building with no elevator.

Zane, earlier that year, had had a heart attack due to extreme stress and an unhealthy dose of adrenaline (Cough bondage gear cough). During his time in the hospital he took some time to think, and when he left, he was no longer the cold hearted Hell Kaiser. His doctors told him that too much stress from work could cause him to have another attack, but Zane insisted he couldn't stop working. His doctors told him that it was dangerous to live by himself. Zane had agreed to have a roommate, but didn't really think anyone would be a good one. When was he going to meet a person who wasn't totally obsessed with his career? When Alexis had began talking about how she needed a new apartment, Zane jumped at the chance.

Zane had about a month left before the dueling season (September to June) started and he was fired up! He had a chance at the championship, but he had to take the rest of the year off.


Finally, the pair had made it to the top. Zane's apartment was at the end of the hall and the door was open.

Atticus walked in first, dropping the box in the doorway, and then he decided to take a look around. Alexis followed, but she didn't put her things down just yet.

Zane, noticing the noise Atticus was making, came out of the kitchen to see his best friend and his, well other friend, standing in the door way.

"Hey Zane! Cool place!" Atticus said, giving his friend a slap on the back.

Zane nodded.

"Hi Zane, how are you?" Alexis asked politely.

"Fair, and you?" Zane said politely

"I'm fine" Alexis answered.

Since when are we this awkward together!?

"Okay, Where do I have to put Alexis's stuff? I won't stand for any room sharing, so if the answer is 'My Room' or anything like that, I'm taking this box and my sister with me!" Atticus said, trying to look intimidating, but only looking funny (and hot!)

Zane began to twitch.

"N-No, Its through the Kitchen…" Zane said, still in shock and twitching.

"Oh, Okay!" Atticus said cheerfully, picking up the box and walking past Zane.

"Sorry, its just… Atticus's way of showing he loves me… he tries to be overprotective, but he's just to much of a pervert…" Alexis babbled.

"I understand" Zane said, going after Atticus.

Alexis took a small look around the apartment… She was standing in the living room.

It was medium-ish… somewhat on the small side. There was a couch (brown, against the right wall), a table (dark polished wood, to the right of the table) with a lamp (blue shade with a brown base, on the table), a TV hanging on the opposing wall (he had a freaking plasma!) and three bookshelves (far wall). One looked in place; it was brown like most of the other furniture. The other two were glass and looked somewhat out of place. There was also a window (Between two of the bookshelves) leading out to a fire escape, there was a box out on the fire escape filled with books. The view from the window was of the city, and it was getting late, the city just beginning to light up. On the right of the TV, there were two doors, one leading to a bathroom, and the other leading to a bedroom.

Zane's bedroom! Alexis thought, blushing.

No! Alexis you do not have a crush on your brothers best friend! It would complicate things indefinitely!

"Yo! Lex! Come on!" Atticus yelled from the kitchen.

Alexis followed the voice into the kitchen.

The kitchen and living room were connected, an archway rather than a door.

The kitchen was small… it had a fridge (full of leftovers) a stove (never used) a microwave (used often) a table pushed against the wall, and four chairs pushed into the table. The stove and fridge were about five feet apart, and between that was a counter, where the microwave was located. Above the counter there were a series of cabinets. The table was on the other side of the appliances, and there was another window above the table. This one also had a view of the city.

Zane and Atticus were already standing in the kitchen. Zane was opening a door adjacent to the kitchen.

"Who knew Zane Truesdale was a chauvinist?" Atticus asked, stepping inside the room.

Zane got his twitch back.

"I mean really, giving the woman the room adjacent to the kitchen, gender roles much?" Atticus said smirking.

"Hypocrite" Alexis muttered.

Atticus raised his eyebrows at Alexis.

"I slept on the couch IN your kitchen!" Alexis said.

Atticus didn't answer.

"Its so, gloomy…" Atticus said, putting down the box he was carrying.

It was a room, a bit smaller then the kitchen. It had wooden floors and dark green walls. It had one tiny window and a door leading to a tiny bathroom, one that didn't have a shower, just a counter, a built in sink, and a toilet. There was also a mirrored medicine cabinet. The room also had a small closet.

The things Alexis had sent over in the past week, her furniture and a few other boxes were stacked against one of the walls.

Zane, once again recovered from his twitch.

"Sorry, I used to use this room as an office…" Zane said apologetically.

"Its okay, nothing some paint won't fix, right?" Alexis said.

"Atticus... Don't you have work or something?" Alexis asked, putting her box down.

"Christ! I forgot! Okay, um, Zane don't do anything that you're going to regret later… Alexis unpack and make sure to tell your office about the switch! All right, that's all I've got! I'll check up on you two tomorrow. Bye!" Atticus said running out of the door.

"What does he even do anyway?" Zane asked.

"Model… He's a male model" Alexis laughed.

Zane, once again, began to twitch.

Alexis smiled at her new roommate and began to open some of the boxes. In attempt to unpack.

"You need any help unpacking?" Zane said.

"No, thank you though…" Alexis said.

"Okay, call me if you need me." Zane said,

(Quite a bit later… 9:34 P.M.)

"There!" Alexis said, wiping her forehead. She didn't have all that much stuff, but it took a bit to get organized.

Her bed was pushed against the window. Her night stand was next to that. Her clothes were unpacked in the closet. Her cosmetics, hair stuff, and other toiletries were away in the tiny bathroom. there were still a few things left, stacked on a set of collapsible shelves.

Alexis walked out of the room to find Zane rummaging through the fridge.

"I guess your cooking skills are as poor as ever?" Alexis said, recalling the one home-ec class they took at the academy.

Zane looked up and shrugged.

"Why? Can you cook?" Zane asked.

Alexis went over to the fridge and peered at its contents.

"Not with that... but in general, yes I can." Alexis said.

Zane nodded and closed the refrigerator.

"Can you open the cabinet to the far left? Pull out the blue binder" Zane said.

Alexis tried to reach the top shelve, but found she was a bit too, short… to pull it down.

"A little help please?" Alexis laughed.

Zane rolled his eyes in a happy manner and pulled the binder down with relative ease.

"What are you in the mood for?" Zane said, holding up the binder.

Alexis looked at its cover and laughed.

Take out menus,

Just incase the single male who is cooking inept gets hungry and is sick of leftovers.

Alexis smiled and flipped through the binder.

Well, I guess life with Zane will be a lot more amusing then I thought


Okay then… I know exactly where I'm going with this story.

Note: As some of you already know (anyone who has read my work before, or my profile) I am from New York, so a lot of my ideas for the city where this is located is going to be based on NYC… I apologize if anything is westernized, but living this close to the most exiting city in the world influences me a bit… ANywhoo, tell me what you want updated first!