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Chapter Fifteen

The fact that we always seem to bicker has nothing to do with me.


Now I knew why I was never a Nickelodeon fan. Their shows are horrible and don't make any sense at all. Things Bakura roared with laughter at I didn't find the least bit funny but maybe that was partly my mood's fault. One doesn't normally take to being held hostage in their own room with a taco-crazy psychopath. But it wasn't really being held hostage. I could have left anytime I wanted to but the only way out was either through the window or going downstairs through Ryou…

And personally, I wasn't ready for either one of those.

Thankfully, not all we did was watch Nickelodeon. Timid or not, I would not stand for anymore than thirty minutes of that Ra-awful network and when I said so, Bakura (who had subsequently finished off all of the remaining tacos, cold or no) didn't put up much of a fight, merely a groan and something along the lines of: "Whaaaat?"

I told him I had to check my email anyway so he laid back on my bed and rolled around for a little bit while I went over to my computer desk and logged on. Actually, I never really get any mail other than advertisements for nature hike trails and free Botox injections, which don't seem at all desirable if only for the reason that I am against needles going into my face. And I don't think I need them anyway, my skin seems firm enough. At least to me.

But I checked anyway and sure enough there was an empty mailbox save for one new one. It said on the address line that it was from and I just went straight for my delete button but as I reached the mouse across the pad to click, I was thrown off by -

"So, this is where you and Ryou get it on, huh?"

I blushed instantly and ended up clicking on the open button instead and up popped some live-action pictures of two boys that must've been no older than nine - one in a police hat too big for his head and nothing else on top of a pale-faced boy with cherry-red lips and a lollipop between those lips. Unfortunately for me, my speakers were on as well and sounds of prepubescent moans filled my room as their movements followed.

I would've instantly clicked out of it but it was not at all an everyday site and… well… it was just a little entrancing to see.

"Holy shit!" Bakura exclaimed from right beside me, scaring the daylights out of my as he has come to love to do.

I fumbled for the mouse and Bakura put his hand over mind, squeezing.

"No, wait," he said, steadying me. "Let's see what happens ne - Ooh! Wow, can legs really bend that way? This is great!"

"It is not great! Get off me!" I shouted, flailing him away from me. I clicked furiously on the small x button at the top but then more popped up. Ra, it was awful; there were hairless penises in every direction, I just didn't know what to do. And Bakura was no help whatsoever, he just stood to my right, howling with laughter and hooting at every position that couldn't be done by people over 85 pounds.

The moans and squirts were getting louder and increasingly wet-sounding through the speakers so I did what any sane person in my position would do. I bent down towards the hard drive below the desk and shut the power off. The sounds, rather than stop immediately which is what I would've liked, instead died down slowly so it sounded like someone slurping up the last of a milkshake.

Bakura was out of breath with laughter, red in the face like when he was out in the cold. "Ah… man, that was great! I should really hang out in here more often if this is the kinda stuff that goes on. Ra."

I frowned at him. "I don't think I could take it."

"I know I sure as hell could," he said and winked, coming around until I could see him fully.

I eyed him suspiciously. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means that I could get used to spending endless hours alone with you in your bedroom." He sat on the edge of the desk and grabbed the seat of my chair, pulling me up closer and caught me like a fly in his spider web eyes. "It means… that I really want to be with you, 'Li. Come on," his voice dropped down to a whisper, "you know Marik is a douche bag but I do care about you."

"B… But you said it was lust," I croaked out.

"I said," he let out a sigh, "it was a mix. You've got to admit, lust is an important part of any relationship." He leant down and took my chin in his hand, our lips separated by puffs of our breath. "I can't get enough of that face of yours. Your body…" He closed our distance with a soft peck of the lips. My eyes were still partially opened and I let him kiss me in tiny puckers over and over again. They were tiny but unlike Ryou's kiss from the night before, I felt so much fire and passion behind it, like he was holding back from throwing me down and ravishing me. He left my lips and trailed my jaw line with fervent kisses, each hotter and wetter than the last.

He ended at my left ear, pushing his tongue onto the skin there and outlined the shell of my ear, all the warmth from his mouth coming into contact with me. I felt my cheeks warming and lifted up my hands to grasp the collar of his shirt. The way that felt… no one had ever done anything like that to me before. I just relished it and despite my better judgment, I let it carry on until he clamped my jaw with his other hand and suckled harshly on the side of my neck. There would be a hickey there, I realized faintly, the sweet cologne and smell of my bed coming from him and swirling around me, hazing my mind. He suckled harder and harder in that one spot and it took all of my strength of mind to use my hands at his collar and push him off.

Granted, there wasn't much strength to the push but he didn't need much to get him off me, he must've been anticipating it. He looked at me with a lazy smirk revealing one white canine.

"N… No more," I breathed raggedly. "Playtime is over."

"Was it my playtime or yours?"

I refused to answer.

He grinned at my silence and knelt down in front of me, taking both my hands in his. "Okay," he said conversationally. "What will it take for you to give me a chance, huh, 'Li?"

"I'm really not in the market for a boyfriend," I said, looking away. Amazed I said that with a straight face.

He laughed. "I never said anything about being your boyfriend."


"Haha, you're cute when you look dumb."


"Alright, calm down. I just want to get to know each other better. Deal?"

I regarded him wearily. This didn't sound like the Bakura I knew. Since when did he care about getting to know anyone? I thought all he wanted was to-

"And if, on our magical journey of friendship, you happen to get uncontrollably horny…"

Ah. That sounded more like the Bakura I knew.

I raised my hands from his and crossed my arms on my chest. "Listen, right now, I really just don't know what to do or who to trust. This whole thing… I've just got a lot on my mind. I don't know if I should go talk to Ryou or not… I guess I owe him enough to get his side of the story."

Bakura perked up. "So if you talk to Ryou, you'll think about me as someone you can trust?"

"Wait, I didn't say-"

"Great, let's go!" He stood and pulled me out of my seat.

"Just a minute, I'm not-"

He scooped me up and threw me over his shoulder, walking towards the door. I screamed and squealed and bagged with my fists on his back but he didn't seem to notice much. It really is a bother being such a push-over; I ought to take up some self-defense classes or else any nut will be able to run off with me. And, of course, any nut did. The door to my room was opened and before I knew it we were descending the stairs and down on the landing, and I could hear the fire crackling in the fireplace.


A gasp came from down in the living room and I of course recognized the voice as belonging to Ryou. It sent shivers down my spine. But I still couldn't see him as Bakura was facing towards him and I was facing the wall.

"Put me down," I said, my voice more wavering than tight, as I had meant for it to be.

I was set down like a porcelain doll and turned on my heel to see him standing in the middle of the living room, hands clasped in front of him, fingers twiddling in each other. His face was red but it wasn't from the cold, it looked like it was streaked. He must've been doing a lot of crying. Well, tears won't sway me, I decided. I'm here to hear the whole story, not to be conned into being his friend again. What's a friendship without trust? I just couldn't… no matter how much I may miss him… I just couldn't.

"Well, should I just leave you two girls at it?" Bakura offered. I had almost forgotten he was standing next to me.

"Do what you want, Bakura," Ryou said. He sounded tired. I honestly didn't care what Bakura did as long as he wasn't a nuisance. It seemed Ryou wasn't going to get after him for being in my room with me as I'm sure I didn't seem jilted or harassed (even though I was), I probably only looked nervous, which I was. I came down the final four steps into the room and sat down on the couch where Ryou had been standing in front of, between that and the television.

I sat on the side closest to the fireplace and Ryou sat beside me. I foolishly wished for him to tell me the whole thing was a big mistake, that he never did any such thing and then kiss me on the cheek and let that be the end of it. I kept wishing, even though I knew the truth, right up until he said:

"I'm sorry."

I didn't meet his eyes.

"I did some very stupid things," he said hurriedly, trying to look me in the eyes. "Stupid decisions I made that can't be taken back and I'm so sorry, Malik."

"Why would you do something like this?" I asked. "I thought you loved me."

"I do, that's why-"

"This shows just the opposite!"

"No, no," he assured me. "I wanted you to be happy. I knew you loved Marik. And I love you so much… I mean, in a more than friendship way… Even us being best friends, when I got to kiss your cheeks and hug you… it just never filled me up, you know? I just… I wanted more than I knew you could give and so I just thought I should try very hard to get you hooked up with Marik before I could screw up the relationship I already had with you. It was that day after Marik forced his way into your mind again, when you went out of the room? Marik had asked what I wanted from him to even things up and I…

"I said I wanted him to take you out on a date. I told him it was the least he could do and I knew he knew you liked him. He agreed but said that in return I should give him something… as… as he was not 'obligated' to take you out… I asked him what he wanted… He said me." Ryou looked up and guilt was written all over his face.

I'm sure shock and disgust was written all over mine.

"Did you deliver his prize yet?" I asked, my voice low.

"No. No, you're more important."

"Ha. I'll bet Marik was pissed when he realized he wasn't getting a piece of Ryou-ass today, huh," Bakura commented, coming into the living room with a bag of popcorn. I hadn't realized until now he wasn't in the room with us. He sat down between me and Ryou and his popcorn was blocking my view. Honestly, Bakura.

"Bakura, move out of the way!" Ryou whined at him.

"I'm perfectly within my rights to be here," he said indignantly. "Besides, I'm the only one that 'Li trusts anymore." He pushed a handful of popcorn into his mouth and then nudged me with an elbow. "Ain't that right, 'Li?"

"I didn't say that at all," I protested.

Bakura shrugged.

Ryou groaned. "Anyway," he said and returned his attention to me. "Malik, I didn't mean to hurt you, I just wanted you to be happy."

"Well how in the world did you think this would end when I found out Marik really wasn't interested in me?"

"I… I don't know, I…" He searched for something to say and I realized I hardly ever saw Ryou this way, unsure of himself and distraught. "I admit, I wasn't thinking too clearly… I saw a chance and took it. I'm so sorry."

"Can't believe you did that…"


"And what about him?" I motioned to Bakura wildly. "I was promised to him? How can you people do these things without my consent?"

"No, wait," Ryou said, waving his hand in a dismissing manner towards Bakura. "Marik and I were talking and he came up into the room and overheard us. He just said if we were going to do something like that then there was no way he wasn't getting his cut and said if Marik didn't want to be with you then he would gladly be. He said he wouldn't tell you what was going on as long as when it was over, neither of us tried to get with you…"

"Yeah and you breached the agreement," Bakura accused angrily with a mouthful of popcorn. "I saw you in there last night, all on top of Malik! Ra-dammit, Ryou, you cheater!"

Ryou narrowed his eyes. "I don't think this is the time, Bakura-"

"Wait a minute," I interrupted. "Just how did you know that Ryou was kissing me?"

"Oh, I peeped in for a bit."

I gaped at him.

"You're so disgusting," Ryou said, admonishing him. "Only a freak would look in on their hikari to see them doing things like that."

"Hey, Marik was looking too."


Suddenly, as a surprise to all three of us, the door opened and in came my look alike, his golden hair dusted with snow. I craned my neck and saw out of the window it was flurrying. Marik closed the door behind him and took off his coat and scarf.

"Speak of the devil," Bakura said, cramming in my food into his mouth.

Marik turned around when he had finished with the coat rack. "So there you are. You said you were going the bathroom and you were gone for hours. Liar."

"I'm not liar - I did go to the bathroom. Then I went to Taco Bell and then came here to spend time with my lover," he said, putting an arm around me.

I pushed his arm away. "We aren't lovers," I said sourly.

"I think you were loving what I was doing to you upstairs a while ago," he said, smirking.

I blushed.

Ryou looked at Bakura darkly. "What did you do to him?"

"Haha, why do you care? He hates you."

"Stop speaking for me!"

"Ah, so he's crawled out of hiding, has he?" Marik asked, coming into our circle and sitting on the other side of Ryou. I balked at hearing his comment as it was said with the less than syrupy manner he used with me the night before. He looked at me lazily. "I still have that bruise from where you smacked me, Malik."

"Purple's your color, 'Ri."

"Shut up."

All this bickering was really starting to make my head hurt. Ryou turned to Marik and said what I was feeling, "Please, this is hard enough without your arguing. If you could just stay quiet…"

"Did you tell him everything?" Marik asked.

"Yes…" Ryou turned his attention back to me. "Please, forgive us, Malik. I know we were wrong. We know we were wrong. But I swear to Ra I did this for your happiness. I love you, Malik, and if you just want to be friends, I can accept that. I can."

"Y-You said being friends never filled you up though…" I looked away.

"I'd rather be this way than totally empty."

For some reason I could hear Bakura's munching very loud. It was because for the first time since I had come downstairs, it was completely quiet… well, just about anyway. Ryou was looking at me. He brown eyes looked so drained of the actually cheery depth I was used to. I remembered what he said that day we had missed going to our movie and stayed in the park to protect those girls from that hobo with the bad gas.

"You're so cute, Malik. Why you don't get everything you want is a mystery to me."

What I want… Why is it that I'm more confused that ever? What I wanted was Marik… At least… that was before all this… I looked over at him, the blank expression on his face, the lavender orbs I always wanted focused on me were now absently watching his own fingers twirl a lock of Ryou's hair absently. I didn't understand what was so wrong with me that he didn't care. He just didn't care. And with this thought, rather than get upset and cry or be depressed, I resigned myself.

"Okay," I said, letting out a large sigh.

Ryou's face lit up like a Christmas tree. "Malik! You forgive me?"

I shook my head. "I didn't say that. Right now, I'm just overwhelmed and… and I'd just rather get on with our lives. I want to be your friend, Ryou… but this whole thing is just clouding my head. Just give me time and I'll… I'm sure eventually, I'll…"

He came over to me and kneeled in front of me as Bakura had done a while ago in my room. But instead of taking my hands in his, he put his head in my lap and encircled my waist in his arms. "You don't have to say it," he murmured into my shirt. "I understand and I'll win back your trust. I promise."

I rested my hands on his shoulders and leant back into the couch. "It's been a long day," I whispered, unsure if anyone had heard or not.

Bakura, who was just about finished with his popcorn, was licking the butter from his fingertips. "Well, isn't this all very soap-operaish. You can be righteous as much as you want, Ryou, but you and I both know you'll be bitter at the finish line when I'm the one on top of dear Malik - OW!"

Ryou had kicked him in the shin. He beat me to it.

To be continued…

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