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Tony scratched his head before rubbing his eyes. He looked back down at the piece of paper on his desk and sighed loudly. He looked up at his co-worker, Ziva David. He cocked his head to one side and smiled as an idea formed. He dipped one hand into his top drawer and pulled out an elastic band. He pulled it with both hands and aimed. A second later it flew from his hands and hit Ziva square on her forehead.

"Ha!" Tony celebrated. "Direct hit," he laughed. Ziva's head snapped up and she sent Tony a deathly glare.

"What," He asked innocently, holding his hands up in mock surrender. He smiled mischievously, knowing that with Gibbs out of the room he could get away with it. She threw the band back, landing just the other side of her desk. Right in front of one Leroy Jethro Gibbs who just happened to be walking past. He stopped, bent down and picked up the elastic band, letting it dangle from his index finger. He turned to Ziva and raised an eyebrow.

"It's Tony's, he was-" Gibbs stared harder as Tony kept his head down. Ziva swallowed then held out her hand. Gibbs placed the band in her hand then walked to his desk.

"DiNozzo," He called out as he sat down.

Tony looked up

"Yeah boss."

"If you fling on more rubber band at Ziva I'll let her shoot you."

Tony looked properly chastised but tested the boundaries anyway "Come on boss, we haven't had a case in two weeks! Abby's re-creating the Battle of Inchon in her lab, Palmer's had information overload down in autopsy and I've run out of paperwork."

"What's that you're doing then," Gibbs countered, noticing the papers on Tony's desk.

Tony lifted up the piece of paper.

"Doodles." Gibbs suppressed the urge to laugh at Tony's abysmal stick figure and frowned instead. Tony lifted up some more papers. "And er, cold case files boss," Tony added quickly to appease his boss.

Gibbs took a sip of his black coffee. "You want me to go out and kill a navy officer just so you're not bored?"

"A bit drastic don't ya think" Tony replied with a smile which disappeared quickly after another Gibbs stare down.

Gibbs looked over his team as he took another sip of his coffee. "You two bored too?" He asked McGee and Ziva.

"Actually it's given me time to update the computers and run more thorough virus checks," Mcgee spoke up with a satisfied smile. Tony rolled his eyes.

"And I," Ziva began "Have noodles of patience," Tony snorted loudly. She frowned "What?"

"It's uh, oodles not noodles," McGee answered.

"Whatever, all I'm trying to say is I have plenty to keep me occupied unlike some people who have the attention span of a goldfish," She stared at Tony. "No cases is a good thing no?"

"No cases is a very good thing" Gibbs affirmed.

"Unless the body is hidden somewhere, the weather is washing away the evidence and as we sit here the murder is somewhere over the Atlantic getting away."

"Feel free to start searching all 80,000 Acres of Shenandoah National Park DiNozzo," Gibbs told his Senior field agent.

"Or the DC Navy Yard," McGee added

"Or the 100 square miles of Quantico," Ziva said.

Tony glared "I was just saying," He dropped his head and ignored the smiles coming from the three other desks. He began to read another cold case file when he heard the ding of the elevator. He'd become so used the noise that he didn't even look up. Seconds later he felt someone standing next to his desk. He slowly raised his head and looked up at the figure. "Fornell?" Agent Tobias Fornell stood with a cup of coffee in one hand and his other hand hidden inside the pocket of his long dark trench coat. His stoic expression telling the team he was here on business only. He looked at Tony and then at Gibbs.

"Conference room," He spoke with a nod of his head. Gibbs began to get up. "Not you," Fornell stopped him. The team frowned simultaneously. Fornell only ever wanted to talk to Gibbs. "DiNutso," He turned to Tony. "We need to talk," Tony looked at Gibbs for permission. Anyone who didn't know Gibbs wouldn't have noticed the slight nod of his head. Tony nodded back and stood up, following Fornell into the elevator.