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Chapter 1

It was after 9pm, the sun had long since set, and the street lamps cast an orange glow across the sidewalks and street. Wind tossed the fall colored leaves across the pavement, whipping them every which way.

Forensic Anthropologist Temperance Brennan tapped her finger impatiently on the table facing the street at the Royal Diner. Booth had asked her to meet him here 20 minutes ago. Glancing down at her watch for the 3rd time, then out the window, she wondered what was going on. He could have come to the lab she thought to herself.

It was late Friday night; she had been working over a set of American Indian remains when he'd called. What in the world could this be about, and why didn't he just tell me over the phone, she wondered.

The diner was deserted, she was the only customer, the waitress stopped at the table again a few moments ago inquiring if she wanted anything. Finally, she conceded to a cup of coffee.

Behind her, she heard the jingle of the bell over the door, and glanced over her shoulder at Booth, who was approaching her table, his facial expression unreadable.

"It would have been nice if you had gotten here on time instead of keeping me waiting Booth. Why couldn't this have been discussed on the phone?" she demanded, watching him sit down across from her.

"Lay off Bones, would ya? I've had a long day" he said testily, shrugging out of his jacket, and making eye contact with the waitress, mutely signaling for her to come over.

"So what's going on that you couldn't have told me over the phone?" she asked, raising her coffee cup to her lips and taking a small sip. He looked nervous she thought to herself. He was blinking rapidly, and fidgeting with the knife and fork on the table.

"How was your day Bones? Anything exciting happen?" he asked conversationally, watching the waitress fill his coffee cup

"Did you ask me to meet you here to hear about my day?" she asked, her brow furrowing in confusion

Booth sighed "No Bones, I was just trying to make conversation, you know, ease into things?" he looked irritated now.

"Oh. Okay then. My day was fine, I was working on a set of American Indian remains that was really quite fascinating" she stated, wrapping her hands around the coffee cup.

Booth sighed again, and cleared his throat. Why couldn't this be easy? He thought to himself. He'd been putting off this conversation for the last week and knew he had to say something before she found out on her own, that could be bad.

Angela and Hodgins already knew, so it was just a matter of time before Bones found out too. He'd rather she hear it from him. Angela had a flair for the dramatic, so it seemed wise to tell Bones in his own way.

"Bones, I am seeing someone, and you may not approve" he said after a lengthy pause, watching her face for a reaction, he glanced around the deserted diner, then down at his coffee cup again, as if her response could be predicted by the contents of the mug

"Why do you care if I approve?" she said asked, perplexed and unsure why he was talking to her about this

"Is this about Rebecca?" she asked suddenly, thinking that was what this was about

"No, it is not about Rebecca, I told you, we are through, over" he replied, why was this so damn hard? He wondered silently to himself, and took a deep breath. May as well get this over with

"Bones, you know I knew Cam before she came to DC, and uh, I though you should know that we are sort of, well that is, we are seeing each other" he finished in a rush, staring down at his coffee cup, then up and hesitantly dragging his eyes up to meet her gaze. He found himself holding his breath

"So what you're saying is you are sleeping with my boss" Temperance stated matter of factly

"Yes Bones, that is what I am saying" he confirmed, surprised at her reaction. He'd expected a more emotional response, but she was only his partner, right? Why would she be upset he was sleeping with someone else, it's not like they were like that, he reminded himself

"And you dragged me away from my American Indian to tell me this?" she asked him impatiently, standing abruptly "to talk about your sex life?" she asked incredously, crossing her arms in front of her

"Well, it seems important, I mean, I didn't want you to find out through the flow of gossip there" he stopped and looked up at her; she seemed ready to go, what's the rush?

She sat back down again, and let out a sigh, she should let him say his piece. Why was she so irritated about this? He was simply fulfilling his biological needs like they talked about before, and since he had a past relationship with Dr. Saroyan, it was only natural for him to look to her again, since he was trying to avoid doing just that with Rebecca. I have no reason to be upset, she reminded herself, we are partners, nothing more

"You're right Booth. It is important. I guess I didn't think this was why you wanted to meet me here. So have you thought this through, if you guys break up and it ends badly, is there a possibility she would retaliate against me in an effort to get to you?" she asked him, her gaze steady

"I guess I thought of that, yeah, I think she is mature enough to handle that, I mean, we're adults, right? Should the occasion arise though, I can uh, certainly take care of it though, okay Bones?" he said quietly, again staring intently into his coffee cup, paused a moment, looked up at her and said "Are we okay Bones?" he asked, gesturing between them

"Of course, why wouldn't we be?" Temperance said firmly, her throat feeling curiously tight.

"Okay Bones. Just making sure. I'll uh, catch you on Monday, or whatever, okay?" he as he stood to watch her turn and leave.

Temperance stood again, "Say hi to Cam for me" she called over her shoulder as she left the diner without looking back

Seeley Booth gazed out the window, as she speed away in her small sliver sports car. For some reason, he almost felt disappointed she didn't get more upset, but he had no idea why.

Last night, when he stopped at Cam's place, he'd told her that he was going to tell Bones, she didn't really want her to know, but it was inevitable that she find out. Plus, he had to work with Bones, she was his partner. Finishing his coffee, and tossing a few bills on the table, he left, feeling slightly unsettled at Bones' reaction.

End chapter 1

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