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Temperance Brennan struggled with her bag, sweater, phone, and getting the key into the lock of her apartment. After a moment she managed to unlock her door and get inside. She let the door shut behind her and leaned on the door, tipping her head back and letting out a deep sigh.

Her apartment was dark and quiet. She dropped the keys in the bowl on the table by the door, and proceeded into her home. She kicked her shoes off, and left them by the door. She flicked on a light as she passed the table, and threw her bag and sweater on the chair beside it. She slipped her cell phone into the charger, and approached her answering machine, to check for messages. Nothing. Good.

She was pleasantly surprised that Dr. Saroyan accepted her colleagues' offer for the position of head of Pathology at Stanford; somehow it almost seemed too easy. She let her hair down out of the elastic that held it, shook her head, and padded into the kitchen to pour herself a glass of red wine.

She had just poured the wine, when a knock at the door interrupted her. Her eyes skipped over to the clock on the stove, it was after midnight. Frowning, she walked to the door, and opened it.

"Bones, when are you going to learn to not only lock the door, but check to see who is here before opening it?" Booth wondered aloud, striding past her, and into the apartment.

He was wearing the same clothes from earlier in the day from the meeting Dr. Saroyan called. She was surprised he chased after her after the conclusion of the meeting, and wondered what he said to her.

She stood there a moment, her mouth hanging open before she had the sense enough to close it and the door. She locked it purposefully, and called to Booth "Would you like to come in?"

Ignoring her, he busied himself in the kitchen, peering into the refrigerator seeking a beer, after finding one; he plucked it out and deftly opened the top, and took a long swallow, leaning on the counter. He set the beer down and glanced at her.

"Bones. I have to talk to you about something. I know I've been sort of avoiding you recently. You deserve an explanation." he said after a moment, his face serious

"Okay" she agreed, and sat down at the breakfast bar, her feet propped up on the rungs of the barstool. She reached for the glass of wine she'd poured, and took a sip, and watched her partner. He seemed nervous.

He let out a deep sigh, and began to pace around the kitchen. "You know I never really liked that David guy, right?" he began, and glanced over at her

"Booth, I told you—" she protested, he cut her off

"Listen for a sec, okay? Just listen. Anyway, you know I never really liked the guy, and that thing where he had flowers delivered, somehow, it just seemed…I don't know. Suspicious. Well I thought it did anyway, I thought a few things over, and paid him a visit" he held up his hand, silencing her, and the protests he knew were to follow

"I know I know. It was completely out of line, alpha male thing to do, bla bla bla. Alright I was jealous. Okay? There I said it. Anyway, turns out he and Cam were trying to do what they could to pull us apart. Cam would then comfort me, and David you, then they both would get what they wanted" he finished, and stopped pacing. "I told him to back off and he agreed…" he grimaced, recalling the situation at David's office. "Well, there was a little more to it than that, but anyway…" he trailed off , and turned to look at her, to gauge her reaction.

Bones seemed surprisingly calm in all this. He really anticipated her getting very upset. Why wasn't she upset?

Temperance glanced down at her glass of red wine, and back up at Booth, who had a puzzled look on his face. She set down the glass of wine, and forced herself not to fidget.

"Well, I imagine this is as good a time as any, so you should probably know that Cam accepted that position with Stanford, because a colleague of mine owed me a favor and offered her the position. I hate to admit weakness, but she made me feel…..inadequate somehow. Made me doubt the relationship we were building. I wanted her out of the picture to keep her out of your way….I guess…I guess I was jealous too" she said, and met his eyes guiltily. She had half anticipated anger, but she was met with curiosity and perhaps humor.

"So…you were jealous huh?" Booth surmised, a smiled crept across his face, as he approached where she was sitting. He took another long swallow of beer, and set the bottle on the counter beside her wine.

She bristled "Well, I did see her trying to disappear down your throat the other day remember" she huffed, and crossed her arms, frowning at him

His smile grew, and he repeated "You were jealous…doesn't that seem, oh, I don't know…illogical? Irrational?" he pulled her arms apart, and off the barstool, into his arms.

He was grinning down at her.

"Are you teasing me?" she asked him, frowning

He sobered, "Oh no. No no. I am NOT teasing you, I was just uh….clarifying the facts" he said and nodded to her.

She peeked up at him. His eyes were warm and filled with laughter. She finally smiled back at him, and said "Okay. I guess it was illogical and irrational. Yes. I was jealous" she admitted with a small shrug.

"So I guess the first thing we need to work on here is trust, or maybe communication?" he asked her

"I guess…" she agreed hesitantly, embarrassed, her face warm

"Well, I know one area we seem to have down pretty well" he countered conversationally, his voice lowered a notch

"What's that?" her breath caught, and she whispered, as he leaned in closer to her

"Chemistry" he whispered into her ear, then all in one movement, he picked her up, and carried her off to her bedroom.

The End

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