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Odd woke up, covered in a cold sweat. More nightmares?

He heard Ulrich stir across the room. They sat in their respective beds in silence until neither of them could take it anymore. "Hey," Ulrich said. "They still bad?"

Odd did a half shrug, half nod thing, struggling to keep the tears from pouring down his face. He couldn't take this anymore. His schoolwork couldn't take this, his emotions couldn't take this, and certainly his body couldn't take this.

Ulrich crossed the room, sitting down behind Odd and putting his hands around the younger boy's chest, feeling his heart which was beating twice the normal rate. "Let's talk, Odd. We haven't talked in forever."

Odd nodded, but it was Ulrich who did most of the talking.

"You know, nobody signed a contract. If you can't do this Xana thing, nobody's going to blame you." Odd made a small noise, interrupting his friend.

"I can't stop, Ulrich." Tears dripped down Odd's cheeks. "This is my life. It's important. It's more important then just me ― just our little group." He looked around wildly, trying to find words to express the depth of his emotions. "It's the world, Ulrich. The whole world."

Ulrich pushed back Odd's hair, which was slick from sweat, "Yeah, Odd, I know. You're just being too hard on yourself. You got real hurt back there buddy."

Odd nodded in understanding, his eyes closing briefly. "Got fixed right back up." he murmered, curling around Ulrich's body.

"Yeah, on the outside. The inside stuff is more important, Odd. Like, how you feel about things effects how well you can do them." Ulrich was getting uncomfortable. He was no doctor. Not even close.

Odd was starting to drift off to sleep. Ulrich could feel his labored breathing get lighter, "I can't lose you, Odd. I love you too much." he looked away for a second, blinking back the tears that threatened to corrupt his vision. "I can't let you get hurt."

A strangled, half-asleep laugh came from Odd, "I'll never get hurt, Ulrich," he muttered.

"I have you."

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