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Author's Note: This takes place in Thunder Strangers 2 after Tori and Blake leave the waterfall and before they get in the van.

Forbidden Kiss

Tori sat and waited for Blake to wake up. She couldn't believe that she had taken him to Ninja Ops. But as soon as that had happened the first things she thought about was getting him helped and Cam seemed like the most logical reason. Logic. It wasn't very logical to bring him there. She leaned against a rock; Cam had helped bring him to her van and had left him there with Tori. She closed her eyes.

Blake figured he could open his eyes now. He slowly opened them, he knew that he had been moved, where, that was another question. He sat up slowly and looked around—there was Tori leaning against a rock with her eyes closed. She was so gorgeous. He shook his head, he now knew where Ninja Ops was and he had to tell Hunter. Sure he didn't fake the rescue, he had seen her and was really worried about her. He couldn't morph and be the Navy Thunder Ninja Ranger saving her, that wouldn't be right especially if Hunter found out.

He got up and walked over to Tori, he gently shook her. "Tori."

She opened her eyes and smiled, it was beautiful. Mind at the task. "Blake, you're alright." She stood up.

"Yeah. You okay?"


It was at that moment that Blake realized that he was close enough to her that he could smell her, she smelled of vanilla and strawberries. She smelled so good. Tori was looking into his eyes as if trying to make sure that everything was all right. Slowly they started leaning in. Than Blake stopped, Hunter, their Sensei, their parents. Tori was looking curiously in his eyes, almost hurtfully. He looked down at her lips and than back at her eyes. He wanted to kiss her. He almost felt like he needed to. He started leaning in again, and Tori followed. He closed his eyes as their lips met. He wanted to make it more, but he realized that he couldn't. As right as this felt, there was no way it could ever work. Hunter and him were about to kill their Sensei. Who forgives that?

His thoughts were interrupted when Tori's hand went up to his cheek. Without so much as a second thought he put his hand around her waist and pulled her closer. His tongue somehow found its way towards her mouth and surprisingly she opened and responded. He got lost in the kiss, thinking of Tori and what they could do together. Than Blake realized that it wouldn't happen—Tori would soon hate him and he could never leave Hunter, and he sure wouldn't let it happen. Blake slowly pulled away savoring her taste. They both smiled at each other. Tori blushed and looked down. Blake couldn't believe what had happened.

After a couple of minutes Tori spoke up, "We should get back."

Blake nodded, "Yeah."

After getting his bike in her van they got in the car and neither said a word until they got back to the track.