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All Is Well

Tori leaned her head against the headrest as they drove away from the mansion. The Sentinel Knight had whisked Bridge away returning him to the future no doubt. She smiled as she thought of him, he was a good ranger. He was a bit odd, but she still had enjoyed his company.

"Surely we can put on some better music then this don't you think?" Xander's voice was closer which meant he had leaned forward.

Adam glanced back, "There is nothing wrong with this music, but we can turn on something else if you guys want."

Tori looked over at one of the first Power Rangers. He said he could drive them where they all needed to go, but it wasn't until that moment that she could tell he was tired, just like she was. Xander leaned forward so he was between the seats and flipped the station to one of his own liking then he leaned back, "Ah, much better don't you think?"

"It's fine." Tori could see Kira rolling her eyes as she replied to him.

Adam turned onto the highway, "First stop, down to Los Angeles?"

"Yep. That's right." Xander said.

Tori looked back at him, "Los Angeles? I thought it was Briarwood?"

"Normally yes, but I talked to Madison a couple of days ago and she's still in LA, so I figured I'd stop by and see her."

Adam glanced over at Tori and smiled as if to say it was no big deal. Though Tori wanted to get back to Blake and Steve she also knew that they all had people to get back to too. Bridge's was easy, the Sentinel Knight was bringing him back to his wife Syd and their daughter Tiana. She smiled as she looked out the window remembering him talking about them.

Though she had to admit Bridge was a bit…different, especially the way he would ramble at times, it was kind of endearing and it reminded her a bit of Dustin. Though Dustin and Marah had been married for three years and had two kids, he still could act like that.

Tori knew that it was going to be a bit of a drive so she settled in. It had been different to be on this team, she had only known one of them before hand and the others she hadn't even heard of. But the Sentinel Knight had gotten them all together and they quickly headed to the place that he had told them to go. The Operation Rangers were being beaten and so they had all stepped up. Being a Ranger again was absolutely amazing.

It wasn't that hard to feel just like it had the last time she was. And being a team with the group she had been paired with, it was nice. Adam was a good guy and a great leader. He was very calming and saw things very clearly. Bridge, though he rambled and sometimes made explanations a bit more difficult, he was sweet and thoughtful. She had enjoyed him, although he being from the future was a bit weird at first but Bridge was hard not to like.

Xander, well he was a flirt, although she was sure that that was just who he was and he wasn't meaning to always flirt. But he still treated both her and Kira very nicely. And she had to admit he had a good head on his shoulders. Kira, well she already knew Kira. Sure it wasn't as though they were best friends or anything, but they were friends and they did talk sometimes. Kira was already great and it was fun being on a team with another girl ranger, which Kira had also agreed on.

Overall a different team than her own, but still a good one. It was also different since 4 of them had been married. Xander was the only one not married, though he had a girlfriend, a serious one too apparently. Adam's wife was Tanya and they had three kids. Adam lived in Angel Grove and he knew Tommy, they apparently had not only gone to school together but were also rangers.

Throughout the ride to LA they all talked about different things that had happened when they were Rangers. Xander had told them about almost turning into a tree, Adam spoke of turning into his younger self not once, but twice. Kira talked about being in a comic book and Tori told them of when she went to the alternate universe where the Power Rangers were bad and the bad guys were good.

They didn't only talk about being Rangers they talked about many different things and before long they found themselves pulling up in front of an apartment building. They had all stepped out of the car. Xander stretched, "Well guys, this has been a great time. I enjoyed it."

Adam nodded, "It was. Good luck with everything."

Xander smiled, "Thanks."

"See you later." Kira said pulling Xander into a quick hug.

After which Tori also hugged the Green Ranger, "Have fun with Madison."

"Oh I plan too." He grinned and headed inside.

Adam turned to Tori and Kira, "So onto Blue Bay Harbor and then Reefside?"

Tori nodded and they all got back in. Once they were on the way Kira spoke up, "Actually Adam I can just let Trent know to come and get me at Blue Bay Harbor, it'll be a nice change for Charlotte."

Tori smiled at Kira's mention of her and Trent's daughter, it made her think of Blake and Steve. Adam nodded, "Whatever you want."

"Alright, then I'll send a text to Trent and he'll pick me up there."

The way up to Blue Bay Harbor was different without Xander around. First they had lost Bridge, then Xander. The atmosphere in the car was quieter. They still talked about different things and it was very pleasant. Before long Tori saw the sign that welcomed them to Blue Bay Harbor. Her heart swelled at the thought that Blake and Steve were so near. She took a deep breath reminding herself that she didn't need to Ninja Streak to be with them and she could wait just a little bit longer.

"So where am I going?" Adam glanced over at Tori before returning his attention to the road.

Tori looked back at Kira, "Is Trent going to just pick you up at my house?"

"Yeah. He's already there."

"Alright, so my house."

Tori directed Adam through the streets of Blue Bay Harbor to her house. She couldn't believe what a welcome sight it was. In the driveway was another car which was quite obviously Trent's.

They stopped and got out of the car. Tori walked over to Adam, "It was…good. I enjoyed being with all of you guys."

He smiled, "It was. It was different than the previous teams, but it was good."

Kira nodded, "I'm glad we got be there for the ride."

Tori nodded to the house, "You want to come in for a bit?"

He shook his head, "It's alright. I really want to get back to home. Tanya said that the kids have been asking when I'm coming home."

Kira laughed, "Understandable."

The two girls hugged Adam and watched as he left. Together they both went inside the house. As soon as she crossed the threshold Tori felt a sigh of relief leave her. She hadn't realized that she had been that stressed.


"Yeah, Kira and I are here."

Blake came around the corner and quickly pulled her into a hug. She closed her eyes as she felt that calm reassurance and complete love being with Blake gave her. "I missed you." He whispered in her ear.

When they pulled slightly away from each other he grinned before turning to the other couple that was a bit away. Tori looked over and saw Kira and Trent in an embrace. Kira pulled away and looked at Tori, "Well I suppose this is it. For now anyways."

"You guys could stay awhile. I mean if you want."

Trent smiled, "Thanks, it's just…I have an art show later tonight that I need to be back for."

Nodding Blake smiled, "Right, I remember you saying that."

"But thanks for the offer." Kira smiled at Tori.

Trent nodded to the living room, "I'll go get Charlotte." And both he and Blake headed back into where Steve and Charlotte were.

Kira looked at Tori, "It was great being on a team with another girl."

"I agree. I had fun."

Trent came in with Charlotte in his arms. Kira quickly reached out to her just as Blake walked around the corner with Steve. Tori took him and held him close. They said goodbye to Trent and Kira and soon they were back in the living room.

It didn't take long for Steve to fall asleep. Once more Tori just stood by the cradle watching him for a little bit. She had a lot of fun being a ranger again, but she was still a Mother and being away from Steve was hard, especially if something had happened to her. Tori leaned down and brushed her lips gently on his forehead. She then quietly left the room and went back downstairs where Blake was waiting for her.

Blake was sitting on the couch with the TV on. He must have turned it on when she had brought Steve upstairs. Smiling she went over and sat next to her husband, "Was I gone that long?"

He turned towards her with his lips slightly turned up, "Not this time."

She lightly hit his arm, "Very funny. So…how were things here when I was gone?"

"Quiet…I mean when Steve and I were here. We spent some time at Hunter's…which reminds me Chase wants to see you as soon as you get back."

Chase was Hunter and Kelly's oldest son, he was only 3 years old but he and Tori spent lots of time together. Chase loved spending time with Tori and Tori loved spending time with Chase, he was such a sweet kid. "I'll see him tomorrow."

Blake reached over and laced his fingers with Tori. He brought them up to his lips and kissed the back of her hand, "I'm glad you are back safe. Though I will say you definitely kicked butt out there. It was pretty hot."

Tori felt the familiar blush coming. It still seemed that even though they were married and had been together for a while she still blushed with some of his comments. Tori squeezed Blake's hand, "I'm glad I'm back too."

Leaning forward Tori kissed Blake and without any hesitation Blake returned the kiss full force. His hand tangled in her hair pulling her closer to him. One of Tori's hands was on one of his knees while the other was on his upper arm. Before they both got lost in each other they adjusted to a more comfortable position.

Blake kissed Tori's cheek and she looked up and smiled at him, "Go ahead."

He grinned; he had wanted to ask questions since she had come back. It was true that they had tried to talk quite often, however it still wasn't enough. He was still gone for months at a time because of racing so when he was home he liked to be able to spend time with Tori. Having her gone had been hard but he was also proud that she had been brought in to help out the other rangers.

Now that she was back in his arms he just wanted to hold her, though he knew they couldn't do that for too long. The world would be ready for them and Tori would want to get back to the water and her store and the school. Steve went without saying. Besides he hated not being around Steve too. That was one of the reasons it was so hard when he left to go race.

"I was just wondering about…everything."

She smiled, "It was amazing. The team, the current Power Rangers and the team I was on. The mansion, the zords…it was all pretty incredible." She paused for a minute before launching into a detailed account of everything. Blake mostly listened but sometimes he had questions or comments which he would then bring up. After she finished Blake talked a bit more about things that had been going on at home while she had been saving the world.

It was quite late when Tori yawned. Blake looked over at the clock and realized that it was 2 in the morning, "I'm sorry, guess it's a bit late."

Tori looked over Blake at the clock and then grinned at him, "Just a bit. Let's go to bed."

They both stood up but before Tori got any further he pulled her back into his arms. He really had missed her. It was bad enough for him to be away racing for long periods of time, though he supposed he was more on her side of how she felt when he left. At least she was back. He breathed deep and smiled, this was his wife and if possible he was even more in love with her now.

"I love you Tori."

She smiled as she replied, "I love you too."

Together they leaned in and kissed. It didn't take long for the kiss to deepen to continue showing their love for each other that only grew each day.