Captured By Death

Note- Hey! As you know, this is the sequel to the thriller, 'Escaping Death.' You guys loved it so much and I hope that you'll love this one, too! For those of you who haven't read 'Escaping Death,' I would recommend that you do, since you'll have no clue what's going on. Thanks.

Summary- Kagome thought the nightmare was over. Two weeks after putting her psychotic cousins in prison, however, they escape and they need a hostage. Who better than Kagome? What can she do now without the aid of her friends? She's all alone with nowhere to run, no one to turn to, and her time is running out.

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Captured By Death

Chapter One

She approached the door. "Who is it?"

"Kagome! Come and open the door! Let your two favorite cousins in!"

Kagome's eyes widened and her muscles stiffened as she stared at her front door in horror. How could this be happening? Why did they have to escape their miserable fate in prison and come to her house? Why? Why?

"C'mon, Kagome! You know we love you!" She heard Suikotsu said. She could tell by his tone that he was smirking. And she also knew that Jakotsu despised her, just because of his homosexuality. She also knew, without a doubt, that she was not going to open that door.

"No!" She screamed. She raced up the stairs to her room, grabbed her cell phone and stuffed it in her pocket, just in case. She then grabbed her home phone and dialed nine-one-one.

"Hello, what is your emergency?"

"Those murderers, Suikotsu and Jakotsu, who escaped from prison, are here in my house!" She was breathing very heavily and feared the worst. What if they didn't get there in time?

"All right. Are you alone, dear?"

"Other than them, yes. Please hurry! They're after me!" She glanced warily at her bedroom door, which was halfway open. She prayed dearly that it would remain that way and no one would come through it. She then gave the woman on the other line her address.

"All right. I have sent a unit out there now. Please remain on the line with me."

Kagome's breathing was harder than ever.

"Please, try to relax. Tell me about yourself. What is your name?"

Despite the fact that her lips had gone strangely numb and her throat was immensely dry, she heard herself saying, "Kagome."

"All right, Kagome. Who do you live with?"

"My mother."

"Where is she now?"


"Do you have any close guy friends?"

Kagome's heart stopped for a split second. This was personal information, but she would much rather discuss this guy than the two downstairs. "Yeah. Inuyasha."

"Where is he now?"

"Home." She wished that he was there.

"Okay. Just remain calm. They're almost there." The woman said gently.

'Easy for you to say,' Kagome thought bitterly. 'Your psychotic cousins aren't breaking into your house.'

Kagome nearly dropped the phone when realization dawned on her like a ton of bricks. She had left the door unlocked. Just as this thought ran through her mind, her bedroom door burst open and there they were: Jakotsu and Suikotsu. She screamed and dropped the phone. She could hear the woman asking, frantically, "Kagome? Dear, are you there?"

"Ah, there you are." Suikotsu said, smirking.

"Suikotsu," Jakotsu said, looking down at the phone in disdain. "She was calling the cops."

Kagome took a step backwards when she saw Suikotsu's face change from mockery and playfulness to serious indignation. "That won't do." He bent down and lifted the phone up to his ear. "Yes? She's here…with us. Now, tell your unit to turn back or she dies."

Kagome flinched.

"Oh, you're not, huh?" Suikotsu continued. "Well, we'll have to change that, not won't we?" He impetuously reached out and seized Kagome by her hair, pulling her up against him. He took a knife out -- different from the one that had been confiscated from him by the police two weeks before -- and put it to Kagome's throat. She began screaming -- begging -- the woman. "Please! Do as he says! He's got a knife to my throat!" Tears began running down her face, but she didn't care how ridiculous or pitiful she appeared. This was her life she was fighting for.

"You hear her?" Suikotsu asked, applying pressure to the knife. "I suggest you do as she says, or she's going to die. And I don't think you planned on going in to work today only to go home with a death on your conscience."

Kagome was close enough to the phone to where she could hear the woman.

"All right. I'll do as you say. Just please let the girl go."

"Oh, no." Suikotsu said. "She's ours. She has been since those string of killings started. Just keep your unit away and she'll be safe. Now, you have a nice day."

Kagome heard the unmistakable sound of the phone being clicked off. That's when she started to struggle. She tugged her arms, screamed, and cried, even begged, but it was all in vain. He was much too strong for her, and not to mention he had a knife. She instantly stopped struggling when he placed it at her throat. "Now, Kagome," he said conversationally, dragging her down the steps, Jakotsu right behind them. "You called the cops. They'll be here eventually. But we won't be here. We'll be long gone. You won't be here, either. You're coming with us."

Kagome elbowed him in the side, ducked under the knife, and raced for the front door. "No I'm not!"

The door was so close -- only mere inches from her fingertips -- but it felt so far away. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Jakotsu raced after her as Suikotsu recovered from her blow to his ribs. She wasn't sure who caught her first. All she knew was that Jakotsu had a firm hold on her and Suikotsu was glaring daggers at her.

"Don't get stupid, Higurashi." He hissed, grabbing a handful of hair and getting in her face. "Remember, I'm still Death and I'm still in charge." She noticed out of the corner of her eye that he pulled out a handgun. Her heart stopped. What was he planning on doing with that thing?

"You better not run away like that again." Suikotsu released her hair, only to slam the gun against the side of her head.

Kagome thought that she was going to pass out from the immense pain. It hurt. She was dizzy , and everything began to spin sickeningly around her. Whenever Suikotsu spoke, the words felt as if they were flying all around her. What was that warm liquid oozing down her skull? Was it really blood? Her blood?

"C'mon," Suikotsu said, lifting Kagome up over his shoulder as if she were luggage. "We're getting out of this town." He walked out of her front door with Jakotsu in tow, and they walked to a neighbor's house, stopping beside their car. Jakotsu opened it. No alarm went off. He climbed in and began to hotwire it while Suikotsu tossed Kagome into the backseat. She grunted as her already pounding and bleeding head hit the seat, but made no other move or noise whatsoever. Suikotsu closed the door and went around and climbed into the passenger side. "Drive," he ordered.

And so he did.

Kagome wasn't sure how long he did. All she was able to do was lie in the backseat and stare at the treetops, building roofs, and light poles that blurred past her window. She didn't dare move. She didn't dare make a sound. She did all she could to keep from getting hit with the gun again. She didn't wish to endure that pain again.

As she was lying there, she remembered seeing Suikotsu on a cell phone. All she could do was wonder who it was.

After what seemed like an eternity, the car came to a stop and they got out. Suikotsu jerked Kagome out of the car and made her stand. She noticed that the seat where her head had been resting was covered with blood. Her blood. She also noticed that they were on the side of an interstate. Why did they stop?

As if noticing her confused glances, Jakotsu elaborated: "We're out of gas. So we're getting a new car."

Kagome only stared at all the cars whizzing by. It would be so very simple to run out screaming in front of one and get them to give her a ride out of there. She even came close to attempting it, only taking a step before pausing. The pain from the blow to her head made her rethink her actions and she remained in one place, determined not to cry at the ruined and wasted opportunity.

They got a new car, all right. Apparently, Suikotsu had been chatting with a friend, who hooked him up with a ride. Yoshiro was his name. Kagome would know since she was forced to ride in the backseat with him while Suikotsu drove and Jakotsu lounged in the passenger seat.

"Who's the wench?" He had asked when they first showed up.

"Don't you remember? This is my cousin. The whore we've been torturing for the last few weeks. She's coming with us, as a hostage." Suikotsu had answered.

All Jakotsu had said was a muffled, "I wish she hadn't came."

Kagome kept her eyes focused on the road outside her window and tried to ignore the feeling of Yoshiro's eyes on her back. She knew that he was examining her. But for what purpose? Was it the blood that stained her baby blue shirt? Was it how distraught she appeared?

She soon forgot all of the questions. She saw a huge road sign that was a bright greenish color; it drew her attention almost immediately.

Welcome to Kyoto!

She lived in Tokyo. And now she was being taken hostage in Kyoto.

And all she could think was: WHY?

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