Captured By Death

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Summary- Kagome thought the nightmare was over. Two weeks after putting her psychotic cousins in prison, however, they escape and they need a hostage. Who better than Kagome? What can she do now without the aid of her friends? Will she be able to escape or lose herself among a group of murderers?

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Captured By Death

Chapter Fourteen

Kagome had been doing nothing but lying around for what seemed like forever. She hadn't attempted to exit her room, or get help. No one bothered her but Yoshiro, who brought her food and kept an eye on her. He had informed her that she had been captive there for over two weeks, which didn't surprise Kagome in the least.

She stared up at the ceiling, the designs had burned an image into her memory and she could remember what it looked like by heart. She had nothing better to do but lie around and rest, or think, or dream. Whenever she did any of those things, she could only think about what a horrible person she was, all of the crimes she had committed, the people she had killed or damned for death.

She always thought about the hate she bore for Naraku, Suikotsu, Ryura, and herself. She hated herself for all of the things she had done, for all of the things that she allowed to happen.

She closed her eyes and felt herself dozing off into yet another peaceful, undisturbed, slumber. There was no telling how many hours she'd slept in that week after her submission to Naraku, and there was no telling how many more she'd sleep until she died. There was also no telling what would happen to her in both the near and distant future. It was something she dared not think about.

As she felt herself slipping away into another fitful nightmare, her door burst open and she jumped awake with a start. Suikotsu and Jakotsu marched into her room and took hold of her hands. She jerked away and slapped Jakotsu. She didn't want to be touched, and she was going to make that known. However, Suikotsu returned the blow for his brother. Kagome quickly recovered only to have Jakotsu knock her back down onto the bed with a hard punch.

They took hold of her arms, and she continued wriggling and thrashing about. As she continued to resist, Suikotsu yelled, "Jura! Ryura! Get your asses in here and do some work! Now!"

After that, the two mentioned entered the room and took hold of her legs and held onto them securely. "Let me go!" She screamed. She was already pissed at them for disturbing her sleep, and she was now infuriated at them placing their hands on her. She could walk on her own, a bit reluctantly, but she could do so. They didn't need to drag her out of her room like a hostage. She wasn't their captive any longer -- she was one of them. They needed to treat her as such.

With much difficulty, they managed to haul her into the large room where she had murdered that girl. They flung her down into a chair and bound her hands together behind it.

"What are you doing?" She demanded hotly. "I'm not your prisoner!"

Suikotsu got into her face, smirking conceitedly, and said, "Yes you are."

"Didn't Naraku tell you?" Kagome questioned. "I gave up! I took him up on his offer; I decided to be one of you!"

"Oh, he told us, all right." Jura said, smiling.

Ryura was also grinning. "But you officially become one of us tonight."

Kagome felt the blood in her veins, once hot with indignation, freeze with horror and apprehension. She took note of Yoshiro across the room. When their eyes locked, he turned away, an expression of despondency and remorse on his face. "What are you guys going to do to me?"

No one answered her, and she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. What was going on? Where was Naraku? Why had they dragged her out of her room? What did they mean by 'tonight she officially became one of them'? Did she have to pass some sort of sick test? Did she have to take another girl's life?

After a few moments of silence, Naraku entered the room, looking solemn. "Why, hello, Kagome. I haven't spoken with you in nearly a week. How have you been fairing?"

"How do you think?" She challenged.

Naraku could detect the venom in her voice, and he smirked, his fangs glinting in the dim lighting.

"What are you planning?" She demanded.

Naraku continued smiling, looking as smug as ever. "Don't worry yourself -- it's nothing serious. In fact, you won't be harmed. No one in this room will be harmed. No one at all will be hurt."

"That's not what I'm asking," she growled. "I want to know what you're up to." Her voice was flat and low, murderous.

"My, my," he said. "You're already on your way."

Kagome quirked an eyebrow at his statement. "What do you mean?"

Without responding, Naraku approached her, crowding up to her, making her feel uneasy. He placed his hand to her forehead. Just as she was about to jerk away, her eyes widened and she felt trapped. She couldn't move from her current spot. She felt an electrical surge pass from Naraku into her. She saw the blue-purple light emanating from his hand, and she felt her body grow hot.

Her eyes still wide in mystification and astonishment, she felt a strange sensation within her. She felt the inclination to fight back, to teach Naraku not to use his magic on her. She wasn't even sure of what was transpiring, but she knew it wasn't good.

Naraku suddenly yanked away, as if she had caught fire or sprung out with some sort of disease. A wave of perplexity swept across the room.

"What's wrong?" Suikotsu asked, looking alarmed.

Naraku rubbed his hand, examining Kagome momentarily. She had shook the initial shock off of her and was glaring daggers at Naraku.

He smirked. "You're a priestess," he stated tersely.

Kagome's angry scowl changed into a look of utter bewilderment. "What?"

"You're a priestess. You have the abilities and powers of a young miko." He explained. "Your soul is that of a pure miko." He let his gaze roam up and down her body before making contact with her eyes. "That's good. With the right training, you could master those wonderful powers of yours."

Kagome only regarded him with a calm and baffled expression.

"That will have to come later, however," Naraku said after a moment's pause. He extended his hand once again, making contact with her warm forehead. The light began glowing once more, and Kagome felt panicked. She felt a blistering sensation overwhelm her and she closed her eyes. When she reopened them, they were glowing an ominous blue color. Her body was enveloped in the same color light, and Naraku grimaced.

He placed both hands on her forehead and began chanting inaudible words angrily, and a red light derived from him, and soon immersed Kagome, as well. The blue in her eyes faded and she slumped down into her chair. Naraku released her, panting, and said, "It is done. She is now one of us."

"Kagome?" Yoshiro asked softly, uneasily.

The young girl opened her eyes and regarded Yoshiro calmly. Her eyes had lost their vitality, and were faded, dull, unnatural. Yoshiro turned away sorrowfully. The Kagome he had once known to be strong and rebellious was gone, replaced with a cold-hearted killing machine.

"Untie her," Naraku commanded.

The convicts exchanged worried glances.

"It's safe to untie her, I assure you. The spell is now in effect and will always remain as such." Naraku said confidently.

Ryura was the brave one who released the girl, who rose to her feet and stood, regarding everyone curiously. They all stared at her in disbelief.

"Why is everyone looking at me like that?" She wanted to know.

"They just can't believe that you are our friend," Naraku said. "You are our friend, right?"

"Of course I am," she said, sounding offended.

"Do you like to kill people?" Jura asked, testing her.

She nodded earnestly. "Yes."

"Would you rob a bank?" Jakotsu asked.

Again, she nodded.

"Set someone or something on fire?" Kyora wanted to know.

"Yes. I would." She replied.

"Have sex with a rapist?" Ryura chimed in.

Everyone looked at him, rolling their eyes. Kagome didn't respond. Instead, she was fascinated with the weapons in the 'entertainment' room. She walked away from the group and went into the room and saw that many swords adorned the walls, along with knifes and daggers. She saw guns locked in glass cases.

Naraku came in behind her. "You like these?"

He noticed that her eyes were locked on the Beretta, shining in all its glory and beauty. He removed it from the case and handed it to her. She gazed down at it, smirking. It was heavy in her hands, and she liked it. It was the kind of gun that the police used, and she loved the way it looked, the way it fit into her hand. It was almost as if they fit together; as if she were meant of use it.

"It's yours to have." Naraku said. "I am trusting you now, since you are one of us."

She smiled at him.

He handed her a holster and she placed it on her thigh, where she promptly stored the gun.

"Naraku…" Suikotsu said, coming into the room. "Can I speak with you for a moment?" He noticed Kagome was staring at him expectantly. "In private?"

He nodded and motioned for Kagome to leave them. After she had departed the room, closing the door behind her, Suikotsu asked, "Aren't we going to leave?"

"Yes. We're still moving. Tell the others to get their belongings together and, once we're ready, we'll depart from this place." Naraku smirked. "Everything is going according to plan."

-- Two Days Later --

Inuyasha growled to himself, cursing the hospital under his breath. He had been in that car accident a little over a week ago and they were just now releasing him, saying that his wounds were fine. Miroku, Sango, and Kagome's mother had all been release prior to Inuyasha, and had traveled back home. It had been police orders so there 'wouldn't be any more accidents with innocent civilians.'

Inuyasha snorted, pulling off of the highway. Forget the cops. Forget everything about safety. He had one thing in mind and one thing only: saving Kagome from the hellish fate that had consumed her.

He found all of the signs she had described to him and soon came across the warehouse. Warily, he parked the car and got out, approaching the old structure with apprehension. He opened the large door, expecting the worst -- like psychotic murderers with guns aimed at him -- and found something even worse that caused his heart to nearly stop…

They had cleared out. Nothing remained but dust and dirt, and a dying hope that he might see Kagome again.

He ran into the large room and found nothing but an old chair and torn ropes. He went into a room off to the side, finding nothing but an old couch. He entered another room, finding nothing but a bed and an adjoining bathroom.

He fell to his knees. This couldn't have been happening. His Kagome couldn't have been gone…and so quickly, so cleanly.

"I lost her…" he murmured in disbelief. "I can't belief that I let them get away…and take her with them…"

He then fell back against a wall and done something he had very rarely done before. He had never even done it when Kikyo had been killed.

Inuyasha cried.

It was unbelievable! All he had had was taken away! He could have ignored his injuries and come to her rescue, but what had he done? He had allowed the medical personnel to keep him there in that horrible hospital for over a week! He didn't persist, he didn't attempt to leave, to walk out. He hadn't done anything!

And now he was paying for it. He was suffering for it. The only girl he had ever truly, deeply loved was gone. He'd never see her again.

He clenched his fists. No. He'd see her again. He'd make sure of that. He'd search the world for her, just to see her again, to make sure she was safe.

He rose to his feet, on a new mission. He raced outside of the warehouse, pulled out his brand new cell phone -- bought courtesy of Miroku -- and called the police. He told them about everything Kagome had informed him of and of what he had witnessed. They were on their way to investigate.

It didn't matter to him what they did to the place. He was leaving, and would be long gone by the time they arrived. He was on an investigation of his own. He was on a search of his own.

He was going to find Kagome, no matter what it took for him to do so.

Note- There you have it! This story has now come to a close, with a pissed off Inuyasha and a newly transformed Kagome. What surprises await you faithful reviewers in the following stories? Stay tuned, and find out! Thanks SOOOO much.

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