Title: Sand Walker

Author: Shi-koi

Series: Story #1. Prequel to 'Dark Soul'.

Fandom: Naruto

Warnings: None. Implied crossovers.

Genre: Is there a genre for self-reflective stories?

Pairings: None

Summary: Gaara travels, and sometimes he feels like he's connected to every single grain of sand in creation.

Feedback: Oh would you, please?


Sand Walker

By Shi-koi


Gaara travels, and sometimes he feels like he's connected to every single grain of sand in creation. It's not the same as the sand in his gourd...that's intimately his, he's fed it blood and flesh and bone and chakra. But sometimes, when he shuts his eyes – never sleeping though, he still can't sleep – he can feel each granule moving, twisting. Some of the sand feels eons away, as though they are parted by a sea of stars. Then he breathes, and it doesn't matter. It's still his.

He's traveled before, when he has no missions. He'll walk through the desert with no destination in mind. He's walked for months in a straight line, when the desert he knows only lasts a few weeks at his pace. When he looks up at night the moon is sometimes accompanied by another, or the sky is a different colour...and he knows. It's not his world, even if it is his sand.

Gaara's walked on worlds that shouldn't exist, strange places that have no chakra, dead worlds. A few places he's been to he's seen strange sights, huge objects that land on the earthy sand and then fly away, soundlessly. Some of them are as large as his entire village.

He's witnessed creatures that look like animals walking on hind legs, creatures that talk in languages he's never heard before, who act like Gods. Gaara's found himself in places that he's only ever heard of in storybooks, places with silvery machines that he doesn't really recognise, although he knows what they are.

Gaara knows he's been seen a few times, but all he's ever had to do is turn around and walk a few steps away and he knows he'll be back to wherever it was he started from. Sometimes he's even been curious, and he's taken something from the world he's visited.

He keeps a room under the sand in his village. A secret room only he can get to. It has his treasures there, and when he's lonely, he pictures taking...someone...down to them, to show them off. But he hasn't got anyone he wants to share them with. His siblings are still scared of him and would probably tell the Kazekage. Gaara doesn't feel like explaining himself to anyone...or baring his soul to them.

So he keeps quiet, and he walks.