As this is a sequel to my first story, "The Ties That Bind", I have provided a synopsis for those who would like to read this story, but not the first.

Title: Red Dragon

Author: Leila-Rose-Bell

Rating: T, for violence and swearing in later chapters

Summary: The Time Vortex did more to Rose than the Doctor suspected: it gave her power. When a new companion and the Doctor's abduction make Rose lose control, she finds herself risking life and soul to save the man she loves. Can she succeed and still be Rose Tyler? 10Rose

Characters: Tenth Doctor; Rose Tyler; Mickey Smith; Martha Jones; Jackie Tyler; Pete Tyler; and various OCs.

Notes: This is a sequel to The Ties That Bind and there were a few things in it that will appear in this story you will not understand. For those who do not wish to read that story, but would like to read this one, I have written a brief synopsis of that story below so you're up to speed :-)

Synopsis of The Ties That Bind

Set a year and a half after 'Doomsday'. At the same time, both the Doctor and Rose faint and have visions. Each think that they are in danger. The Doctor ignores this and arrives on Earth September 1993 where he faints again in a café. A woman, by the name of Martha Jones, attempts to help him, but the Doctor refuses when he realises that a ambulance is on the way and quickly leaves that time-period. Martha follows the Doctor discreetly to the TARDIS, but doesn't go in. She watches it disappear.

Rose in the meantime has told her parents and Mickey what she experienced. Mickey and Pete decided to help her by trying to break the barrier between universes somehow.

The Doctor lands four years later on in the outskirts of York. There he finds Martha Jones in danger and helps her, taking the injured woman back to the TARDIS. Martha is confused but quickly accepts the Doctor's offer of travelling with him through Time and Space. They go to several planets before the Doctor faints again.

Martha finds a Diary, written by Rose Tyler, at the bottom of her bed which she gives to the Doctor. He tells her about Rose. She vows to help him reunite with Rose Tyler.

The dark shadow that is controlling the visions, infiltrates Rose's universe and kidnaps her, bringing her to his ship on Delia V. There he sends a message to the Doctor who arrives with Martha on the planet.

Mickey and Pete, in the meantime, realise a gap has opened in the universe and Mickey teleports through arriving at Delia V where he spots the Doctor and an unfamiliar woman entering a spaceship. He follows.

The Doctor confronts the creature and Martha is stopped from entering and makes her way round to another entrance where she is found by Mickey. After a brief explanation, they bust into the room and see the Doctor and Rose screaming. The creature is doing something to the Time Lord that is affecting Rose as well.

They both know it is too late. However Martha steps back into the darkness and skirts to a table that holds a machine. Mickey follows blasting the machine. The creature stuns Mickey but Martha is more resourceful and uses her gymnastic skills to stay one step ahead.

Meanwhile the Doctor and Rose are inching towards the creature. They attack. Finally Rose defeats the creature when she and Doctor connect through their minds and a purple cloud surfaces and it destroys the creature. They both fall unconscious.

When they wake the Doctor fixes the machine which is revealed as a device that was built by the Time Lords and enables them to cross into different universes. He installs it in the TARDIS. They learn that it was the Bad Wolf that caused the violet cloud. The Doctor explains Rose must learn to control it but he has no idea how. She's on her own.

They set course for the Tyler Household.

And that brings us into the Prologue of RED DRAGON!

Note: This is set near the end of the story, but everything will be explained in later chapters! It is a little I hope you can forgive me for that!

Red Dragon


A red dragon hovered from Rose Tyler's outstretched hands. Her eyes were shining red, the chocolate brown eyes that had once inhabited her were no longer recognisable. It was as if she was occupied by some sinister darkness that fought to control her.

Behind her Mickey Smith and Martha Jones stood still as statues, held in invisible bonds. The Doctor stood behind a window pane, his skin deathly white; he looked pale and confused, as if all the life had been sucked out of him. Chained and wearing almost nothing he seemed to be humiliated, but underneath, his hearts were burning with resistance.

The man on the floor cringed as the red dragon inched closer to him, readying itself to engulf his soul and body for the crimes he had committed since he had taken the Doctor several months previously.

The lab crinkled with power, a stench rose from the red scaly dragon, as it lurched forward, about to consume the coward on the metallic floor. He was shivering, his blue eyes showing fear; fear that he never knew he possessed. And all this over a Time-Lord? Even now his reasons for doing so were sound. Weren't they? I'm about to die, so does it really matter? He inched backwards trying to prevent his fate, but found he could not move as a strong, invisible grip held him in place.

The dragon inched closer; the blazing eyes of Rose Tyler flowed into his.

And yet, something made the dragon hesitate from making its final strike, and then it moved again in a sudden motion. Only the sound of a whispered voice stopped it once more.

"Please Rose, don't do this. Remember who you are…."

To Be Continued…

I hope you liked this beginning….please let me know what you think! It's a little short, but the next chapter is already written and waiting to be posted. I will post Chapter One in about three days time.