The Final Manuver

by: Helbaworshipper

Chapter 1

"Sora!" The voice awakened the pink haired girl from her position on the safety net of the practice room. She had been practicing another complex manuver when she had heard Anna's shout. The teen stood from her position, running towards her friend.

"Anna! What are you doing here?"

"I brought you lunch."

"Oh! I forgot about that!" The now aware girl heard her stomach rumble as she landed on the ground. She joined Anna on the ground, who pulled out a nice sandwhich for her. "Where's Mia today?"

"Did you forget she had a different part to practice for?" The female was struck across her mind, and nodded from embarassment.

"So, are you excited about the new production?"

"I never knew we would do something as odd as the Phantom of the Opera, considering we've mostly done fairy tales."

"What time is it?"

"Almost four, why?"

"I swear I forgot something today, I just can't tell what I forgot." The teen shrugged her shoulders, and continued to eat. Unaware she had been warned by Fool that when she returned things might not be the same.

In Sora's Dorm Room...

Fool felt funny, the usually perverted sounding spirit of the stage laying on a carpet. His body was going through some drastic changes for the first time since the great manuver had been performed. He had tried to tell Sora earlier that things were about to change drasticly, but he wouldn't get through to her no matter what he said. However, most of the time she treated him as a hentai who happened to live in her room and give some very odd advice. Now he couldn't even draw a tarot card, even if his body would move from where it was.

"Fool!" A female voice yelled out, most likely Sora, who had just remembered he had said something earlier. He tried to move once again, but could not. "Fool! Where'd you go?"

"I can't come to meet you there..." His voice was faint, but apparently the pink haired teen had heard him as she followed the source of his voice. She looked worried as she saw him on the floor.

"Are you okay? You were saying something earlier, and I didn't get a chance to hear it. Come to think of it..." The girl picked him up, placing him against the lamp in the dining area. "What were you saying?" The spirit of the stage watched her carefully before placing his hands to his chest to try and pull out his cards. He managed to stand, but could not at all draw one.

"After the great manuver is pulled, I am called to pull a manuver even two partners on the same wavelength cannot pull."

"How is that?"

"You'll find out tomorrow." The female stood and pulled herself closer to the spirit of the stage, her blue shirt's neck area close enough for him to see some skin. He turned his head away and turned back to find her gone once again. Probably to practice again, he sat against the lamp with a resigned sigh. Tomorrow was definetly going to be an odd day.

In the practice room...

Sora once again took her place at the bar as she began to swing, she had to master doing a upside down 360 spin to the other bar by next week. Using all her strength she pushed her body as the moment became enough, her spin moved rather oddly, but seemed to fit the bill until one hand wacked the bar, and sent her hurling towards the safety net again. Not being daunted by the last twenty-five tries, which she improved each time, she went back to the bar and continued her efforts.

"Sora, you're doing great!"

"Mia!" The teen looked down to see the blonde and Ken staring up at her. This put more energy in her veins as she countinued to do her spin again, this time it felt much more comfortable to do, however she once again hit the bar and hurtled towards the safety net. She went down again, attempting to have another go, but Ken stopped her.

"Sora, I think it's time you stopped."

"I can keep going."

"Not with the way your wrist looks." The pink haired female stared at her wrist to see a very painful bruise. She realized for a moment that she had been losing the momentum due to the pain she must have been feeling from the bruise. She was not daunted by the pain though, and kept herself in high spirits.

"It's not that bad, I can still keep going."

"As long as you don't push it too hard." The girl once again climbed up, suddenly feeling the pain as her spin stopped abruptly to hurtle her down towards the net. She knew that her wrist would not listen to her and sighed. She would have to let it rest until tomorrow, and she allowed herself to be removed from the room she spent many hours practicing.

In Sora's dorm room...

Her return had been late that night, and she noticed Fool at the same spot. Usually he'd wait by the shower when she came home to practice, but it seemed even he could be unusual in habits. She tried to wake him from his seemingly deep slumber. He mumbled incoherently and went back to sleep. She did her usual routine and put an ice pack on her wrist.

The next morning...

Sora tried to pull herself up from bed, but for some reason she felt a warmth that was not usually in the bed. As she opened her lavender eyes, she screamed.