The Final Manuver

by: Helbaworshipper


Sora Stage was married after much debate with her parents and friends with no more complications four days after she turned 18. The guests included everyone that she and Fool desired, and of course a mysterious guest that no one was able to see except Kalos. Even Fool was denied access when he had asked Kalos. The two have two children, a boy, Eric, and a girl, Sakura. The two still perform on Kaleido stage today, performing the Final Manuver every five years. Their children have begun to take an interest in acrobatics.

Layla Hamilton and Yuri Killian have been going out off and on. No one knows for sure, but Yuri may be planning to be moving in soon on Layla's single status. No one certainly knows with Yuri.

Anna still performs, but also keeps performing with her father when he's around Kaleido Stage. She still pulls gags in hope of being able to change the show around, but so far she hasn't been too successful.

Mia has started making about seven scripts a year on top of performing. There's talk of making her the official coordinator of all of the shows for the next few years. Perhaps she might give up acrobatics if it turns out true.

Ken is still single, but there's rumour that he may have someone eyeing him from the dressing rooms during the shows. It's still just a rumour though.

Rosetta has become a full on acrobat and diabolo performer on Kaleido Stage, and performs with Sora often.

May Wong and Leon Oswald are still the understudies, but have gotten to star in some of the shows instead of the two during many of the past years. The two aren't romantically involved, and might just keep being professional. They have also gotten the chance to mix partners often when there's a complication in movements and styles. The two aren't as angry about the loss as they were before.

The mysterious writer still contacts Kalos to this day. He's never mentioned her anywhere, and no seems to know what she looks like. All they know for sure that it is a female, and Fool and Kalos aren't talking. There are no more special manuvers known to Kalos, and Fool isn't talking either. Perhaps one day the mysterious writer might show herself, but no one knows that she lives right where no one would expect. Kalos would say they see her everyday, but they never notice the lone person sitting in the corner of the dressing rooms.

I created the mysterious writer for your own imagination to describe. I have my own ideas and theories to who she is, but you can use your own imagination to really create her the best. Call it a character that you can create your own story on. However, if you use her in a story, let me know so I can see it personally. I'd love to see your ideas on a story with her in it if you do make one.

Thank you for all your reviews