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Chapter One

Seto Kaiba had a very hard childhood and now he was finding out that even though his monster of a father was dead, he was still making his life a living hell……………

Seto and Joey had started out hating each other, but eventually they did find each other and discovered that they did have a lot in common. They started by living with each other, but they found that they wanted more. So they went to Europe with Mokuba on vacation and there became joined through marriage and were now life mates. They only let their very close friends know of their union and Seto had let him entire staff that would die for him and he would for them and also his Secretary Beverly whom has been with him since he first took over running Kaiba Corp. It was their three year Anniversary and Seto had planned taking Joey out to dinner and then come home and really celebrate. Then the boom was lowered and his life altered forever.

Inside the office of Seto Kaiba:

Beverly, Seto's secretary notified him that a Mr. Thomas was there to see him. He is your late father's Lawyer she told him. Send him in I told her. "Sit down" Seto told the man. "What is this all about?" Seto wanted to know. His Office door opened and in walked Matthew Lewis who was Seto's Private Lawyer and very dear friend. Seto asked him again "what this was about?" "Mr. Kaiba, we were going through old files and I discovered an old Rider that Gozoboro had written up and never acted upon. Since his death it is my duty to bring it to your attention. Mr. Thomas handed the paper to Matthew who read it and handed it to Seto. After reading it Seto jumped to his feet and yell what the hell is this! As you can see and your Lawyer can tell you is a binding part of his Will and if it is not completed by said date then you will lose Kaiba Corp. and your little brother to the state. Seto walked over to the window and took a deep breath. Will you please now and after I talk to my Lawyer I will get back to you. Very good and then he left the Office. What the hell, is it really binding? I'm afraid so Matthew said. Dear God, what am I going to tell Joey? Listen tell him the truth show him this damn thing and he will help you through this. Seto turned towards Matthew and held out his hand. Thanks and will you please let Beverly know that I need to speak to her. Matthew left and Beverly came into the Office."

"Hear read this please" he said to her. She sat down and when she was through she had tears in her eyes. "Hey, she said as she stood and walked over to Seto. We will get through all of this" she said. He put his arms around this beautiful lady and let go and cried tears of sheer frustration. "Hey, if I could I would help you she said and that made him laugh. Hey, if I could I would take you up on the offer and they both started laughing. Go home and have a very long talk to Joey and together the two of you will find a way out of this." He kissed her cheek and said alright. Matthew is going to be coming here tomorrow, so can you please call and remind me. "Oh, yes it's your Anniversary today isn't it?" Beverly said. She walked out to her desk and came back with a present. He opened it an inside he found a picture that she had taken of him when he started as CEO and there beside him was Mokuba and of course she was there too. "Tears burned his eyes and he held her and whispered I love you so much and kissed her. I love you too she said as she wiped the tears from his face, now go or we'll both be crying." Seto was on his way home to talk to Joey.

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