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Chapter Eight

Today was the Wedding and everyone of their friends were there. Angel was getting ready and there was knock at the door. "Come in" Angel said. The door opened and there stood Solomon. When he saw Angel he started to cry, "you look just like your Grandmother" he said. He walked over to her and gave her a kiss. "Will you wear this?" he showed her the necklace that her Grandmother had worn at her own Wedding, and she began to cry. Solomon put the necklace on her and gave her a kiss. Angel hugged her Grandfather and whispered "I know that she's here with is" and Solomon smiled and said "I do to." The Music started and it was time. Solomon offered Angel his arm and he walked his granddaughter down the aisle to her future husband.

When he gave Angel's hand to Matthew, the Minister said, "who gives this woman to this man?" Seto, Joey, Yami, Marik and Bakura all stood up and together with Solomon they said "we do!" It was a beautiful service and there wasn't a dry eye in the Church when the Minister said "I give you Matthew and Angel Lewis. Everyone cheered so loudly that you would think the roof would of come falling down. At the Reception, everyone kissed Angel and shook Matthew's hand. When the three Yami's got to them, Angel had tears in her eyes and so did they. "You're all grown up" Bakura said. Marik looked at Matthew and said "keep her happy, love her and never make her cry" and Matthew knew if he didn't he would have to deal with all three of them. Matthew did something that not to few people dared to do, he actually gave each of then a hug and said "she is my heart and soul and I will love her till our time on earth is through." Seto stood up and raised his glass and said "I want to toast the happy couple." Everyone stood and raised their glasses, and Seto said "It wasn't to long ago that I didn't know this wonderful lady standing over there, but when I did get to know her I realized that she is as her name says, an Angel. So to Angel and Matthew, I wish you all the love that we can give you and I know that you will have many years of happiness together. Here's to Angel and Matthew." Everyone cheered and toasted them. Everyone said a few words to the couple and then Solomon announced that the happy couple had to dance the traditional first dance. As Matthew held her in his arms, he thanked God for sending Angel to him" and he smiled at her and gave her a kiss. Other couples joined them on the dance floor. Soon it was time for Matthew and Angel to go on their Honeymoon, but since Angel didn't want to leave her babies, Seto gave them the Guest House to have their Honeymoon in.

As they stood there holding each other, Matthew knew that Angel was frightened and he whispered to her "baby, if you would rather we could just hold each other till your comfortable enough to be with me." This made Angels heart beat with joy, that he would rather hold her then make love to her knowing that she was terrified to let any man touch her. Angel smiled at her husband and said, "I want to make love to you, but we have to take it real slow and easy." So the entire night they held each other touched each other and then when she was ready, he entered her and they made sweet love. It was like a dream come true for Angel. They both cried tears of joy and smiled at each other and then they made love again and again. What they didn't know is that they had created a little one of their own. Angel and Matthew lived at the Estate and it was a big over extended family. One day Angel got really light headed and she knew what it was and she called Faust to see if he could see her today. After examining her, he smiled and she knew. She had tears running down her face and he held her and said, "congratulation." Angel went home and asked "Marie if she could fix something really nice for dinner and the look in Angel's eyes told Marie why and she went over and held Angel in her arms. The two women smiled at each other and that was all that was said." After dinner, Angel asked "Matthew if she could speak to him in private?" They went outside in the garden and she said "well daddy what's up?" Matthew stood there with his mouth open and then "he let out a yell so loud everyone inside came running outside to see what was the matter." Matthew turned to the others and with tears in his eyes, he said "I'm going to be a daddy!" Everyone came over and they all held Angel and Matthew and Seto looked at her and said to Matthew "your Angel is having an angel." Time passed and Angel had a little boy and they named him Zachary William Lewis and so Thomas, Rebecca and Zachary all grew up together. Seto stood holding Joey and he said "I guess that Gozoboro's probably rolling over in his grave because he didn't get his way again." Joey said "and we have an Angel to thank for that, and they looked at Angel and her family and smiled. Everything is right in their little piece of the world……..

The End…………..

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