This is the sequel to Twoleg of the Clans. I got a lot of good reviews for that story, so I'm writing a sequel!

Chapter 1, beginning


Leader- Graystar- big dark grey tom with amber eyes

Deputy- Mousefur- dusky brown she-cat

Medicine Cat- Leafpool- pretty tabby she-cat with white paws and chest

Apprentice, Willowbranch

Warriors- Shadowflight- pitch black she-cat with deep almond eyes and one white whisker

Apprentice, Rainpaw

Thornclaw- ginger tom

Cloudtail- long haired white tom

Apprentice, Sootpaw

Brackenfur- Golden brown tabby tom

Dustpelt- dark brown tabby tom

Apprentice, Squirrelpaw

Sandstorm- pale ginger she-cat

Apprentice, Sorrelpaw

Brightheart-white she-cat with ginger patches

Shrewtail- light brown tabby tom


Rainpaw- dark grey tom with blue eyes

Sootpaw- light grey tom with amber eyes

Squirrelpaw- ginger she-cat with green eyes

Sorrelpaw- tortoiseshell and white she cat with amber eyes

Willowbranch- dark brown she-cat with green eyes

Queens- Ferncloud- pale grey she-cat


The black she-cat slipped into the ThunderClan camp with a small grey mouse in her jaws. The cats where preparing for dinner time.

"Shadowflight!" called her apprentice, Rainpaw.

She trotted over and set the mouse down, then chose a chaffinch.

She sat down next to him. "What?"

"Where were you?" Rainpaw whined. "I wanted to train."

Shadowflight stopped. "I was hunting," she meowed.

"Hunt with me next time," Rainpaw said, and began to eat his vole.

"Alright," Shadowflight meowed without enthusiasm. You'll have to wait, Skychaser, she thought.

Cats began to slide off to bed. Shadowflight finished her prey and trotted into the warriors den.

"Shadowflight," said a serious voice.

The black cat turned around. "Spottedleaf what do you want?"

"It is time again for Water and Night to save the Clans. Cats are in danger, for another leader wants to gain power."

"Who is it this time?" Shadowflight growled. "Blackstar? Tallstar? Graystar? Maybe Mistystar?"

"None of those…" Spottedleaf rasped, "But one of the Chosen will bleed."

"Huh?" Shadowflight asked stupidly. She remembered bleeding in her last battle. In fact, she had lost an ear.

"Bleed to much…" Spottedleaf whispered, her eyes filled with sorrow.

Shadowflight awoke, feeling sick. It was morning, and most of the cats were up.

Suddenly Shadowflight did a huge sneeze.

"You all right?" Cloudtail asked.

"Yeah," Shadowflight rasped, eyes watering, "Just felt sick. Must be something I ate."

"You should go see Leafpool," Cloudtail advised. (AN: I know she comes in a new generation, but I needed a medicine cat, so there.)

Shadowflight trotted over to the medicine cats den.

Leafpool looked at her. "What's wrong?"

Shadowflight told her about feeling sick.

Leafpool checked her over. "You're fine, just your heartbeat is a little weird. Check in later, okay?"

"Thanks," Shadowflight stood up and walked out.

Rainpaw was sitting by the fresh-kill pile with an annoyed look on his face.

You impudent little freak! Shadowflight told herself. You meet Skychaser to much! You have an apprentice how you promised to take hunting!

She trotted over to Rainpaw. "I'm ready, I was just was a little sick."

Rainpaw rolled his eyes. Then he stood up and led the way to the training hollow.

Shadowflight followed.

"Well…" she began, not knowing what to say. "We'll hunt near Sunningrocks. There tends to be prey over there."

A thick layer of frost had settled on the forest and prey was scarce.

Shadowflight set the pace and ran off in the direction. Rainpaw followed her, huffing and puffing all the way.

"Vole!" Rainpaw cried suddenly. The tiny brown creature vanished.

"Mouse-brain!' Shadowflight scolded, "Do you expect the prey to come and jump into her mouth? Wait, and watch."

The two cats sat silently, until the vole reappeared. Shadowflight crouched, and jumped on it. She killed it before it could even squeal.

"See-," she began but Rainpaw silenced her with a flick of his tail. Shadowflight looked at what he was staring at. It was a pigeon.

They both crouched at the same time. Shadowflight prepared to jump, but Rainpaw got there first, the bird saw him and began to fly, but Shadowflight leaped into the air. The bird let out a stuttering alarm call, and Shadowflight bit its throat.

"You have to wait," Shadowflight told him, "Then jump."

He nodded and grasped Shadowflight's vole in his mouth. Then he trotted home.

Shadowflight didn't follow him. She buried her prey and went off searching for more.

There was nothing. All she caught was a scrawny shrew. Hungry, she woofed it down.

"Shadowflight!" said a soft voice. Shadowflight stopped, and then whirled around, dashing across the border to meet the silvery-grey cat.

His purr was so loud, Shadowflight could barely here her own voice. "Hello, Skychaser."

He choked on a purr. "Hello, I waited and waited here for you, but you didn't come!"

"I had to take Rainpaw hunting. He is turning into my mentor himself, he is so bossy!"

Skychaser had stopped purring. Shadowflight noticed a cut on his side. "Where did you get that?" she asked.

"WindClan attacked," Skychaser meowed. He looked away. "Our deputy, Blackclaw, died." His voice choked. "I'm the new deputy."

"You're hardly a warrior!' Shadowflight exclaimed.

"I know, but I helped kill Leopardstar. Mistystar must have thought I had it in me."

"But you do!" Shadowflight exclaimed, "I'm sure you'll make a great deputy."

She suddenly felt sick again, and broke into a bought of coughing.

"Are you sick?" Skychaser asked.

"Yes," Shadowflight answered. "I don't know what's wrong with me."

Skychaser shrugged. "Maybe you have greencough, like Firestar."

"He died from it," Shadowflight meowed, "And it's spread to our nursery. Ferncloud's kits have it. Well I know Larchkit does."

Skychaser looked worried. "Our Clan has Whitecough. Mudfur has it, and he can't treat the sick cats. Also, Hawkfrost gives me these dirty looks all the time, because he wants to be deputy. So does Swallowtail."

Shadowflight gave him a sympathetic lick on the ear. "Every thing will be fine later, I promise."

He turned around. "I better go." he walked off with his tail drooping.

Shadowflight cast one last look at where he had disappeared, then grabbed her pigeon and went home.

"More prey?" Graystar asked, "That's great…it's so scarce this leafbare. And your apprentice is turning into a wonderful hunter!"

"Maybe," Shadowflight mumbled, but Graystar didn't hear.

"Sootpaw and Brightheart came down with Greencough." Graystar said, "Cloudtail told me you have it to. Go tell Leafpool, then go to the old bush."

Shadowflight could just make out the white pelt of Brightheart and the dark on of Sootpaw. "Skychaser's old den?" she asked, and wrinkled her nose. "All right."

She rushed over to the medicine cat's den.

"I have Greencough," Shadowflight reported. "Graystar says I'm confined to the old bush."

"Yes," Leafpool said, "but let me give you some catmint first. Cloudtail went into a Twoleg nest to get it, the kind tom." Her eyes sparkled. Shadowflight's paws prickled at her excitement for Cloudtail. Shadowflight had used to think he was not so bad looking…but now her heart was with Skychaser.

Leafpool placed a small dried leaf in front of her. Shadowflight gobbled it down, wrinkling her nose at the foul taste.

She turned around and walked slowly over to the old bracken bush, brushing her nose over the fresh green buds. Newleaf was on its way.

She pulled herself inside, and promptly Sootpaw grumbled, "Another bossy she-cat."

Shadowflight settled down on the soft moss. Dew sparkled on the leaves, sinking through her short fur and freezing her skin.

She tried to sleep but the cold was to much. Brightheart was coughing, and Sootpaw kept on sneezing. Shadowflight had neither of these symptoms.


Shadowflight sunk her claws into the dirty moss and looked up at the sky. It was one day after she had first arrived in the old nest, and she was bored sick.

"Your fat," Brightheart commented, swatting her in the belly. Shadowflight squeaked. "You eating to much prey, and not getting any exercise. I feel the same way, but I'm not fat."

Shadowflight began to lick her belly. "It's only a tiny bit big." She mumbled, which was true.

All of a sudden she stood up and left. "I'm not sick," she told herself, "or I would have been coughing and sneezing." She told Graystar the same thing and he agreed to let her continue to hunt and fight.

"There will be a gathering soon," he told her, "And you can come."

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