A shift on the bed. Raito is attempting to sleep while L types away in his computer, eating a sundae made from vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup as he does so. Suddenly, L flicks his wrist to grab the bottle of chocolate syrup, presumably to pour some of it onto his already-drowning lump of ice cream, and hisses in pain.


"Yes, Ryuuzaki?"

"She bit me."


"Your girlfriend, Misa. She bit me."

"What? Come over here, let me see that."


Rustling of clothes. L shifts his sleeve up while Raito sits up and grabs L's arm. You notice L jumps slightly at the contact, as if Raito is hiding a joy buzzer.

"Holy shit, she really did a number on you! Who knew she was so vicious? How many times did she bite you?"



"One for each of the great sins, according to her."

"There are seven sins."

"This is Misa we're talking about here."

"Oh yeah..."

You feel slightly insulted and make to move away from your peephole, but the next words stop you.

"But I think it's because I haven't committed the seventh sin yet."

"Oh yeah?"

There's a sudden noise of surprise as L covers Raito's mouth with his own.

The seventh sin?


"Hey, L?"

"Yes, Matsuda?"

"Where's my chocolate syrup?"

You walk into the room, whistling as you kiss Raito on the cheek. He looks noticably rumpled and he's wearing a turtleneck, oddly enough, in the middle of spring.

"Hello, Misa. We're just trying to figure out where my chocolate syrup went."

"Good morning, Matsuda! Oh yes, L covered Raito in your syrup and licked it all off before fucking him senseless last night."

Everyone in the room except you promptly chokes and/or spits out anything that may have been in their mouth. L stares at the now dripping-with-coffee report in his hand while he and Raito furiously battle heated blushes, and Raito tugs at his turtleneck.

You walk out whistling again.