My songs….

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or anyone's idea that is related to my fanfiction. This is a dreamer Fanfiction brought to you by Azndreamer45. Also My first attempt at a Naruto fanfiction so be nice for now...

Everyone knows that Naruto is the number one, hyperactive knuckle headed ninja to raise hell to get attention, but the truth and the complete neglect coming from the villagers made the blond drowning in his own depression, sadness and sorrow.

It was midday around one hour before sunset; Naruto looked at the training grounds to find no one there. "I guess being noisy gets me no where but more hatred from the villagers. Kakashi-Sensei barely notices me, Sakura hits me so often just by arguing with Sasuke, and the rest of my friends including Baa-chan don't even have time to put up with my loudmouth antics." The blond looked around the training grounds, hoping to start his training, began to sit down and look at the sky. The blue red sky that was coming to darkness by how the day's turning into night, yet the only thing he felt like doing is expressing his sorrow.

His only hope of letting his feelings out was to be in peace without having to be hated by the villagers. Yet no one knows that the blond can actually sing so good that may get alot of fangirls listening to his handsome lyrics.

When I look upon a star, and I see that shining light

It shows how much I felt to be alone where it hurts to cry.

I can see how I felt through my life,

To be alone, till the day that my life will be free

From the wakes of eternal pain.

As I begin to drift away, to an endless life of sorrow,

I begin to know what lies beyond that door

If my friends were there to show me the kind of life I've always wanted

I would beg, unto my knees for a reason to love and comfort.

As the day passes by, a little time to cover my life, face the truth behind was only partly what I've done…

Then again, I was always alone…..

Naruto began shedding tears of sorrow and started to leave. He didn't want people to know how bad his life is to have him embarrassing his weakness, if anyone found out about his requiem then it would completely break him in half to the point of leaving the village on his own and discover his own personal destiny.

Little did he know that Naruto was being watched by four people, who by coincidence were listening to his beautiful yet sad song about him? To them the feelings of neglect and loneliness proved too much for the hell he's been through and the deep feelings kept inside the four.

"Shouldn't we consult him sensei, I think he needs our help"

"I agree, we have to do something to get him out of his sorrow."

"There's nothing we can do to help, yet we have to wait till tomorrow to see what happens to him."

"You're just saying that because all you ever do is put him down and saying that he's never the type of guy you ever want."

"What did you say, Teme…. I swear if you….

"Enough lets get going, I'll inform Kakashi tomorrow and we'll leave it up to him."

As the four left a certain Jounin begins her own personal investigation to this matter.

At Naruto's house

Naruto ate only a small bowl of Ramen in his own place; even though he's always alone it shouldn't bother him. It did bother him, bother him to the point of going to bed early and getting a long night sleep before heading over to his teammates tomorrow mourning.

"I hope nothing goes wrong the next day, I don't feel like starting anything stupid for no reason." With that being said, he began to sleep peacefully in his slumber and on alert.

The next day…………..

Naruto woke up pretty early around 6:00AM, since he was used to sleeping till eight. The blond got up all his equipment, clothing, and his mood from yesterday. It seems that Naruto still hasn't forgotten his song he sung out in the middle of the training grounds. Even though it was another day, the hyperactive blond now felt depressed to even be active.

Sakura and Sasuke waited for their Sensei to arrive and their hyperactive blond to arrive, it wasn't surprising enough that they saw the blond arriving here on time. As for Naruto however, the start of day just got worse.

"Hey dobe, what took you so long?" He said.

"None of your business Sasuke, it's not like you cared about my personal life."

"You guessed right dead-last, at least to say that was a means to being teammates." As if on cue Sakura got in the conversation.

"Yeah Naruto, you should know that Sasuke is right. I must say that for time being that he will always be twice the genius rather than a dumb blonde like you."

"shut it Sakura, I haven't done anything wrong to get insulted by someone who flaunts over some avenger who doesn't even give you the time of day." Naruto said.

"errrRRRRRRRRR, your just Jealous that you don't have anyone to rely but your self. I wish you would at least leave for once and get away from me, I never did liked you and I will never. Its no wonder the villagers hated you, your annoying and always demand attention like a kid. I realized now, that the person who doesn't deserve to live is you." saying something so cruel broke Naruto like glass and was now saddened by this. He knew that the pink haired Kunoichi always loved the Uchiha and will always have, But saying something so hurtful to him has pushed him over the edge of his hope to be recognized by his own people. He was wrong and she knew it.

"Your right Sakura, whats the use if people like you doesn't know the truth about someone who's been through so much on the inside rather than the outside." Naruto shed tears and began to run off to the woods to be alone and escape his pain from all who've been adding to his life ever since he had the fox inside of him.

Listening to naruto's visage like face and voice of sadness shocked both Sakura and Sasuke. On cue Kakashi met up with the two genins and was curious about what happened right now that have caused the blond to leave so suddenly and so bad that leaves him wondering what happen to his student and sensei's son.

"Alright you two, what happened here?" He said, just by looking at Sasuke and Sakura. The kunoichi then said to her Sensei something that wasn't surprising but sad to him.

"I think I've broken him Sensei, I broke his feelings."

Naruto went to the same exact place in the shinobi training grounds; the place was deserted with no one to train. Still crying, naruto cleared his voice up and began sit down on the exact spot and began thinking about his life.

"Why does everybody have to be so mean to me, no matter what I do I always get hated for no reason. Not even saying anything to them, I guess I'll sing my sadness away then."

The Blond cleared his voice and began to hum a light melodic tune and started singing.

Seeing a family, have a nice and peaceful time

Has pushed me so far, to the demands of every kid to have a family…

I've been searching, for the love of a family…..

Ohhhh….everywhere I go, I get beaten by my people

Where is the love which I've been looking for?

Can I now by now, that my people have shunned… me for life….

Naruto grabbed his Kunai and looked up to the sky. He never thought he'd do something so painful that this may be his last day as a shinobi.

"I'm sorry Kyuubi, everyone, even though i tried to get attention there's no hope for me at all." with that he plunged his Kunai near his heart so hard that his last visions of life, before landing on Death's door, was four Kunoichi coming out from the trees rushing to his aid. From there on His vision became void of darkness.

Author's Note: A good start and a good attempt on a Naruto Fanfic. I know it hurts to see naruto in depression but I'll guarentee you this that he will be back. OOC, so and the Lyrics were my original creation that I came up with hope you like it. Don't flame me for having a bad start with naruto I'm working on some ideas on how this happened. so I may make this a oneshot so ok bye now.