Winter's End

Chapter 1: Cold Nights

It was a cold night in Nibelheim. The snow was falling, blanketing everything in a white sheet. As everyone saw the tears of heaven fall, they rushed to their families to seek the warmth and comfort that their loved ones gave them. This rang true in every home, save one; the Shinra mansion, home to one Vincent Valentine and guest, Yuffie Kusaragi.

In that house, there was no blazing fireplace to provide warmth; no decorations to provide festive cheer; nothing to suggest that there was a personal closeness of the two that lived there; it was cold and dead inside, the same appearance of Vincent Valentine.

There sat Vincent on the sofa, the only piece of furniture in the mansion besides the beds, sorrow radiating from his cold demeanor. This man had no warmth in neither body nor soul; nothing to kindle his heart. He just sat there as a great, monolithic statue, not moving at all, only the fog coming from his mouth gave away the only hint that he was alive.

Yuffie bounded down the stairs, which caused them to groan under the activity, and rushed over to Vincent. "Vincent? Vincent? Are you awake?" No response came from Vincent, no movement of his body to suggest that he had started to awaken. "Guess that means a no. I wonder, how am I going to wake up, the emotionless, Vincent Valentine?" A playful smile came across her face as she figured out how to wake him from his slumber.

She settled herself on his lap with her face facing his. He's still asleep, so far, so good. He looks so peaceful when he's asleep. It would be a shame to wake him up, but a girl's gotta have her fun. Yuffie put her arms around Vincent's neck and brought her face closer to his. She breathed lightly on his lips before pressing her own lips to his. She felt a slight tensing from Vincent, but she still continued to kiss him with a passion, only stopping when she was gasping for air.


"Yes, Vincent?" Yuffie asked as she started nuzzling Vincent's neck.

"What are you doing" Vincent's tone was cold in an attempt to hide the emotions that were raging through him.

"It's cold outside, in case you haven't noticed, and I'm cold." As she said this, she wrapped her legs around Vincent's torso, bringing herself closer to him. "There's no fire and I want to be warm." Her tone was both playful and seductive, causing a slight shudder from Vincent.

"I will build you a fire. You won't feel the stinging cold anymore." Vincent felt the urge to leave as fast as possible because simply put, he did not trust himself in this situation.

"You are right Vincent, but…" Yuffie's tone dropped once more, becoming heated and heavy, "I can't hold a fire, like I can hold you." She moved even closer to Vincent, even if it seemed impossible, and raked her hands through his illustrious raven hair. She began to move her hips, at which point Vincent said, "I'm hungry." He wrapped his hands around her waist and lifted her off him. As he began to walk away towards the kitchen, Yuffie grabbed his arm.

"Don't be gone too long Vincent," said Yuffie, once again in that seductive tone, "I'm already getting cold without you." She moved her arms across her body to exemplify her point to Vincent. In reply, he merely stared and walked away.

I wonder if you're ever gonna warm up to me, Vinny. Time to start planning my next activity of fun. She laughed to herself as she began to enjoy the prospect of making Vincent sweat.