Ryan Wolfe looked through the window of the nursery at Miami's Mercy hospital. He marveled at the sight of the twin infants with the names baby girl Wolfe and baby boy Wolfe. He heard the sound of a pair of boots walking up behind him and knew that they belonged to Calleigh Duquesne, workmate and best friend. He felt her arms around his waist and he tensed up at her touch. "Hard to believe there's another male Wolfe around to wreck havoc on the women of Miami" she baited him. Ryan and Calleigh had been secretly dating for the last 18 months and the only other person who knew about them was Ryan's twin sister Kate. Ryan pulled her into a nearby closet needing to feel her body tight against his. He kissed her neck making her knees grow weak. "Man have I missed you. Spending all that time in the delivery room with Kate was hard." He poured his heart out to her. She responded with. "Babe, I know that it was hard but you being in there with her would've made it so much easier, now shut up and kiss me" Ryan didn't need to be told twice. He picked her up, wrapping her legs around his waist, he kissed her long and deep. She could feel his erection pressing against her and she wanted more.

Alexx was sitting in Kate's room on the maternity ward watching her sleep. The young woman had been through so much in such a short space of time. Alexx had known Kate even before Ryan had brought her to the lab. Looking at the sleeping woman she saw all the innocence that betrayed the mask that she put on for everyone else.

Two hours later the gang was sitting in Kate's private room with the twins. Ryan and Kate were whispering in the corner. "Hey guys, what's with the secrets" Eric interrupted them. "Ryan and I were just discussing baby names" Kate informed the group. Eric sniggered at that "Ryan actually gets a say in what you're going to call your twins" "Actually, he does" Kate bit back. Calleigh stepped in "Have you decided what you're naming them" "That we have. Baby girl Wolfe will be named Isabella Calleigh and Baby boy Wolfe will be named Jack Ryan. Both will have the last name Wolfe" The team smiled and nodded their approvals. Ryan was deep in thought. "Wait just a minute, I thought Jack's middle name was going to be Michael not Ryan" "Yeah well I changed my mind" Kate winked at Horatio. He winked back. Calleigh stood bolt upright and exclaimed "Hang on, Isabella Calleigh, is that after me" Kate and Ryan shared a private smile Kate answered for them "You bet"