Title: Future Perfection

Summary: Leoben thinks on his future with Kara. Very short.

Timeframe: During season 3: Occupation and Precipice.

Rating: K

Disclaimer: No disrespect to the creators of Battlestar Galactica is intended by this work.

Notes: Leoben is quite twisted and I wondered what he might be thinking. My take on his possible thoughts.

The future is perfect. I see it all laid out before me, those scenes of bliss. Domestic, physical, and emotional bliss.

I told Kara that we would be happy, that she would love me. I keep telling her, over and over again. How long until she believes me? How long until she sees that my love is pure? I am what she needs. Apparently, if my body on the floor is any indication, we have a long way to go before she realizes her own true heart's desire. My stubborn Kara. Does she know that every time she kills me she's showing the depths of her love?

How hard it is for her to continually fight her feelings! So stubborn. Refusing to acknowledge that her heart has grown fonder. She's fighting herself and it's only a matter of time before the walls crumble. I know this. I've seen it. I've seen our future.

Kara Thrace will love me. She'll forsake all others and cleave to me alone. Me. She will wrap her arms around me and whisper words of love in my ear. I have seen it.

I tremble to imagine our kiss, our hands stroking gentle touches on each other's skin. The anticipation is unbearable, but I will be the victor here. I've said I'm patient and I am. I can wait for her forever if need be. However, I know it won't take forever, no matter what she tells herself.

Soon. Soon I will be her everything.

She won't resist for much longer once she sees the surprise I have for her.

We're going to be so happy.

And everything will be…perfect.