Chapter 47: As Luck Would Have It

I came upon the last Horcrux completely by accident.

It was late November, and we – Snape, Dumbledore, and I – had run out of ideas where the last Horcrux might be, or even what it was. Frustrated, I had taken to pacing the corridors at night in hopes that the moonlight and silence would provide some insight.

I'd even tried Divination, to no avail. Wherever the last Horcrux was, it was a place where Snape couldn't Apparate or Portkey to, so the talisman wasn't doing us a lick of good.

The night I found the last Horcrux I was up on the seventh floor, trying to get to the Room of Requirement before Filch and his blasted cat caught up with me. I hadn't thought to bring my cloak with me tonight since Astronomy provided me with a reason to be out late on Thursdays.

It was just my luck that Sinistra had tripped on a stray inkwell and broken her ankle going down the stairs.

Once I reached the spot where the Room's door would appear, I immediately began pacing.

I need a place to hide, I need a place to hide.

When I'd passed by the space a third time, the door appeared, and I ran in and shut it behind me. Leaning against the door, I listened as Filch grumbled about having lost me and stalked off. As I was about to leave, my foot bumped into something and sent it rolling across the floor. Turning, I realized that I was in a room I'd never been to before.

The place was huge, and messy, with a coat of dust covering most everything. From floor to ceiling, in every place imaginable there were items that people had hidden and then forgotten about. Trunks, Fanged Frisbees, books, robes, bird cages – anything that a person would want to hide away for safe keeping. There were even several cases of what appeared to be Firewhiskey! And there, atop the notorious Vanishing Cabinet, radiating evil like a demented Sun, was a tiara. As I approached it, I wondered at my luck. The strangest things happen to me, but since this is exactly what I needed I won't complain. Once I'd picked my way across the cluttered room, I snagged a garishly pink lacy… thing and used it to protect my hands while I removed the tiara from its perch. An inscription on it proclaimed that "Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure".

I snorted. Sounds like something a Ravenclaw would say. Looking around I found a bag to stow it in and made my way back to the door. After making sure that Filch and his thrice damned cat were nowhere in sight, I hurriedly made my way to Snape's office.

"It's late," he said by way of greeting. I slid past him into the office and shut the door.

"I have it," I answered, setting the bag on his desk. "I found the last Horcrux."


After relating my tale to the Professor, we proceeded to destroy the tiara, dissolving it in a cauldron full of Basilisk venom.

"Now," he said, peering over the edge of the cauldron at the sludge that was left behind, "all we need is to kill Voldemort."

"Easier said than done." I replied rubbing my eyes tiredly. It was past one in the morning, and I had class with McGonagall first thing.

"Get some rest. We can work out the next step tomorrow night.' I only nodded and made my way out the door and back up to Gryffindor tower.

Happily, I managed to avoid Filch.