FanFic 100 Challenge #023- "Lovers"- This is "Happy" (angst fic) from Albus's POV, and it goes a tiny bit further. Let me know what you think

I Promise

I feel you tremble in my arms as I hold you closer to me. I breath in deeply, wanting to be here with you forever and simply wishing I could erase all your fears. As you pull away, I see the tears flowing from your eyes, and I silently curse myself for bringing so much pain to you.

I need you to understand what is happening here. I yearn to tear down the solid wall between us. Do I see a light of hope in this dark tunnel in which we are traveling, or is it my foolish imagination? I whisper your name as if to plead for you to come back to me, but you turn away. I need, you Minerva.

My heart breaks with every tear that touches your cheek, so allow me to always wipe away the tears from your eyes and I will apologize for the distress I have caused you. I know that you avoid my eyes because you are afraid, but I too have my fears. Together, however, we shall never need to dread the unknown.

Perhaps you can never truly love a man such as myself, but I can change. If it is my affection for sweets that you dislike, I can give up having them. If you think I am too childish, I can mature. Help me if you can, because I can not, will not give up on us.

You turn to leave, but I take hold of your hand. I cannot let you go this time.

"Minerva, I love you." I say hoarsely. "We can make it through this, my love. I promise."


A/N: I know this ended abruptly, but I thought it was a rightful place to stop the scene since the other ended briefly as well.