Okay! In this story, Naruto is a girl because he's supposed to get pregnant now it would sound weird if a guy was pregnant.

Summary: The bastard had gotten her pregnant and because of it, she had to run away from her home village. Years later, a boy comes to Konoha asking to help him save his mum from Akatsuki. This will probably end up as SasuNaru fic by the way.

This also takes place when their 16, just when they got Sasuke back from Orochimaru.

Chapter One

Oh my god! This was bad! Really bad! She didn't mean for this to happen! She didn't want to see her best friend's black/red eyes glaring at her blue pretty eyes with hate and disgust. She loved those eyes too much and didn't want to see the horrible looks he would give her!

This wasn't supposed to happen! She was just hiding in her apartment since Kyuubi was in heat, everytime it happened, she would yearn for human contact but it would also make anybody in the area jump at her. That's why she was hiding in her apartment for one whole week until he came along to look for her wondering where the hell she was.

Because of this predictiment, he fell into kyuubi's spell and since a lustful Naruto was obsessed with human contact during this time made them had a rough night.

Naruto was so captivated with dizziness that she was unaware what was going on. But it was obvious...painfully obvious. Clothes were scattered everywhere, some even ripped and shredded. She was sticky and naked. And the most important thing was that she wasn't the only one in her bed.

Once they were wide awake, they quickly got out of the bed a put the remains of their clothes on. Before the male of the pair left, their eyes connected, blue met onyx-black and the man replied before leaving.

"This was a mistake."

It hit the remainder of the pair like a stab of ice, she knew he would hate her! She didn't want her best friend, the one she loved with her whole life reject and hate her just by one stupid simple mistake!

She felt tears burn their way through her eyes and wiped them away, she had nice clean shower to get through some of her frustrations.

One week later, Naruto had been feeling really sick and kept throwing up and her stomach felt cramped up. 'What the hell's wrong with me? I never get sick, Kyuubi makes sure I don't get sick.' Just to make sure, she asked Kyuubi. 'Hey fox! Whats wrong with me?'

The fox was silence for a moment.

'...You really don't know?'


'You idiot! I thought you knew since a week ago!'

'Huh?..Don't call me an idiot! Now tell me what's wrong!'

'sigh..Baka kit. You just had sex with the baka Uchiha a week ago! Don't say "Tell me whats wrong!"'

Naruto winced when he mentioned that terrible event.

'So, what of it?'

Kyuubi rolled his eyes.

'Kit..Your a woman, now what does WOMEN PLUS SEX EQUEL?'

Naruto stayed silence for a moment 'Ah..I dunno..pregnancy?'

'Bingo! The answer is baby! Congragulations kit! You're a Mommy!'

Naruto froze, she was a mother?

OOH, DAMN! Why did the Uchiha have to choose that moment to come and find her?

'Feh, can't change the past kit..And beside, it dosen't matter who it was, were it was a woman or a man. I'm a male so our time of the month can affect women and since your a woman it can affect men as well. So we're attracted to BOTH genders during the time.'

Naruto was thinking what to do. She didn't want to kill the child, she always wanted a family and here was a chance to start one however, the child would live a life being hated and feared at since it was HER child.

'What should I do?'

She had eventually made up her mind and decided that she would raise her child AWAY from Konoha, away from the hatred, the glares and most of all, away from HIM who probably didn't want the child..Though he would've wanted to restore his clan but not with her! He defitnitely would not want to be the father of a demon spawn.

'My child is not a demon-spawn!' Naruto thought angrily.

That night, she packed up all she needed for the trip. She had decided maybe Wave country would be a good place to stay. She would've stayed with Gaara in Suna since he's one of her closest friends and weren't apart of Leaf but since he's the Kazekage and very famous, rumors and gossips would spread so she decided not to.

As she walked up to the Konoha gates, she passed the snoozing guard with no problem at all. Before she was about to leave, she looked back and saw the whole view of Konoha. 'So long Konhagakure..I'm sure you would all be happier without me.' And with that, she left the gates, not knowing what kind of effect she would leave on the people of Konohagakure No Sato.


Naruto was currently at Tazuna's house in Wave Country. She had just given birth to her perfectly healthy born baby, she had apparently had a son. Tazuna, Tsunami and Inari left the room to let the new parent spend time with her baby boy. They were happy when she came back nine months ago, they didn't care she was pregnant, it wasn't a big deal to them because Tsunami had Inari when she was 14!

Naruto had recently just when through a hellova a lot of pain during labor, if it wasn't for Kyuubi, Naruto thought that she would've died.

She looked at her beautiful son and tried to think of a name. She suddenly had an idea!

"Your name will be Kazama Uzumaki Arashi." She smiled at her son who smiled at her, liking his new name. She had named him after her father. Yes. She knew about her father, the Yondaime Hokage of Konoha or else known as Konoha's Yellow Flash. Naruto had found out from Jiraiya during her 3 year training with him.


Naruto's jaw dropped. HER FATHER WAS THE YONDAIME?

"You got that right kiddo." Jiraiya said grinning.

"Bu-but, how come nobody told me about it? Why didn't old man Sandaime tell me?" She nearly cried in despair. But Jiraiya only frowned.

"Becasue if word goes outside the village that your Yondaime's kid, then alot of people would be coming trying to assassinate you, especially Iwa."

"But why did he choose me? His own flesh and blood?"

"Because he couldn't bear to sacrifice another parent's child..and also you were the only one he trusted with this burden"

Naruto stopped crying and looked at Jiraiya. She had seen her father in a whole new different light.

End Flashback.

One month later, she had just left Tazuna's house. She didn't want to burden them any longer, she didn't want them to get involved with her since everybody absolutely hated those with demonic heritage. If Leaf came looking here, she would've gotten Tazuna and his family in trouble and those who hunt those down people like her, surely they would get punished and if Akatsuki came then..she didn't even want to think about it.

Years later

Naruto had lived in a small house near wave country, it was hidden near the beach and the forest, it was small enough so no one would notice it.

Ever since Arashi was 4 years old she had started training him to be a skilled ninja. She first disagreed since she was arguing to Kyuubi about it but soon changed her mind and caved in when Kyuubi convinced her that people would be after him if they knew about his heritage and that she wasn't always going to be there to help/save/protect him.

She had wanted him to live a normal child's life so she taught him things slowly. But to her and Kyuubi's surprise, Arashi turned out to be a very good prodigy. Itachi was the best of the best prodigies and he activated his sharinagn when he was 8 years old and that was quite a feat. But Arashi on the other hand, activated his when he was 6 years old!

Naruto still couldn't believe it but was once again convinced by Kyuubi who had explained that since Arashi had his demon blood in him then it would've made him stronger, faster and far more mature then normal humans, including having a faster mind to learn things quickly.

She then turned her attention to her now 11 year old son who had just come back from having his fun in the forests. He was very handsome/cute/hot for his age. He's the same size as Naruto was when she was 12-13, he had soft spiky raven hair locks that went down to his shoulder and pale skin but his eyes what were stood out the most. They were blue just like his mother's. Sometimes they can turn red by his sharinagn or his kyuubified eyes that he had learn't to control from his grandpa Kyuubi, he can even make them go together at the same time. In fact he looked like a younger version of the Yondaime but only with black hair (He looks similar to Shinn in Gundam seed destiny, but only with blue eyes, though he looks like him if he had sharingan/kyuubi eyes-if you don't know then look up on the net).

"Yo! Kaasan!" Arashi yelled happily, he looked really innocent with that smile on his face but his smile started to fade when he notice his mum panicking. "Eh? Kaasan, what's wrong?" He asked worried. She was packing their bags.

Indeed, she was worried. "I'll tell you later, just get anything you need, we're going somewhere." She answered her confused son.

Naruto had no time for distractions, she had to get her and her son out of there now! Something bad was going to happen.

Akatsuki had found her.

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