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Chapter 7


Before anyone moved, an annoying high pitch loud voice shouted "SASUKEEEE-KUUUNNN!!!!!!!"

Everyone but the confused Arashi groaned.

A blonde-orange bundle jumped on Sasuke with long slender arms locked around the man's neck. It revealed to be a woman around a year or two younger than Sasuke.

The lady had long blonde hair, blue eyes, slender hot body that women would be jealous of and men who would look at the lady with lust. She wore black sandals similar to Sakura's, short orange mini skirt that you can't even call it a skirt seeing as her white underwear or should I say G-string, covered most of the skin than the skirt itself. She also wore a very tight orange tube-top that ended right above and underneath her breasts-covering only her breasts with obviously no bra. She wore thick red nail polish with the Konoha hiate around her neck.

Arashi stared at the woman in curiosity, something gave him the feeling he won't like this lady very much.

Men outside the Ramen bar peeked in to stare at the woman with nosebleeds as women around glared at the lady in disgust.

Sasuke growled. "Get off of me Mia." He said in a cold voice that made his enemies running for their lives in fear, though the woman didn't seem affected by it, it only made her snuggle more into his shoulder. Mia had completely ignored the glare that was sent to her by Sasuke, Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Tenten and some of the other guys.

Everyone but Arashi glared at the woman called Mia.

Somehow Sasuke had managed to untangle himself from his number one fan or number one stalker and glared at her as if she was Itachi himself which she either didn't notice or completely ignored.

Mia pouted for being rejected.

"What do you want now?" Sasuke gritted his teeth out with a strained voice.

"Why, I'm here to give you some company honey." Mia replied back in a sweet yet sickening voice. "You need to be careful who you choose your company to be with." She said before she glared at the other four females who were glaring at her.

Mia didn't like the women HER dear Sasuke-kun chose to be friends with. She was upset that Sasuke chose them over her, another reason was because Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Tenten and Mia were the most beautiful women in Konoha. Mia hated Sakura especially for she was Sasuke's former team-mate and probably Sasuke's best friend. She never considered the thought that these girls were already married or dating other guys. And with the beautiful appearances these girls took, Mia considered them as her rivals who were after Sasuke while using his male friends and their fake lovers to get to him.

"Sasuke-kun can chose who his own friends are fine thank you very much." Sakura angrily snapped back.

Mia glared as she walked up to Sakura who had Lee to stand behind her to protect his fiancé if anything happens. "I wasn't talking to you, you slut! You're probably the reason he won't like me! Your manipulating him you two-timer!" That comment caused raged to go into everyone's eyes.

Before Sakura or Lee could do anything, Sasuke quickly took Mia's wrist before she could go any further while standing in front of her blocking her view of Sakura. "Mia! Don't you dare talk to any of my friends that way. If I ever find out, you've been treating them this way again, you won't be so lucky next time. For the last time, leave me alone." Sasuke told her in a slow cold chilling tone.

Mia frowned before she took one last look at the glaring Sakura. "Your lucky forehead girl!"

"Oi! Don't you dare call her that! I'm the only one who could call her that! And for your information, your the manipulating slut here!" Ino snapped at her. She did have a point, Mia after all IS the one trying to manipulate Sasuke to love her and dump his friends (By trying to look like Naruto).

"Sasuke-kun! Are you going to let her get away with calling me that!? She called me a manipulating slut!" Mia asked with a desperate look to Sasuke.

"Yes, I am letting her get away with it." 'Because she's telling the truth.' He thought.

Mia gritted her teeth while glaring at the smirking Ino. 'That bitch!' Mia thought, 'They ARE manipulating him!' Mia finally noticed an extra person in the usual group, it was a mini-Sasuke!

"KAWAII!!!!" Mia squeled like a bat (Do bats squel?). Mia suddenly pounced on Arashi, glomping him like a teddy-bear. "Sasuke-kun, I didn't know you had a little brother! Why didn't you tell me? I feel so hurt..."

Arashi felt really awkward. From everyone's reaction to this girl, she was apparently the village slut/whore, outcast or something. He also concluded since she's hopelessly in love with his dad, from what he heard only loved his mum, she would try to look like his mother. This only made Arashi distrust the girl even more.

Everyone but Mia noticed Arashi's uncomfort so fortunatley for him, his dad came to his rescue. "Get off him Mia, he's not my little brother." Obviously, since Sasuke was the only survivor of the massacre, true he had a brother but his brother was an OLDER brother, not younger.

Sasuke's comment confused Mia. She looked back and forth between the two confused. Arashi decided to tell her before she opened her mouth.

"I'm his son..." Arashi declared.

Silent ensues.

Ino and Sakura grinned at Mia's horrored face.

Mia quickly let go of Arashi much to his inner relief and joy, while she shouted. "YOU LITTLE LYING BRAT! THAT'S NOT TRUE!!! SASUKE-KUN DOSEN'T HAVE ANY CHILDREN!"

"Actually, it's true Mia." Sasuke said, he was happy inside though he didn't show it. "So you should leave me alone since you're never going to get my affections with the way you are."

Mia gritted her teeth furiously "Who's the whore then?"

'Honestly! This kid couldn't be younger than ten!' She thought.

Mia (Jounin) was very furious. She came to the place where she knew her dear Sasuke-kun was, to save him from the damn slutty manipulators he called FRIENDS! But no. Not only did they win in the war of insults with Sasuke defending them, she found out someone stole her Sasuke-kun from her! The proof was evident as it stood before her as a child!
As soon as the word whore left her dirty mouth, she managed to enrage the whole bloody shop with a single sentence!

Sasuke subconsciously activated his Sharingan.




The on who shouted and thankfully stopped Mia was Kiba who was covering his poor ears after the blasted banshee screamed, with his reaction also helped Arashi who was tending to his poor ears which was also heighten hearing another helpful ability he received from Kyuubi.

Sasuke along with his friends glared at Mia, who was embarrassed that Sasuke heard she lost her virginity at a young age, though she was even more horrified what Kiba informed her of Sasuke's love-life. Sasuke for a second glared at Kiba for reveling such embarrassing info...He was a bit pink for a second before he returned his glare on Mia.

Kakashi and Iruka were being held back by Chouji with his gigantic arms since they wanted to teach the girl a lesson. The girls were being held back by the other guys, Sakura being held back by Lee, Ino by Shikamaru. Some girls were the one holding the guys back, Tenten was right beside an agitated Neji encase he would go in for the kill, not that Mia was worth it. Kiba would've attacked her but he was still recovering his ears and Hinata was never the one to use violence. The others were simply glaring at her.

Mia did not know was caused such reactions, and thought that this bitch whoever the hell she is was the real one manipulating Sasuke and his friends. And for the comment Kiba made, she glared at Kiba whose poor ears were slowly recovering with the help of his beloved wife Hinata.

"Fukama Mia. Did you know by insulting this boy's mother, your insulting the Yondaime?" Kakashi asked while glaring at the girl with a cold eye.

Mia's eyes widen "What! How could that be!?"

This time, Sasuke broke the news to her.

"The one I conceived a son with is Kazama Uzumaki Naruto."

"I'm pretty sure even you know what that means Fukama" Neji said as his eyebrow twitched as he stared(glared) at the horrified lady before him.

Mia's eyes went widen in shocked before they were replaced with a cold look. The child's mother was the exact person she was trying to imitate to gain Sasuke's attention/affections.

But the way Sasuke said her name with such smooth content and love just sickened her to the core. That just beated her to the bone. She clenched her fist.

"So the demon girl was a slut as well?" It was more of a statement than a question. "I don't get what you saw in her, she was totally ugly in that despicable jumpsuit of hers."

That drew the last straw. Just as Sasuke was about the hit her, a small voice intervened.

"Ne" Everybody looked at Arashi who had an emotionless look. But his angered Kyuubified-Sharingan eyes said otherwise.

Everyone gasped at this new development. How in the world did Arashi get the Mangekyou Sharingan? He needed to kill his best friend to get it.

True to its word that Arashi had three commas like tadpoles swirling in golden-red slitted animalistic fox like eyes which were glowing by the way.

"My mother was not a slut, whore, bitch, demon or any of those kinds" Iruka was horrified at the said announced language. "I don't know what she looked like when she was here, but right now, she's far from what you look like."

Everyone gapped at what he said but Mia was delighted. It was like saying that Naruto was ugly since Mia was pretty (The girls grudgingly had to admit...Even though she was a slut).

"Oh, really? My, you have such nice manners and observation skills." She said in a fake sweet voice. 'This naïve little kid will do anything I say since he's probably attracted to me!' Thinking Arashi was attracted to her like a moth to a flame.

"So, is it true that Naruto-san's looks are completely different from my mine?" She grinned.

Unknown to anyone else, Arashi hid a small cruel smirk.

"Yeah, you look completely different" Much to Mia's delight and everyone's shock though that all turned around with what was said next "My mom looks a helluva more prettier than a peacock like you"

Silence…Everyone but Mia was smirking, grinning, smiling, whatever.

Mia glared at Arashi "You little brat! How dare you call me a peacock! Sasuke-kun, are you seriously letting this little runt go and say that?"

Sasuke just smirked "Of course" Kiba, Ino, Sakura and Lee did a peacock dance behind him just to annoy the hell out of Mia as they smirked at her (It was definitely working). The others were smirking at her too, sure they loved to dance, but you know reputation and all! Something the other four obviously don't have.

Arashi then remembered something as he observed the differences between his mom and Mia.

"And another thing." He gained everyone's attention "If your trying to imitate my mom, then it's not going to work. The only thing you have in common are the blue eyes"

Mia clenched her fist as she felt her eyes go teary. She was going to give that demon spawn a piece of her mind! As she lifts her hand up to smack Arashi who was smirking as the hand came down, the wind picked up as the Fukama was blown to the sky.

"Kaiten!" The Hyuuga dance that was performed by an angry Hinata caused an impact of wind to vacuum Mia to outer space (Not literally thought).

Since Hinata wasn't really the violent type of person, she didn't really jyuuken/stabbed Mia with her fingers. She just simply blew her away.

Arashi watched the blonde lady fly away boredly 'Damn, and just as it was about to get interesting.'

Arashi may have seemed like a nice quiet goody type of kid but when someone insulted someone precious to him, it was like a new person appeared. It was thanks to Kyuubi for this new personality since it brought the sly fox nature out of him.

To put it simply, he was one mean rude brat.

He felt a hand on his shoulders as he looked up at a smiling Kakashi with an upside down U as an eye. "If what you said was true, then Naruto and Mia has nothing in common" Arashi made a confused face while Kakashi just laughed. "Mia has brown eyes, she was just wearing blue contacts" Sure there was the blonde hair but Mia's hair was dark blonde while Naruto's hair was much lighter.

Arashi suddered...Sheesh, talk about obsessive.

"Hey, you said they had nothing in common. What about the orange clothes?" Kakashi asked the question on everyone's mind.

"My mom hasn't worn orange in ten years" Everyone stared blank before blinking. "She wears blue now"

Everyone either choked on their drink, sniggered or smirk. Though Sasuke's eyes were wide as he looked like a gapping fish.

"Eh? What's with this group's reaction?"

"Sasuke's favourite colour is blue"

Oh, he got it now...Good thing Mia wasn't here to know this, otherwise she'll be wearing blue the next day...Wait a minute, how the heck did Mia survive on the battlefield wearing ORANGE!? His mother avoided wearing orange and any bright colours to avoid attention. Orange wasn't common in the shinobi world, only one person would wear it and everyone knew who that was.

Well, you could see why, Naruto avoids wearing orange now because everyone know she's the only one who would wear orange beside Mia. And yeah, I picked Naruto to wear blue cause it's Sasuke's favourite colour.