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Sakura glared down at her left foot. Or rather, glared down at the huge, black Rhinoceros beetle on her left foot. Flicking it off, the girl returned to her training, mind racing with questions. The strange phenomenon had started about a week ago…

Flash Back

"Hey Sakura-chan!" a loud blond shouted from inside of the raman stand, "What cha doing?"

"Hey Naruto!" She said, grinning at him, "I was just going to train. Want to come?"

But the loud mouthed fox boy was looking at some thing behind her, frowning slightly, "Sakura-chan…why are those bugs fallowing you?"

A fine pink eyebrow rose slightly, "what are you…" looking back she saw a perfect little line of small black ants. Blinking, Sakura took a few steps forward, eyes widening when the buggies came marching after her, pausing about a foot away from her. And that was how it started…

End Flash Back

It had seemed funny at first. A beetle here a moth there, but lately the insects had been multiplying. Sakura was sure the same butterfly had been fallowing her all week. Speak of the evil, here came the little dickens now…

"Rrrrgggah! Leave me alone!" Sakura screamed, swatting at the huge gold and red creature.


Bright green eyes peered up into the trees, "Oh! Shino-san, what are you doing out here?"

"I was looking for you." He jumped to the ground, coat flapping gently, "I wanted to talk to you."

"Really? What about?" She asked, wiping sweat off her brow. If Sakura didn't know any better, she might have thought Shino looked something close to nervous.

"I'm afraid this may be my fault."

"Oh?" she said absently, glaring over her shoulder at the walking stick that had been sneakily sneaking up on her, "How so?" Sakura could have sworn she saw Shino fidget.

"Ah…yes." He pushed his sunglasses up slightly, "You see, the insects are reacting to an…emotion…I've been having lately."

"You have emotions, Shino-san?" She joked but stopped when she saw he was being serious. Or more serious than usual…if that was possible, "I mean…whats that have to do with me?"

"I…like you, Sakura-san…" Shino said slowly, "a lot…that's why the bugs have been fallowing you. It's because I wanted to be near you."

Sakura blinked once, twice, three times before coming up with a well thought out and intelligible reply, "Huh?"

The bug wielders shoulders slumped ever so slightly, "I said I like you, Sakura-san. I didn't expect you to feel the same, but I thought I should at least tell you." He turned around, shoving his hands in his pockets, "I'll try to get the bugs to leave you alone."

"Shino-san, wait!" Sakura didn't even bother to shoo the massive butterfly off her head, "I um…never said I didn't…like…you…"

Shino turned slowly, eyebrows slightly raised, "Sakura-san…would you like to…get something to eat with me?"

Smiling, Sakura skipped over to him, looping one arm in his, "Sure Shino-kun! I'd love to!"

Blushing slightly, the bug boy gave her a rare smile, "Alright…Sakura-chan…"


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