Olivia put make up on getting ready for her date that she was extremely excited about. She was starting to fall for a man for the first time since her husband died two years ago. The only problem with meeting a man and trying to have a relationship with were her two kids.

Adam was sixteen and didn't like any man that was interested in his mother and always found a way to hate that man that was taking Olivia on a date. He had his father's piercing blue eyes and received his fathers built figure. He got Olivia's attitude to mouth off and not care what anyone thought of him, which always got him in trouble.

Alexis was four and full of energy. She looked up to Adam and like any little sister, did whatever her big brother told her. Most of the time she hated the men Olivia dated just because Adam did. She was a true daddy's girl and missed her father.

William was a parole officer that died because of a car bomb set in by a parolee. He was the shy type except with the kids. Even with Olivia he had his shy moments since he loved her very much. He wasn't the strict parent since he had a soft side for his children and always left it to Olivia when the kids needed to be punished.

Olivia buttoned up her shirt and went out of the room. Adam was in the kitchen eating since he was a football quarterback and was always snacking on something.

"You know one day you will eat all the food in the house and I wont have anything to give to Alexis" Olivia teased as she stroked the back of his short hair.

Adam looked up from his sandwich and noticed his mother in tight jeans and a nice pink shirt "Going on a date?"

"Yea. Dominic is picking me up soon"

Adam rolled his eyes and got back to eating his food.

"You don't like Dom either?" Olivia asked raising an eyebrow at her oldest.

"Why do you need to go on a date? We don't need anyone else" Adam got up and placed the dish in the sink.

"Adam I need to live my life too. Why do you date the head cheerleader?"

"I don't have two kids. You're hardly ever home with your job and now you're going on a date with this guy"

"I'm home"

"For like an hour and that's when you're getting ready to go on a date"

Olivia got up and walked over to him "You know I don't go on dates that often. Dominic is a nice guy and I have been dating him for a month"

"If you died dad wouldn't go on dates at all" Adam mumbled and went to his room.

Olivia took a deep breath knowing Adam was extremely protective and missed William the most since Will always made time to practice football with him.

Olivia heard the doorbell. She went over to the door less excited then she was because of Adam. She opened it and smiled at her boyfriend.

"You look sad" Dominic stated giving her a suspicious look playfully.

"Just a little" Olivia shrugged as she gave him a hug.

"Will this cheer you up?" He pulled out a red rose from his back pocket and handed it to her.

Olivia smirked and took it "Absolutely"

Dominic was taller then her and had a muscular body. He was the complete opposite of William, which was a little refreshing to Olivia and a relief since she didn't want to date someone that reminded her of her husband. Dominic had hazel eyes, which were the first thing to stand out to Olivia. He had a weird sense of humor and always made Olivia laugh because he wasn't afraid to be dorky with her. He was very smart since he was a paramedic and that's how Olivia met him.

"Can you give me a second? I have to talk to Adam."

"Sure. I'll be in the living room" Dominic nodded and went to the living room and sat there knowing Adam hated him but Olivia always told him not to mind him.

Dominic noticed Alexis's leg under the coffee table and Olivia told him how she always hid when company was over because she used to hide behind William when she was scared. Olivia tried to get her out of the habit but it never worked "I spy an Alexis"

He heard the little girl giggle. "No you don't"

"I spy a voice," He teased with a smirk "I guess I have to sit here and eat my chocolate bar all by myself, too bad Alexis isn't here"

The four year old peeked out from under the table and went back "Where's the chocolate?"

"Is that Alexis? I thought she wasn't here"

"If there is chocolate then maybe"

Dominic smiled and pulled out a Hershey's kiss from his pocket "I was planning to give your mommy a kiss but you can have it" He placed the chocolate under the table.

"She always gets them from me so she can miss out, actual kisses not these"

"Well that's fair"


Olivia went into Adam's room and his music was on and was lying in bed. He was throwing a football in the air and then caught it as it came back down.

He looked over and noticed a rose in Olivia's hands "Poor guy is trying to get laid"

Olivia rolled her eyes and grabbed the football from his hands "Go say hi to him"

"No way."

"Adam he is trying to be nice to you. If I were him I would probably smack you for treating him the way you do all the time"

"Then you probably have more balls then him" He said with a chuckle "Mr. Estrogen is a EMS dude and you're a cop. Now that right there is sexy"

"Fine. Decide what kind of man you want to be. Want to be like your father and be a man about it or do you want to be a coward and just hate everyone"

Adam just looked at her "You don't have the right to talk about him that way"

"You don't have the right to treat me the way you do" Olivia sat down by him and put her arm around his shoulders "I miss dad too"

"You can't make me like Dominic," Adam got off the bed and went to his closet. "I'm going to Darnell's house"

"What about Alexis? You want to leave her here?"

"She's your kid not mine, have your date in the house." He pulled on his hoodie "Plus that pedophile might like being here" He smirked at Olivia and left his room.

Olivia shook her head and got up "Adam get over here" She ordered angrily.

Dominic looked up seeing Adam storm out of his room and grab his car keys. "Hey"

"Shut the fuck up" Adam mumbled.

Olivia grabbed him by his hoodie as she caught up to him "Adam" She said as calmly as she could.

Alexis came out from under the coffee table and hugged Adam around the legs. "Leave him alone"

"Maybe I should go" Dominic said as he got up seeing he should be the last person in this house.

"No Dom, it's fine" Olivia looked at him.

"Maybe you should go and stop trying to get into my mom's pants" Adam shoot him a look.

"Adam I'm not trying to do that" Dominic said calmly.

"I'm a better liar then that" Adam pulled his hoodie away from Olivia's grip and untangled Alexis's arm from his legs "Enjoy my mom Dominic" He stormed out of the house and slammed the door closed.

"Olivia if you want I can go, it's not a big deal" Dominic whispered seeing how embarrassed Olivia was.

"No. It's fine" Olivia whispered as she tried to keep her tears to herself. She kneeled down and picked Alexis up "C'mon honey" She carried her upstairs to her room.

Dominic sat back down on the couch knowing how much crap he got himself in for dating a woman with children, especially a teenager.

Olivia put Alexis to bed and placed the blanket over her and noticed the chocolate in her hands. She knew Dominic always kept Hershey's Kisses in his pocket since it was his favorite joke to play on her by asking her if she wanted a kiss and then he would give her the chocolate instead of an actual kiss "Hey where did you get that?"

"Dominic gave it to me" The four year old answered.

"You like Dominic?"

Alexis just shrugged "Adam doesn't"

Olivia nodded and gave her a kiss on the forehead "Goodnight honey"

"Mommy do you miss daddy?"

"Of course" Olivia answered.

"Did you forget about him? I mean you're dating Dominic now"

"Honey I will never forget your father no matter who I date. You know why? Because I have you and Adam"

Alexis nodded "Goodnight"

"Sweet dreams" Olivia gave her a kiss on the cheek and left the room.

Olivia walked down the stairs and went into the living room "Hey you" She sat down by her boyfriend and placed her head on his shoulder "I'm sorry about earlier"

"It's ok" He gave her a kiss on the head "You're not the one that hates my guts…at least I think"

Olivia smirked a little "No, I don't hate you"

"Good. I had reservations to that French restaurant you wanted to go to but it's sort of shot to hell now huh?"

"I'm sorry" Olivia groaned, "I would love to go but I can't leave Alexis alone"

"It's ok" Dominic gave her a kiss "I could bring France to you if you want" He teased with a smirk and started to kiss her.

Olivia placed her hand on the back of his neck and kissed him back. They sat on the couch for at least ten minutes just making out.

Olivia broke the kiss "We need to eat and breath as well" She whispered with a smirk.

"I'm a good cook," He said proudly. "I can cook…French toast"

"Maybe it doesn't have to be French food" Olivia smiled and took his hand and led him to the kitchen "Frozen pizza?"

"I wouldn't have it any other way" He pulled out a frozen pizza from her freezer "Sausage?"

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Olivia mocked with a smile as she pulled out a pan and grabbed the pizza from his hands.

After a while they sat in her living room eating the pizza and watching a movie.

"Was Adam like that all the time?" Dominic asked as he fed Olivia a bite of his slice.

"No. After William's death he became extremely rebellious and then when I started dating a year ago he became just cruel to anyone I brought home"

"I would probably be the same why if I were him"

Olivia looked over at him "You also think its bad that I'm dating?"

"No. My mom died when I was ten and I couldn't stand it seeing my dad with some woman. I think it's just a guy thing"

Olivia shrugged "He's my son so it's not like I can smack him for being so rude"

"Well I would smack him but I'm afraid you would brake up with me" Dominic teased with a smile.

"If you ever touched my son I would beat the crap out of you not just break up with you" Olivia smirked and nudged him with her elbow.

"Want a kiss?"

"I want a make out session"

"I don't have that much money to buy you that many kisses" He winked at her "But maybe you can afford me. I'm willing to sell myself for you"

"Oh good. Exactly what I want in a man" Olivia rolled her eyes and looked at her watch "You know Adam won't be home for another hour and a half probably"

"Hmmm…what does that mean?" He looked at her suspiciously in a playful manner.

Olivia put her pizza down and took his hand "Let's find out" She pulled him off the couch and led him to her room.

"Oh I like this French style we have going tonight"

Olivia winked and locked the door behind his back "You think you are lucky enough Dominic?"

"I think I'm charming enough" He smirked and wrapped her arms around his waist and walked with her to her bed. Both fell down on the bed and started to kiss.

Olivia broke the kiss "I'm going to check on Alexis and make sure she doesn't wake up ok?"

"Sure" Dominic nodded and let go of her.

Olivia gave him a kiss and got off the bed "Don't go anywhere"

"Do I look stupid or something?"

Olivia went out of the room.

Dominic took his shoes off and tucked his shirt in his pants knowing Olivia's favorite thing to do was pull his shirt out while they kissed.

Olivia came back in the room and locked the door again "She's sleeping like a tank"

"I didn't know those slept"

"Funny" Olivia smiled and sat down on top of him.

"Mmmm you look good up there"

"You look good down there" Olivia kissed his cheek and went to his neck.

He gently started to unbutton her shirt as she slowly led her hands down his muscular stomach and pulled his shirt out.

They heard the front door get closed.

"Adam?" Olivia mumbled into Dominic's mouth.

"It would really help if you didn't say your sons name as we kiss."

"No. I think he's home"

"In that case I'm going out the window," Dominic whispered.

"No, Dom, it's fine. He probably cooled down"

"I don't want you to fight with your son because of me plus if he finds us here he will think I'm the one trying to get in your pants and in reality your trying to get in mine but he shouldn't know that"

Olivia chuckled "I am trying to get in your pants aren't I?"

"A lot of people are, don't worry" He smiled as he picked her up from him and placed her on the bed "I'll call you tomorrow"

"Sure" Olivia buttoned her shirt up and wiped her mouth "You have lipstick on you"

Dominic wiped his cheek as he pulled his shoes on "Got it?"

Olivia got up and wiped the lipstick off for him "There you go"

"Thanks" He gave her kiss "Did French people go out the window cause if so we did hell of a job in being French tonight"

Olivia chuckled "Maybe"

They heard a knock on the door.

Dominic opened Olivia's window and blew her a kiss.

Olivia blew him a kiss with a small smirk. "Goodnight Spiderman"

"Goodnight detective" He climbed out of the window and jumped out.

Olivia opened the door to her room and found Adam's friend standing there. "Darnell?"


Dominic fixed his jeans and turned to go to his car but Adam was standing in his way with his arms crossed on his chest. "Sneaking out?"

Dominic just looked at the sixteen year old "No"

"You know if I came here and you were not all over my mom then I wouldn't think you were such a low life piece of crap but your sneaking out of her room with your fly open."

Dominic looked down and noticed Olivia unzipped his jeans and he didn't even notice it. He quickly zipped it up "It's not what you think"

"Really? Cause I think you were just banging my mom with my sister in the next room. Some man you are"

"You think your father would be proud of you for treating your mother this way?" Dominic asked raising an eyebrow.

Adam slugged him with all the force he had "Don't you ever talk about my father!"

Dominic wiped his lip "Grow up kid" He shook his head and walked past him.

Olivia ran to the front door hearing the yelling and spotted Dominic going to his car "Dom!"

Dominic stopped and turned around "Olivia I'm not going to make you choose between me or your kids but I can't take this anymore. When you're ready to go on a date where I don't have to baby sit your son call me" he wiped his lip again and went in his car.

Adam walked to the front door "You kiss that bastard in dad's bed? Who the hell are you?"

Olivia grabbed him angrily by his shirt and led him to his room "Darnell go home!" She yelled at hers son's friend.

Darnell quickly left the house.

Olivia pushed Adam into his room and closed the door "Adam I'm getting sick of this"

"So am I" He sat down on his bed and crossed his arms on his chest.

"Dominic went out the window because of you. He doesn't want to make you upset, do you understand that?"

"I don't care. I don't like him"

"It's not for you to say. You embarrassed me twice tonight, you realize that no one is going to take your fathers place no matter what happens"

"Don't talk about him"

Olivia grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him up "C'mon" She pulled him to her bedroom and sat him down on her bed. She took a picture of William and her that was sitting on her nightstand and put it Adam's hands "I haven't forgotten about dad"

"How can you be with someone else?" Adam whispered as he kept looking at the picture.

"Because I know your dad wants me to be happy"

"Dominic isn't right for you"

Olivia kneeled down in front of him "Why not?"

"Because he isn't dad"

"Come here" Olivia took him in a hug and stroked his hair. "You pushed away any man that I had a date with, it needs to stop"

"He had no right to say anything about dad. He deserved that punch"

"Dominic knew dad, he was the paramedic on call when the accident happened. He knew him before dad passed away. They were good friends"

Adam stopped hugging her "And he doesn't have a problem dating you? You're screwing dad's friend?"

"It's not like that"

Adam got off the bed "I can't like him knowing he is betraying dad. I'm sorry but I don't think I can ever not have a problem with him"

"Fine, hate him but you make me upset by doing that"

Adam just shrugged "You think it's easy for me too see you with another man?"

"Dad would want us to move on"

"Stop saying that! You don't know what he would want! He is dead!" Adam yelled angrily and went to his room and slammed the door closed.

Olivia took a deep breath as she lay down on her bed and looked at the picture of her and William at their wedding. "Why did you leave me?"