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My little one,

It was only a week ago that you decided to join our dark world. The labor lasted hours and was extremely hard. At times, I wondered if it could die from it.

When you were finally born, you didn't cry, didn't make a sound. I was so exhausted that they took you, the many midwives, before I could even lay eyes on you.

Within moments, I had come to and leaned up enough to see them busy all around you. Your father entered, gave me a checking glance, and then went straight over to you.

"It's as I feared," I heard him mutter, looking down at you.

By then I was beginning to panic. I asked him what he meant and if I could hold you; when he turned to me, the expression on his face was spine chilling.

He answered with an emotionless tone, "Your son is dead."

I remember just staring at him. It wasn't possible. You were just strong and fighting. It didn't make any sense. Yet, why weren't you crying? Why was everyone so grave? Then it hit me…

It did make perfect sense.

Again, I asked if I could hold you and one of the midwives brought you to me in a soft blanket.

You were perfect in size; cleaned somewhat but black curls still clung to your wet head. Your face was round and your eyes closed, everything was fine, but one obvious detail… you were blue.

Just seeing you like that I burst into tears. I clutched you tightly to my breast and sobbed into the blanket that wrapped your small body.

I didn't understand how something like that could happen. How a perfectly fine child be dead. You were my pride and joy before I even got to hold you, and when that moment came, you were gone. The sweetest and most beautiful thing was lifeless in my arms. All those months of waiting and suffering, and then labor, for nothing. Pointless. Meaningless. Lifeless.

I don't know how long I cried for, how long I held you before I lifted my head but when I did, I saw only one midwife in the room. I was feeling exceedingly sick and was about to ask her to take you when your father practically rushed in.

He seemed to be chastising himself by repeating, "Why didn't I think of this before?"

Without explaining anything to me, he pulled the blanket back from your face then he lifted his wrist and slit it with his nails. He placed it over your tiny mouth and let some blood pour in. After a minute or so, he healed his wrist, then took my free hand and did the exact same.

There was a strange gleam in his eyes as he stared down at you. I had never doubted your father before in my life but in that moment in time, I thought he was mad.

Then I thought I heard a sound come from you. Maybe a whimper?

Then a very subtle movement… but I didn't believe it.

And then again.

And again.

Until finally your fist pushed out the blanket's folds and a weak, sharp cry broke the air.

I gasped in shock and hot tears of joy began to flow down my cheeks. Your father began to laugh; the way he was, I had never seen him.

"Of course! Of course!" he exclaimed. I asked him what in the devil's name he meant.

He looked as if were to start a waltz right there. "Vampires need their creator's blood!"

By this time the maids, servants and midwives were coming from everywhere at the sound of their Master's commotion and of a child's cry. Each vampire was either dumb-stricken or openly celebrating you. However, your father and I didn't care. We were so captivated in you at the time.

I will never forget that moment, when the dead truly came to life.

It was days later, after I had finished nursing you and laid you in the crib, your father came to talk to me. He told me that for hundreds of years he had brides that had given him children but the children never lived past birth. He said that he tried to do everything to make them live but failed. Finally, after he had given up the devil stepped in and told him:

"One day you will take an unlikely bride, one who is different from all the others before her. She will be the one who gives you a surviving child."

Your father told me that I am that bride and you are that child, the ones they had waited hundreds of years for. It was so overwhelming to know that you and I had been foretold. But that only makes you more amazing to me.

You are asleep beside me now. So far, you've been a good baby… and you're so beautiful. Your eyes are a shimmering blue though a lot of the time, they look almost silver. All your skin is pale (of course) but your plump cheeks that are lightly tinted pink, more than likely from the warm blood you get. I must to say though; my favorite thing about you is your hair. It's black, fine and soft, almost like a down.

Even as an infant it's not that hard to tell, you got more of your father's obvious traits. Maybe when you get older we might see some more of me in you, though I'm not very concerned with it. If you look any bit like him (which you do), you will be handsome.

There is also greatness in your blood, child, and I know your father will bring that out in you. Maybe one day you will become as noble and powerful as he is. That would bring me absolute joy.

However, I don't want to think too much about the future, with vampires it's not something you really need worry about, considering you live forever. I'm happy where I am now. I have my Master and you, my beautiful little son. There isn't a thing else I need in this world.

I plan one day when you are a fully-grown vampire to give you these letters to show you how much I worried, fretted, impatiently waited, and loved you, before I ever saw or held you. Even in the first months of your existence.

I hope these letters fully express the truth when I say:

I love you.


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