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Summary: Why does Sam want to kill Danny?


"Danny! You are so going to die for that!" Sam yelled as they ran down the hallway of their school.

People laughed as they watched the couple run down the hall.

Danny ran down the rest of the hallway and turned the corner. Of course, his luck made it possible for Dash to be standing right there to stop his escape.

'Bad Fenton!' he scolded himself. He had known better than to do that. It was a stupid thing that he had done too. Everyone even with a 'C' average knew better than to that.

Sam advanced on him, a smile playing on her lips. This wasn't a nice smile however and it Danny whimper.

"I'm sorry Sam. I'd do any thing just let me make it up to you…" He begged. He knew that if he didn't this wasn't going to be fun-at least not for him.

"I don't think that that's possible Fenton." She teased. "I'm in to good a mood to let you walk away now, unless…" She came up with a plan.

"Unless what?" Danny was half excited that he would be let go and half scared by what he would have to. Knowing Sam she had some thing perverted running around in her head.

"Well…you have two choices. One, Kiss Dash." She smiled as Danny's face went from some what pleased to 100 disgusted in zero point one seconds. "Or two…" he waited, hopeful that two would be better but had little hope. "Kiss me" She finally finished. Then she watched as his face went from horribly disgusted to extremely delighted even faster than it had taken him before. She was a little tempted to do it herself but waited none the less.

He could barely make out the things around him. The only thing he was aware of at the moment was him and Sam. He desperately wanted to kiss her but he wasn't sure if she had been kidding, serious but grossed out or completely serious like she wanted him to.

He took his chances and leaned in to kiss her. Their lips danced against each other's magically for a little less than three minutes then they broke apart for air. They both smiled at each other sheepishly and then blushed realizing that they had shared their first real kiss in front of Dash.

"Eh, good enough." Sam stated sarcastically and left for fifth period.

Danny smiled a pumped his fist in the air with triumph. He had finally gotten to kiss Sam! He had to go tell Tucker. When he turned around to leave he realized that Dash still stood very much in his way.

Dash smiled and asked "Dude! What did you do exactly?"

Danny smiled shyly back and whispered, "I called her Samantha." Then he backed away happily, a smile playfully tracing his lips as he skipped off to tell Tucker.

"Hey Tuck! Guess what?" Danny said as he plopped down in his seat in front of Tucker and behind Sam.

She hadn't been sitting but she had heard this and walked over to him and placed a hand playfully over his lips. "Not a word Fenton."

He smiled "Fine." Then he took her hand away and gave her a sweet kiss on the lips. He turned to Tucker afterwards and he smiled at him while Sam sat there dumbfounded. Danny looked back and saw this. "Sorry Samantha but you did say not a word."

She giggled with him at the joke and took her seat but not before she could add. "I don't know what we are going to do about you, Danny. Your punishments don't seem to be working."

Danny chuckled and turned around momentarily to add, "Well, I think we can work on that."


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