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The room was filled with people, all of whom were dressed formally and obviously enjoying talking to one another. It was the Fuhrer's birthday, and all who were there were either military personnel or their dates. One Major Elric did not have a date, of course. He was the one standing alone, back pressed up against a pillar in the corner of the room. Someone had handed him an easy drink, and he was sipping it occasionally. He didn't entirely enjoy the taste.

On the other side of the room: one Colonel Roy Mustang, who had somehow slipped away from his date and was now also standing by himself, casually pouring himself a glass of the red-orange punch. He paused, turning to see the loosehaired boy on the other side of the room. At first he didn't recognize him, seeing as Edward's hair was down and he was turned away. As the boy turned around, however, Roy grinned. Of course, it was Ed. So why not approach? He could use a laugh. When he finally got to the boy, he smirked, as per usual. "So, Fullmetal, you decided to turn up? And looking quite... beautiful." His smirk grew.

Edward's ears turned pink. "What's that supposed to mean!"

Roy simply grinned. "Well... You look quite feminine tonight. Is it wrong to say?" From the flush that was creeping into the boy's cheeks, he knew he'd said exactly the right thing. He tilted his head. "Well then," he said, as if it were the end of the conversation. "How about a dance?"

Edward stared at him for a moment. "Are you... serious?" he croaked, obviously confused.

"Dead," replied the colonel. "Put down your drink and come." The boy nodded weakly, doing so. Roy took his hand, smirking all the while. "Do you know how to dance?" he asked, predicting that the answer would be negative. Ed shook his head, and Roy chuckled. "You'll need to learn," he informed him. "Come, now."

For the next fifteen minutes, the colonel demonstrated the steps, and finally Edward could do it without Roy's instructions. "There, now," said Roy. "You're all set, right?"

Edward scowled. "Right," he replied, flushing and staring at the floor moodily.

Roy, for once, smiled and stroked the boy's hair, which made the blonde turn an even darker shade of crimson. "And you can tell your dancing partners Colonel Roy Mustang taught you," he added, smirking again. "The ladies will swoon when they know."

Edward looked back up at him. "Maybe I will too," he replied bravely.

Roy's smile just widened, and he kissed Edward's forehead lightly. "I knew you would."


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