i wrote this in 15 minutes on an inspiration while walking back from my chem class. my poetic side only seems to come out when i listen to mewithoutYou, they have the most amazingly beautiful lyrics ever. check them out if you want to hear awesome music. i hold the rights to this poem, seeing as i wrote it, fyi. i'm used to writing disclaimers from my fanfiction lol..

How is it that we care
So much for our shed hair
When hairs are simply dying cells upon our heads
Yet still we vainly try
To dress up the things that die
While living all around the living cry out "let me live!"
Just a bar of soap, they beg,
Or a place to lay my head,
My throat is like a desert bare of clouds or water
But in vanity we treat
Our hair to lathers and repeats
While our hearts lay in the street
Slowly growing on our heads
And the water down the drain
Flows in the streams and joins the rain
Oh God, mercy that my soul not join its song!

To lay down by better waters
Makes me want not something else
A stream with firm foundations
Set beyond my comprehension
Set in mountains high and tall where no vulture ever flies
And my miserable little valley
Masked by my own cold shadow
Feels the sun's light shine down through each possessing drop of rain!

Now I sit next to that brook
And wonder just how long it took
For the liquid flowing mercy to make its way to me
As I listen to its song
Whisp'ring as the day is long
Breaking boulders bricks and mountains in its grand unceasing tune
And I ask "dear God, my soul,
May it match this anthem's toll,
For if its song was to be heard how many hearts would break anew?"
But damn this broken soul as I
Just hear the whisper in reply
And in my linguistic simpleness sit back down and forget