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A/N: Go with me on the thoughts in 6 month old Sammy's head. I think babies are a lot more aware of what is going on around them than we tend to give them credit for. Please review, and tell me if I should keep going.

Six month old Sammy looked around at his surroundings. Well, he looked up. He didn't like looking up, not anymore. That was where Mommy got hurt and then disappeared into a bright, hot thing. Daddy's word noise for it was 'fire'. What was fire? Why did it take Mommy? And why did they keep putting soft things all around him where he couldn't roll over? He was tired of looking up. It was scary. He had started whimpering louder and louder with each thought that crossed his mind until with the last thought he was crying full blast.

He was crying so loud that he didn't even hear the rustling of someone small climbing up to where he was on the bed. He felt one of the soft things move away from him and he stopped crying in surprise. When he turned his head towards where he felt the thing move he saw Dean. Or was it brother? Is brother and Dean the same? He wasn't sure, but he was glad to see Dean. Dean didn't smile at him or tickle him like he used to, he just lay down next to him and put his small hand on Sammy's tummy. He then felt, he wasn't sure what. Warm. Not alone.

He kept looking at Dean and Dean kept looking at him. Dean never made word noises anymore, he just looked sad all the time. Does Dean know where Mommy went? Is that why he doesn't he make word noises anymore? He wanted to ask, but it all came out as a gurgle. Everyone kept saying he was too little to do lots of things, he wondered if the opening your mouth and making word noises was a big boy thing too. Dean was looking at him like he knew what he was trying to say. But he didn't make those word noises, did he? It didn't sound the same as when Daddy and Dean made word noises.

"I know you want Mommy, Sammy, me too. We still have Daddy, and maybe if we all stay together forever none of us will go away forever like Mommy did. We're a family, and families stay together, that's what Mommy told me," Dean finally said.

He didn't understand all of those word noises, but he felt warm all over, like after Mommy kissed him before he went to sleep. Suddenly he felt sleepy, and with Dean there he didn't struggle against it. He simply went to sleep. He didn't know it, but Dean did too. While the two of them slept, John Winchester stood in the doorway watching with tears streaming down his unshaven face.