Author: A. Markov/King in Yellow
Follow the Queen
Poker night at Possible Manor. While the friends are distracted, someone is sneaking around. Set in KiY's "Best Enemies" universe. Now with unexpected epilogue!
Tooth decay
Disclaimer- Kim Possible characters are the property of The Mouse and are used without permission. Possible Manor is the creation of King in Yellow, co-author of this one-shot. Kasy and Sheki are the brainchildren of NoDrogs, and are used by permission of KiY who had permission to use them from NoDrogs. I think that means I have permission to use them but I'm not sure.

Bonus chapter.

After putting the twins back in bed, Kim returned to the table. As she sat down, she looked over at Shego's chips with longing.

"You know, if you really loved me, you'd let me borrow some of your chips like Mo and Will…"

"If you really loved me, you wouldn't ask. What's the matter Dr. D?"

Drakken was frowning and scratching his head.

"Nothing, nothing," he muttered, absent mindedly searching his pockets. "I thought I had something with me when I arrived. I must have left it back at the lab."

"It wasn't dangerous, was it?"

"Er, no… Trust me, ah, no danger at all… Heh… I learned my lesson after the unfortunate… uh… incident with those Instant Freeze tablets." He laughed nervously.

"Not well enough to prevent an unfortunate incident with a laser flash light!"

"Accidents don't count."

Kim rolled her eyes and Wade began a mental inventory of experiments in process small enough to fit in a pocket.

"What's the game?"

Sheki and Kasy waited until Mommy closed the door to their bedroom before sitting up. Watching the sliver of light underneath the door, they could see her move away down the hall and listened to her footfalls as she descended the steps. Only then did they turn on their flashlight and empty their pockets onto the bed.

Being busted while trying to steal cookies hadn't been all bad; they had managed to talk Mommy into letting them give everyone hugs before being brought back upstairs and since everyone but Uncle Will was a pushover for the puppy-dog eyes, they had managed quite a haul. From Aunt Bonnie a couple of tootsie rolls, From Uncle Ron a chocolate chip muffin, Aunt Mo had slipped them two lollipops and Wade had given each one of them a dollar but, the best thing had come from Uncle Drew. He had slipped Kasy two peanut butter cookies and told her to 'share with her sister' but Sheki noticed something glinting in his jacket pocket. It was probably a present he had forgotten to give them earlier, so she took it.

Sitting on the bed they looked it over. It was shiny and silver and shaped like a flattened egg and had two large brightly colored buttons on it. They stared at it for a few moments and then glanced at each other. Uncle Drew's presents were always interesting, even if Mommy and Eemah sometimes got mad. There was only one thing to do.



"Boom!" They finished together and, grinning from ear to ear, they reached out to push the first button.

Kasy and Sheki looked around. They were still sitting on the bed in their own room but something was different. It was lighter outside and they could hear Eemah coming upstairs. They hid behind the dresser, figuring they would jump out and surprise her but were frozen in awe as Eemah carried them in and set them down on the bed. Still hiding they watched as Eemah went through their normal bed time procedures, getting dressed and singing songs, the nightly fight over which book to read and finally laying down in bed and getting one last snuggle and kiss.

After Eemah left, they watched themselves carefully get up and sneak out of the room. Kasy and Sheki looked at each other and grinned. Eemah was about to catch them trying to steal cookies but Eemah didn't know that there were now two sets of Kasy and Sheki. They crept out to the top of the stairs and waited for the uproar.

"What's the game, Ron?"

"Five card stud… low ball!"

"I hate…"

"Hold that thought, Dr. D…" Eemah said, "SHEKI GO… KAYSEY ANNE… put the cookies down and get back upstairs… RIGHT NOW!

"Aww, Eemah, no fair."

"Upstairs now girls."

"Can we…"

"…have snuggles?"


"Come on, Shego; let the girls give everyone a goodnight hug before they go back upstairs."

"Thank'a Mommy!"

That was their cue. Quiet as mice they snuck past the poker room and into the pantry. They each grabbed a box of cookies and headed for the back stairs. They crouched at the top, hiding until Mommy went back down and scampered down the hallway to their room. From inside they heard themselves…




There was a flash of bluish light and when they went inside, the room was empty. Clutching their prizes Kasy and Sheki clambered back onto their bed. Uncle Drew's present was still sitting there and it had another button.




Wade burst through the front door and into the room where everyone including him was playing poker. He clothing was outlandish, a red Hawaiian shirt and bright yellow calf length pants, over which he had on a long golden trench coat and a multi colored scarf. On his face was a pair of oversized wrap around mirrored sunglasses. Everyone at the table glanced back and forth between the two Wades in shock and horror, except Wade, who looked at an older, buffer and apparently fashion blind version of himself and thought, Yeah, the goatee works.

Shego stood up and yelled as she ignited her hands. "Dr D! What have I told you about clones?"

"But… I didn't…"

"I'm not a clone!" the new Wade gasped between deep breaths, "I'm back from the future. Kim, Shego! You've gotta come with me."

"What's wrong with our future?"

"Nothing, You two are just fine... It's your kids." He said grimly, "Something has to be done about your kids!"


A/N- This chapter isn't supposed to exist. I had conceived this as a fluff piece about the twins trying to steal cookies and getting caught, but the characters started playing around in my mind and I started thinking "What if?" and all of a sudden there was this epilogue. There is a follow up to this. You can read about what happened next in "Follow the Queen 2: Dueces Wild!" Remember to leave a comment telling me how much you enjoyed this or how much you hated it. Every signed review gets a response, even reviews for old stories posted long ago.