A/N: I just randomly came up with this. What if something happened to get Glinda and Elphaba kicked off the train to the Emerald City?

Elphaba staggered from the end of the forest to a clearing with a dirt road.

"Glinda?" she called, "Glinda, don't tell me you passed out"

A rustling could be heard in the bushes, and soon Glinda staggered out into the clearing. "This isn't fun", she remarked, slightly limping (Elphaba didn't know if her foot was actually hurt of if she was just trying to be dramatic).

"You think I'm enjoying this?" she noticed a small sign on the other side of the road, "C'mon".

Glinda groaned and followed her friend across the street. What she saw on the sign didn't make her happy.

"Emerald City…10 MILES? Elphie, there's no way I'm walking 10 miles. It's getting dark and my feet hurt."

"Oh, would you rather spend the night out here? Be my guest." Elphaba said and started to walk away."

Glinda sped up to catch up with Elphaba, "Okay, I don't want to spend the night out here, but we've been walking for a long, long time now."

"Relax, it's only been a couple of hours"

Glinda grunted, "Only a couple of hours she says! Elphie, I'm wearing HEELS."

Elphie rolled her eyes, "Well maybe you shouldn't have worn heels".

"Well I obviously didn't foresee this!" Glinda argued.

"You never foresee anything", Elphaba muttered.

Glinda stopped to take off her shoes, "I heard that Elphaba." She sped up to catch up with her again, "All I'm saying is that one of us is going to have to come up with better means of transportation because this isn't working".

"Oh yes, because we have legs for no reason. Honestly, what might you travel in?"

Glinda thought about it for a moment or two and then said, "That's my secret".

"Whatever…let me know when you actually come up with something."

"I did come up with something, I'm just not telling you"


The two walked in silence for the next few minutes, until Glinda said "All we need now is rain".

"Don't say that"

"Why not?"

A clap of thunder was suddenly heard.

"That's why" Elphaba snapped.

"Oh get real Elphie, I don't control the weather."

You tempted the gods Glinda!"

"You just wanted to blame me for something don't you?"

"You bet I do…"

"It's still not my fault…"

"Oh just put your cloak on", Elphaba snapped grabbing a hooded cloak out of her bag, "The last thing I need is to be showing up in the Emerald City soaking wet…"

"Well it's still not my fault…"

"Sure Glinda…sure."

And thus started a ten mile long argument…in the pouring rain