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A little while later Elphaba and Glinda came across an unexpected fork in the road. Unfortunately, this led to more issues between the two.

"Let's take this road", suggested Elphaba, pointing to the one on the right, "It looks more traveled."

"Elphie, don't be so daft", said Glinda everyone says you should take the road less traveled!"

"No they don't."

"Yes they do, let's take the left road", Glinda said, and without waiting for an answer skipped down the left road.

"Glinda!" called Elphaba down the road, "Come back here! It's getting dark, it looks like it's going to rain again, and I think we should go down the other road!"

Glinda, who was either out of earshot or ignoring her, didn't reply. Elphaba gave a groan of frustration and hurried off after her friend. It was going to be a long night.

When Elphaba caught up with Glinda, she found her frozen in the middle of the path. Elphaba peeked over her friend's shoulder to see what she could be looking at, but saw nothing.

"What? What do you see?" she asked.

"It-it-it moved!" Glinda exclaimed.

"What moved?"

A tiny lizard darted across the path that very instant. "That!" Glinda squealed, terrified.

"That's a lizard", Elphaba said, rolling her eyes.

"A blizzard? Isn't that a snow storm?" Glinda asked, inching closer to Elphaba.

"LIZARD you dolt! It's a type of reptile!"

"I'm not moving until it goes away!" Glinda proclaimed giving the lizard—which was now sitting on a rock giving her a look that clearly said 'you're an idiot'—a death glare.

"Glinda, it's already your fault that we weren't at the Emerald City three hours ago. You got us kicked off the train, spent hours complaining, and led us down this forsaken road, and now you have the nerve to refuse to move unless a lizard goes away?"


"That's it. I'm leaving you out here."

Elphaba strode ahead of Glinda and didn't look back. She'll follow me, she thought, she's not going to stay out here alone in the dark because a lizard is looking at her funny.

But she was wrong. Elphaba turned around to see her friend staring at the lizard, who was now constantly darting across the road, almost in mockery.

"Come on Glinda. It's just a lizard."

"What if it bites me?" Glinda wanted to know, "I could be maimed! Or even killed!"

"Glinda," Elphaba said, losing her patience, "It's barely an inch long."

"But what about those fire ants? They're even smaller and they bite!"

"There aren't any fire ants out here and those lizards don't bite. This wouldn't have happened if YOU hadn't insisted upon taking this road."

"Why do you always have to blame everything on me?" Glinda shouted.

"Because it's always your fault", said Elphaba, eyes narrowing.

"Elphaba Thropp, that's a wicked thing to say!"

"It's true", Elphaba said bluntly.

Glinda, tired, hungry, and angry at being placed at the blame, stomped forward and smacked Elphaba across the head.

Elphaba blinked. "Feel better now?"


"Good. Let's go."

"Wait…what happened to the lizard?"

"You scared it away with all your yelling."

"I scared it?"

"That's what I said."

Glinda started laughing manically, "Glinda Upland, Lizard Slayer! NO LIZARD STANDS A CHANCE!"

"What…is wrong with you?"


"How about the Emerald City instead of home?" Elphaba asked.


Elphaba pointed through the trees at the Emerald City, sparkling in the night. Green never looked so good.

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