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Summary: My take on what could have happened during the blaze of glory when Alex and Marissa fight about Marissa sleeping in the tent with Ryan.

I Didn't Lie

"I was going to tell you that it's just it wasn't a big deal."

"Well it wasn't until you lied."

"I didn't lie." Alex gave her a look, "I just…"

"Lied," Alex filled in the blank. "No big deal," Alex moped as she got up and walked away.

Marissa stood there not knowing what to do when she heard the bedroom door slam just and it made her jump slightly. She didn't like upsetting the blonde, and didn't know why she hadn't told her everything.

Deciding she needed to apologize she walked down the hall to where she heard the door slam shut a few minutes earlier. Slowly entering the room she seen the blonde lying on her bed, music playing. The brunette stood there watching the blonde for a moment before speaking.

"Look Alex I'm really sorry, I don't know why I didn't tell you, but I am really sorry." Marissa looked at her feet, she couldn't bring herself to look at the blonde.

Alex who had been silent, finally stood up. "I can't do this anymore, just get out and leave me alone!" She screamed at the taller girl.

"No Alex I'm not leaving," Marissa stood her ground.

"Just leave Marissa, just leave!" Alex screamed again, trying not to cry. Marissa gave in and walked out closing the door behind her, she waited until she was out of the room before she became to cry. Not knowing where to go or what to do, she sunk down to the floor and leaned against the door. Knees to her chest she just sat there crying. Inside the room Alex had turned the music up, boiled frogs by Alexisonfire was her choice, and laid back down on the bed and began to cry herself.

After about a half hour Alex calmed down and realised how badly she had flipped out on Marissa, and had to find out where she went and bring her home. She got up and ran for the not, disregarding the c.d. player.

How could I be so stupid, I hope I'm not to late. What if she ran right to Ryan? Well then I guess I know where we stand, I'll check the beach first.

Alex swung the door up and just as she was about to run she seen the brunette on the floor leaned against the door frame, fast asleep. Relief washed over Alex, and she carefully picked the brunette up and carried her over to the bed. Placing her down gently, Alex went over to the c.d. player and turned it down, which was now playing stick with you by the pussy cat dolls. Alex then climbed into bed and wrapped her arms around Marissa, happy that the girl was back in her arms.


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