A/U: I don't really read drabbles, i just write them. XD So if you feel like you've seen something like this before, sorry in advance.

From Glares to Smiles
By: Hiki-chan

Naruto noticed, that Uchiha Sasuke had many different glares.

He had the 'I hate you,' glare, Naruto never liked this one but was relieved he was never the one Sasuke aimed this glare at.

He also had the 'Quit disturbing me,' glare making the blond sniggered, it was rather common for Sasuke to use that. Especially last time.

Another famous glare, was the 'Leave me alone,' glare. He used that on his annoying fangirls.

However, out of all the many glares that Uchiha Sasuke had, Naruto favors the 'Don't touch my dobe!' glare.

...Okay scratch that.

Naruto also noticed, that Sasuke didn't only have glares. He had different smirks as well.

The most famous was the 'Uchiha Smirk'.

He used to give the 'I so much better than you,' smirk at Naruto.

The 'You will never defeat me,' smirk when they were fighting.

The 'You're pathetic but amusing,' smirk that he still gives to Naruto even now.

Yes, Uchiha Sasuke had many smirks. Each would usually creep the hell out of Naruto. The worst, Naruto shuddered, was the predatorial smirk, that he used on Naruto only. Especially if they were alone...

Yet, what many people don't know. Is that Uchiha Sasuke has many smiles as well.

A 'You're so cute.' smile made Naruto blush even though he hates being called cute.

Naruto even had a favorite type of Sasuke smile.

It was called, the "I love you," smile.

Yes, Uchiha Sasuke had many smiles, however, you would never see Sasuke smile.


Because he only smiles for Naruto.