The Truth Revealed

Chapter 1

Changing Fate

A steady wind blew through Konoha as a lone figure jumped from rooftop to rooftop, searching for his target. He found him, surprisingly, not inside the Sand's temporary living quarters, but on top of one of the many buildings of Konoha.

Dosu Kinuta landed on the rooftop, taking note of the unusual fish statues adorning the ends. Carefully he made his way towards one of the statues, his lone eye ever watchful of the figure silhouetted against the full moon. No one knew he was out here, having snuck out of the Sounds living quarters seemingly undetected.

Dosu came to a stop while he was still a safe distance away, his overly long sleeves flapping in the wind. "This was unexpected…do you not sleep?"

Gaara looked down from the statue he sat upon. "What do you want?" he replied, uninterested in anything the Sound ninja had to say.

"I was thinking of defeating you right here, right now. Then I'll have a higher possibility of fighting Sasuke-Kun."

Dosu pulled his sleeve up revealing the metallic speaker attached to his arm, the metal glinting in the moonlight. "I know of your sand attacks. Which do you think is faster? Your sand or my sound?"

Gaara's eyes narrowed at the fool below him, and turned his head back to stare at the moon. The wind suddenly began to pick, signaled by the wind chimes decorating the statues. "When there is a full moon…"

Dosu cautiously took a step back, his instincts telling him something was wrong.

"When the moon is full…" Gaara continued. "…his blood gets excited." Sand suddenly began pouring out of his gourd, surrounding the boy as he started to change. Dosu's eye widened in shock and fear, seeing Gaara's silhouette grow larger and more deformed growing to the point where it almost blocked out the moon.

"What…what are you...?"

The creature jumped down from the statue and onto the rooftop, bringing up a cloud of dust and debris with it. He picked up speed and shot right at Dosu, shaking the roof and ripping up boards in its wake. Dosu watched the thing heading strait for him, and did what any sane, logical person would do in his situation.

He jumped out of the way.

Dosu just barely made it out of the creature's path before it plowed into him, sending bits of wood at him as it flew past. As soon as his feet touched the ground Dosu took off running, trying to get some distance between him and the…thing behind him.

He turned his head and came to a dead stop when he saw what was behind him. Gaara was there, kneeling in front of large pile of splintered wood, the exact spot where Dosu had been standing just a moment ago. If he had hesitated for just a few more seconds, he would have been killed.

Slowly Gaara got to his feet, turning to meet the sound ninja's gaze. Dosu's eye twitched in fear as he looked into Gaara's bloodshot eyes. This guy…this thing…what the hell was he?

Dosu was feeling something he hadn't felt in a long time: fear.

Without so much as a blink on Gaara's part the plug on his gourd shot off and sand began pouring out, pooling at Gaara's feet. For the longest time they just stood there, Dosu too afraid to move, and Gaara just watching him like a crazed, hungry animal. Dosu's foot twitched, and all hell broke loose.

A tendril of sand shot out toward Dosu, who dodged it only to have another one slam into his chest, propelling him back with surprising force. Dosu managed to regain his footing just before he went over the edge of the roof, which was the only upside of his current situation.

Before him walls of sand was approaching at high speed, ready to envelope and crush the life out of him. Dosu braced himself and pulled the sleeve off his melody arm again.

"You shouldn't underestimate me!" Dosu met the wall head on, driving his fist into the sand and releasing his sound attack, the vibrations from the speaker breaking the sand apart enough for him to break through. The sand immediately started to pull itself back together, almost enclosing on him as Dosu jumped through. Dosu took off running as soon as his feet touched the rooftop again, turning his gaze back to Gaara, who hadn't moved since his initial outburst.

Unknown to either genin, they had a small audience watching them. A few roofs over two figures stood on a small balcony, watching the exchange with interest.

"That was incredible. Was that his true form?" Kabuto spoke calmly, pushing his glasses back into place.

Baki nodded. "Yes, but is this all right? He is a sound…"

"It's ok. We have no use for him anymore."

Baki turned to the sound's spy, the one half of his face visible showing obvious confusion. "I thought that he was a guinea pig to see how strong that Susuke kid was?"

Kabuto smiled. "No, there's no need for that anymore."

Baki eyed Kabuto carefully, his casually disdain for his own men leaving a foul taste in the sand ninjas mouth. Soon enough though his attention was drawn back to the fight, a tad surprised it was taking this long.

"Actually…" Kabuto said, thinking about it a bit more. "You may want to calm him down if they don't finish soon, it would be a shame if they attracted some unwanted attention. We wouldn't want Gaara disqualified from the exams would we?"

Baki nodded and disappeared, moving at speeds only a ninja was capable of. Kabuto smirked to himself and pulled out a kunai "And while you do that, I'll take care of another little problem…"

Dosu dodged another tendril of sand, in a futile effort to get closer to Gaara. Even though his sound attacks would blow apart his sand, it would just reform seconds later giving him only enough time to move out of the way.

Dosu dodged another wave of sand, only to feel an abrasive tug on his leg. Looking down he saw a tentacle of sand wrapped around his left leg, already tearing through his pant leg and digging into his skin. "No…!"


For a split-second Gaara's attention was diverted from the fight, but that was all Dosu needed. Taking advantage of Gaara's momentary distraction, Dosu slammed his fist into the ground, the sound waves from his speaker dissipating the sand wrapped around him, allowing him to escape.

Baki appeared on the rooftop, a safe enough distance from Gaara so he could retreat if necessary. "Gaara, I need you to calm down. Remember why we're here, don't go against the plan." Baki said, choosing his words carefully.

Dosu didn't know what the man was talking about and he didn't care. Right now all he was worried about was getting out of this alive. He turned his back to the two and ran off.

Gaara's eyes narrowed at Jonin. "I care little for Orochimaru's plans."

That was the only thing that stopped Dosu from escaping from the rooftop. He turned his head back towards the two. "What does Sand have to do with Orochimaru?"

Baki gritted his teeth, knowing he was treading on thin ice already. "Your actions here are sure to draw attention from Konoha if they continue, and there's a good chance that this area will soon be crawling with their ninja! We need to get out off here now; otherwise they may not allow you to fight in the Chunin exam!"

Gaara regarded Baki with a cold stare, one the older ninja had never quite gotten used to, and disappeared in a tornado of sand leaving no trace behind.

Baki let out a sign of relief, thankful the Gaara had cooperated. He looked over at the sound ninja, briefly wondered what he was thinking, and took off himself.

Dosu just stood there, his sleeves flapping in the wind as his mind processed the information he had just learned. What kind of deal did Orochimaru make with sand? And why did he not tell him?"

"Orochimaru…it is not wise to keep your followers in the dark like this. They may start to mistrust you…

Kin lay in her bed, twiddling a needle between her fingers. The genin from Sound had since recovered from her fight with the shadow-user, but didn't really feel like getting out of bed. Now that she had failed the exams, what use was she to Orochimaru-sama?

On the bed next to hers, the short distance separated by a sheet, lay her teammate Zaku. He had gotten it a lot worse than she had, the Konoha medics saying they weren't sure if he would ever be able to use either of his arms again. The injuries he sustained from the bug-freak were that bad.

Kin gritted her teeth as another groan of pain came from the other side of the sheet, and she began wishing that Orochimaru-sama had assigned them separate rooms. She was going to be stuck with them during the exams anyway, was it too much to ask for a little privacy? She put up the sheet herself. It wasn't that she didn't trust her teammates…well actually she didn't trust them at all.

But right now she condemned her living arrangements not just for lack of privacy, but for new annoyance of Zaku's grunts and groans that she had to put up with. Maybe it was worth it to get out of bed after all…

Next to her, Zaku lay still in his bed staring up at the ceiling. Next to him his arms lay motionless, heavily wrapped in bandages that covered the extensive injuries they had received. For all the good it would have done Zaku was practically dead to the world, the only thoughts going through his mind being of his defeats in the exam, first by Sasuke, then by Shino.

They just kept playing in his head over…and over…and over…


He was supposed to show everyone how he had changed, how he was no longer that weak little boy struggling to survive. He was ZAKU ABUMI, Orochimaru's prized student! It wasn't supposed to be like this!

In vain he tried moving his arms again; sweat building on his forehead as he tried to will them to move only to be met with the same intense pain he had felt the last time. Groaning he let them rest at his sides again, giving up.

This was it. He was finished. He was useless to Orochimaru-sama now. What good is a ninja without arms?

The noise to his far left acquired his attention, turning his head to see Dosu climb in through the second-story window, looking like hell.

The sheet next to Zaku's bed was shoved aside by Kin when she heard the window open. Tough they hadn't said anything, both of them had been wondering where Dosu had gone.

"Hey Dosu where were you? You didn't come back last night." Kin asked, curious as to what he had been doing.

Dosu walked silently towards his bed on the wall opposite of theirs and with a sigh he sat at the foot of his bed, not giving his teammate any sign that he heard her.

Kin started getting annoyed at her question being ignored, and was about to let him know it when she happened to glance down. "Damn Dosu what happened to your leg?"

Dosu looked up at his teammates as if he had just noticed they were there, before glancing down at his ripped up pant leg and the bloody wound he had received from Garra, which was just beginning to scab over. "Ahh…I tripped." In a bid to change the subject he turned towards Zaku. "How are your arms Zaku?"

Zaku just shot him a nasty glare and turned his head to look out the window. Dosu recognized his facial expression, the look of someone who had been broken.

Kin however was not about to let the subject drop so easily. "Now wait a minute, even if…"

At that moment however the sound of footsteps could be heard in the hall way outside their door, and there was only one person it could have been.

Zaku sat up, hissing as more pain shot through his arms as the hung limply from his sides while Kin and Dosu stood up at attention. All three of them remained silent and still, awaiting their master. If there was one thing that they could all agree on it was that when you were in Orochimaru's presence, you paid attention.

The door opened wide as the snake man entered, that unsettling smile on his face.

"And how are my genin doing today?"

None of them said anything, their looks of shame telling him everything. Well, at least for Zaku and Kin. Dosu seemed to have a different look in his eye.


Orochimaru watched as Zaku dragged himself out of his bed, wincing as he did so. With a look akin to desperation his pupil approached him.

"I sorry I failed you Orochimaru-sama, please give me another chance to prove myself to you." Zaku pleaded, keeping his head low.

Orochimaru sneered. "And what use is a second-rate ninja who can't even use his arms? What use do you think you could possible be to me?"

Those words probably cut through Zaku worse than knife could have.

The feel of a warm hand on his cheek raised Zakus face up, seeing the gentle smile on his master's face.

"Don't worry Zaku, I will not abandon you yet." He said his smile back in place. "You still have use to me." Orochimaru lowered his hand. "Now we have to work on those arms, you won't be any use to me with those useless appendages."

If his words from before had cut Zaku to pieces, what he was saying now definitely put him back together.

"There's someone here I want you to meet." Another figure appeared in the doorway at Orochimaru's words, one that the Sound trio instantly recognized. "This is Kabuto; he has been a spy for me in this village for some time now and is quite the skilled medic-nin."

Dosu scrutinized the glasses wearing shinobi carefully, taking this in. Just how much was Orochimaru hiding from them?

Orochimaru moved aside to let Kabuto approach Zaku, who bent down to examine his arms. He gently placed his palms over his arms, sending some of his chakra into them to get a clearer picture of what he was dealing with. After a minute he looked back at Orochimaru. "Yeah, I can deal with these."

"Good, but that will have to wait. I have other things for you to take care of first." Orochimaru looked down at Zaku's face. "Don't worry, he will fix them. It just may be some time before he does. Your strong enough to wait aren't you?" Orochimaru smiled and turned to leave, glancing back at them for one more announcements.

"Kin, Zaku, make sure you get plenty of rest and Dosu, try not to injure yourself training for the exams, I need your bodies in good shape for your next mission." The snake's grin grew slightly wider as he said this, a fact that did not go unnoticed by Dosu.

With a nod Kabuto got up and followed Orochimaru out the door, closing it behind him. With one look Dosu could see the old Zaku was back, and they would soon again be dealing with the rude, arrogant, loud-mouthed Zaku they had been used to. Dosu inwardly thanked the heavens for that, having rather deal with Zaku the asshole than Zaku the depressed cripple.

Time passed, and very soon the month was almost up. It was three days before the third part of the Chunin Exam began, and on the rooftop of the Sounds building Kin was practicing, having set up a practice dummy on the flat rooftop. The long-haired ninja was jumping all over the place, throwing needles from every possible direction and having each one hit its target almost flawlessly. True she had already failed in the exams, but she was here to make sure something like that never happened again.

Another throw, another needle landing in her opponents "heart". She stopped for a moment, examining her work. She was off by a just a little on her target. She cursed herself, this was no good. Orochimaru expected more than this from her.

With a sigh she took out another handful of needles, only to pause when she heard someone landing on the roof behind her. Instincts catching up with her she quickly turned around on her foot, arms ready and raised to turn whoever was behind her into a pincushion, only to be lowered when she saw it was just Zaku.

"Hey." Zaku said as he approached her, both his arms still wrapped up and in separate slings. It had been quite some time since Kabuto had looked at Zaku's arms, and the medic still hadn't healed them, something that was making Zaku a little edgy.

"What you want?"

"I'm here to train, so get lost. You've been using this spot all week anyway."

Kin just looked at the boy, an "are you serious" look on her face. "No way! I was here first, go find somewhere else to practice," she said with a smirk, gesturing towards his arms. "…it's not like you can do much like that."

Zaku glared at Kin, who just glared back at him, and with a smirk walked over to her needle covered training dummy, coming to a stop in directly in front of it.

"Hey, what are you…?"

Ignoring her question Zaku jumped into the air, his leg coming up and smashing itself into the dummy's face, knocking it to the ground.

"Hey I had to steal that from Konoha's training grounds!" Kin yelled at him. "Do you know how hard that was?"

His foot landed on top of the dummy's head, crushing it under the weight. "I'd imagine it would be hard for a weakling like you," Zaku said with an arrogant smirk.

"WHAT!?" Kin yelled, her face turning red.

"You heard me. Now as you can see I can still use my legs, so I can still train. Now get out of here and find somewhere else to play with your needles."

He watched as Kins face got redder and her knuckles turned whiter as she squeezed them. He expected her to start throwing a volley of needles at him, which he was sure he could avoid. "Perfect." He thought. "I've been itching for a fight."

Instead of attacking however, she just raised her right hand and starting moving her fingers back and forth in a familiar movement, which was soon followed by a familiar sound.

Zaku groaned in pain as a dull ache in his head began to grow at the sound of tiny bells ringing. "But how? She didn't even…" His question was answered however when he spotted them, the bells attached to needles already lodged in the practice dummy. He staggered backward as the pain grew in his head and he began to lose his footing.

A cruel smile grew on the raven-haired girls face as she watched Zaku fall to his knees. "What's wrong Zaku?" She cooed. "Are your arms hurting again? Want me to kiss them and make them better?"

"You bitch…"

Kin laughed to herself and got a few needles ready. She was just going to land a few of them in those legs of his, teach him a lesson or two.

"Geez, can't you avoid confrontation for one day Zaku?"

Kin looked behind her, seeing Dosu walking calmly towards her. She hadn't even heard him until he had spoke up.

"Hey Dosu, what are you doing here?" She asked, not stopping her genjutsu attack on Zaku. It was odd to see Dosu during this time of day, as for the past few weeks he had been disappearing during this time, coming back at night looking worn out and tired. She and Zaku had assumed he was training for the exams.

"There's a matter I wanted to discuss with you." Dosu said looking over at Zaku, who was trying to crawl away from the bells using just his legs. "You will need to stop that; he needs to hear this too."

Kin gave an annoyed sigh, canceling out her chakra strings and releasing Zaku from her genjutsu, who soon crawled back to his feet looking ready to tear her head off.

"That's enough out of both of you." Dosu stated as he moved in between the two before Zaku got any closer to Kin. "There's something we must talk about."

Kin and Zaku looked at Dosu intently, though Zaku's eyes did travel to shoot an angry look at Kin.

"Not here though. Follow me." Dosu took off, slow enough for Kin and Zaku to realize what he was doing and follow. They followed him through the village, jumping from rooftop to rooftop and being sure to avoid known areas of shinobi activity. Soon enough they had traveled halfway across Konoha with Dosu coming to a stop in an abandoned alleyway between two buildings on one of the less populated streets of the city.

Dosu looked around, scrutinizing his surroundings for anyone that may have been listening, before taking a deep breath and turning to face Zaku and Kin.

"I no longer trust Orochimaru."

Out of the list of things he could have said, no other could have surprised his teammates than that one.

"What the hell are you talking about?!" Zaku screamed while Kin just stared at him looking shocked.

Immediately Dosu was on him, covering Zaku's mouth with his hand and putting a finger up to his own bandaged mouth, gesturing for him to be quite.

After Zaku nodded Dosu lowered his hand and was met with the same, although more quietly asked question. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Orochimaru has been lying to use from the start," Dosu explained. "He ordered us to kill Sasuke during the exams, only to give him a curse seal on his own." His only visible eye, usually unreadable, flickered with a hint of anger. "We were just pawns to test against Sasuke's strength."

Kin and Zaku just stared at Dosu like he was insane. Any kind of talk against Orochimaru by one of his own men could be considered the equivalence of a suicide note.

"So what?!" Zaku yelled at him, apparently forgetting to keep his voice down. "So he changed his plans! It's not like he's conspiring against us! You're so full of shit!"

Dosu just stared back at him calmly, not showing any reaction to his outburst. "I wouldn't be so sure of that."

His teammates kept quite. He was serious.

"There is some kind of agreement between Sand and Sound." Dosu went on. "I am not sure of all the details but…" Dosu paused and gestured for them to move closer and whispered the rest. "…it involves a joint attack on Konoha during the third part of the exams."

Kin stared at Dosu, not convinced. "How could you possible know that? We were never told…"

"Of course we were never told," Dosu interrupted her. "He doesn't think us important enough to include in his plans."

"Ok, but what how did you hear about this at all?"

Dosu stared back at Kin, not sure of how to proceed. "There is a…technique I've been working on."

Dosu sighed as Kin and Zaku leaned in closer, obviously interested. "It works on the idea that when one sense goes out, others grow stronger to compensate. Using my chakra I block off the four senses, sight, taste, touch, and smell, making my brain completely hearing-dependent. After that I use more chakra to increase my ears strength, enabling me to hear things much more clearly and from greater distances." Dosu looked at the surprised looks of his teammates. "It is how I've been listening in on Orochimaru's plans."

"Why the hell didn't you mention this before?!" Zaku asked.

"It's best to save your trump cards until it's absolutely necessary to use them. I would have thought you would have learned that by now Zaku." Dosu said calmly.

Needless to say Zaku was not happy about the remark

Kin, however, was impressed. She knew Dosu was smart, that was why he usually made the plans for the team, but she didn't expect him to be able to come up with something like this. "So…what has he said about us?"

Dosu let out another sigh. "Not much. Only that we three will be 'useful' when he goes up against the Hokage."

Zaku snorted. "Well that's it isn't it? That proves he still needs us!"

Dosu looked at back at Zaku. "I am…not convinced that is the case…"

"You're so full of bullshit!" Zaku spat. "Have you forgotten all he's done for us? How he's the only one who ever treated like we were worth something! He's given us more than we could have ever hoped for…!"

"But why?" Dosu stared at Zaku. "After all he's taught us, all he's shown us, do you really think he is the type of person who stands behind his promises?"

Zaku didn't answer; instead letting his actions do the talking.

Dosu ducked as Zaku aimed a kcik for his head and jumped back as Zaku went in for another. Zaku's leg sailed at him again a third time, only to have it caught midair by Dosu. Without his arms, he was no match for him.

Dosu gaze pierced Zaku's "Did you know that he did not stick around for your fight against the bug user?"

Dosu let go of his foot and Zaku fell backwards, landing hard on his back. He looked up at Dosu, looking angrier than he had in his last fight. He slowly made his way back to his feet "This is fucking bullshit." He spat out. "I'm outta here."

"Zaku…" Dosu started.

"Shut up." He shot back. "I'm not going to tell anyone about this, so don't worry. I'm not a snitch." Without another word he jumped onto the rooftops above, running back towards the Sounds quarters.

Kin looked at Dosu, who was watching the spot where Zaku had been standing. "Do you really think…?"

"As I said, I am not sure…" He turned to look at her. "But I intend to find out."

Early next morning Dosu silently moved through a building not too far from the Sounds quarters. It was the same building were he had been using his technique to listen in on Orochimaru the past few weeks. Well, week anyway. It had taken him some time to get the technique down just right.

He turned a corner and slid into a storage room, apparently used to hold old junk that someone just didn't want to throw away. This whole building seemed to just be used for storage, and in his time here Dosu hadn't seen anyone entering the place.

Closing the door behind him Dosu walked over a few boxes and other objects to the far wall, opening the single window in the room. This place was suited his needs well. It was quite, no one was around to bother him, and this room's window pointed directly at Sounds quarters allowing him to listen in more easily.

Repeating the process he had been going over the past month he began removing the bandages wrapped around his head. Unfortunately he would need both ears uncovered for maximum efficiency, no matter how much it made him uncomfortable. After he finished with that he sat down in a spot he had cleared off so that nothing dangerous was around him, keeping him safe from most harm.

Finally he removed a piece of wood from his pack. The small, tubular wood piece was wrapped in leather and had pieces of string tied to both ends. He put the piece in his mouth and tied the strings around his head to make sure it stood in place. It wouldn't do if he bit his tongue off and bled to death.

Dosu hadn't been entirely truthful when he told his teammates about his technique. The facts about it were true enough, but the reason he had never told anyone about was because he was afraid Orochimaru would have made him use it too often.

It was actually quite a dangerous technique. When he shut off his other senses he was losing valuable information especially the sense of touch. Without it he felt no pain, so he could seriously injure himself and never know until it was too late, hence the reason for the mouthpiece.

Also, it was a major drain on his chakra and stamina, which was why he had been returning to his room every night so tired and worn. It was also a huge strain on his eardrums. Without his chakra to strengthen and protect them, they would have easily been destroyed from the technique.

But desperate time called for desperate measures, and he needed to figure out exactly what Orochimaru was planning before the exams started up again.

Taking in a breath and sitting cross-legged on the floor, Dosu began the long and difficult process of shutting down his other senses. It would take a least and hour, and within that time he would close off nerve signals being sent to his brain by his other senses, effectively cutting them off. It had taken him many months of training back in the Village of Sound to figure out how to do that.

About forty-five minutes later he felt the first sign of success. The dusty smell of the room slowly faded away, followed by the leathery taste in his mouth disappearing. Next came his eyesight and finally the feeling of his legs against the floor disappeared, and soon all he could sense was the sound of himself breathing.

"Now for the hard part…"

Carefully, Dosu began moving more chakra into his ears, getting ready to strengthen them to levels they were not meant to go. It would happen fast so he would have to brace himself.

Another second later and Dosu could hear everything.

The footsteps of the man walking past the building.

The bird flapping its wings overhead.

The dog barking in the distance.

The fly buzzing in the next room.

Everything in his range was available to his ears.

To anyone watching it would have looked like Dosu had gone into a seizure as his body twitched violently. It wasn't that he was in any pain mind you; it was just that his brain was having trouble with the information overload it was receiving.

Now it was time for the hard part, picking out certain sounds over other ones. It had taken him even longer to figure out how to do this, but it had been worth it. Slowly his mind picked out the unwanted noise, pushing it into the background looking for his target. Eventually he had narrowed down his focus to the Sounds quarters, the rest of the area buzzing in the background.

He could hear a something sharp being thrown through the air and piercing the wall in their room. Judging from the sound of their footsteps and way of breathing he knew it was Kin. Outside their room someone was walking back and forth, muttering under their breath although for Dosu it came in loud in clear. From the voice and the way they cursed he could tell it was Zaku.

He listened in one the rest of the house, over the tiny creaks and groans of the building settling until he heard the voice he had been searching for on the bottom floor of the building.

It was a small room with one door and no windows. A single light bulb hummed on the ceiling as moths flapped their tiny wings flying around the light source. Orochimaru was talking with someone, finalizing his plans for Konoha. Dosu recognized the other voice as that of Kabuto, that medic-nin that they had met.

They continued talking for fifteen minutes while Dosu listening carefully, drowning out all other sounds. They went over how and when they would attack, making sure everything was in order. They also talked a bit about Gaara, and from what they said Dosu was amazed he made it out of his fight with him relatively unscathed. Finally, the moment he had been waiting for arrived.

"...the old fool won't see it coming until it is too late." Orochimaru said, his voice seeming to radiate with pleasure.

"And what of the genin?"

"Ahh yes, I almost forgot. They of course will be an essential part in my fight against the Hokage. Of course, I'll need you to get them ready for me."

"Tonight then?"

"Yes. Won't they be pleased to find out there going to fight by my side?" Orochimaru let out a small chuckle, and Dosu imagined the snake-mans grin growing wider. "And don't worry about repairing Zaku arms; it won't make any difference for the sacrifice."

"Of course Orochima-"

Dosu did not hear the rest however because he had blacked out.