I write this fic about a week later. Different class, different professor, different mood, different writing style, and yeah, maybe you'll find it different than the main chapter before. Yep, this part is also scratched out from the fic, because...er...it has less romance, and some sentence just sounds a bit wrong... coz lack of vocab...so I'm sorry if you see some repetition, again and again. BTW, I also have added something here and there, so now this extra looks better than the original version before.

I was surprised when I found an almost similiar fic, but the difference is that Sasuke bakes cake, not cookie. Yeah, human's brain are interesting ! And, gosh...I hope I didn't ruin young innocent mind again... XD

Again, this is random ( because it starts with a poke), a bit OOC (since Sasuke isn't a morning person), a bit swearing, and Shounen-ai, of course. Don't kill me, because there's a quiz at the end of the fic (grin).

Me: (Smack Naruto's head)

Naruto: Owie! What's that for?

Me: That's (smack again) for infecting me with your randomness.

Naruto: (pouted)

Sasuke: (sweat drop)

Extra Part II

5 AM

Uchiha Mansion

Master Bedroom.



Poke. Poke

Twitch. Twitch.

Poke. Poke. Poke.

Slaps hand.




Back to sleep.


"Oi, Sasuke! It's 5 AM in the morning! If you don't get up now, we'll be late for daily meeting!"

"... ... mmmnh... Shut up, do-beh... ..." Sasuke murmured, eyes still closed. 'Damn, what a morning person. No wonder he always arrived first.' Sasuke's mind wandered to last night event. 'Damn, he does has a lot of stamina. Too much stamina...'

"Oooooi! Wake up, lazy teme!"

No reaction.

Naruto leaned forward and blew a small air through Sasuke's ear. Sasuke squirmed and rolled over to another bed side. Naruto frowned.

Sasuke felt the weight on the bed was lifted and moved somewhere near his back side.

"... ... ?" 'What's the dobe doing with just sitting there?'



Poke. Poke.

Squirmed more.

Poke. Poke. Poke.

"Damnit, Naruto! Stop It!" Sasuke hollered.

"Whyyy? It's morning already, I'm hungry, and you haven't wake up!" Naruto whined.

"Then go to the kitchen and cook something!"

"But I want you to go with me! You said that you'll accompany me whenever I want to!" Naruto pouted. Luckily, Sasuke didn't see it. He still slept, with blanket covering half lower part of his naked body.

"I will accompany you, but not in this state!"

"What state?" (poke)

"Damnit, Naruto!"


"Stop poking 'it'! It still hurts from the last night!"

"Huh? Why?"

Sasuke raised his head a little and glared a dark glare at Naruto.

"... ... ?" Naruto still sat there, and looked confused. Fake confused.

"Na. Ru. To ..." Sasuke growled.

... ... ... groaaaaann 'He really can't be helped...'

"Last night was my first time. I haven't used to it, so of course it still hurts." said Sasuke calmly.

"Ooooohh!" said Naruto mockingly, and raised an eyebrow, acted like has just realized it.

Sasuke glared hard, and if possible, there would be a hole on the blonde's head.

"Really? Your first time, huh?" Naruto grinned evilly, as if this would be a good material for blackmailing.

It's a miracle that Naruto was still sat there, alive, and breathing free air. Other person who see Sasuke like this would have run for their life!

"No wonder you are still soo tight..." Naruto fisted his right hand and pulled out two finger, then did a scissoring move.

vein. vein. vein.


Sasuke grabbed Naruto's front shirt and jerked him closer, so their face is just an inch away from each other. Then he spoke through gritted teeth.

"Damn you, Naruto! I've been saving it for you and you seem so ungrateful--..."

Naruto was very shocked, eyes widened. He didn't mean to make Sasuke that angry.

Looking at Naruto's reaction, Sasuke suddenly realized what he has just said before.

"Shit!" Sasuke muttered and released the other's shirt. He went back to his bed. "Forget what I've said! Just, forget it!" He waved one hand before plopped himself down and pulled the blanket to cover back his body. He tried to sleep back.

Naruto still stood there. He didn't hear the cursing, and his mind was still repeating the last sentence before that. He pulled himself back to the present, and he saw Sasuke was already laying on the bed, with the back exposed. He remembered how smooth those pale skin are last night. He also remembered how Sasuke allowed him to touch every part of his body, and do whatever he liked to him. At that thought, Naruto's eyes soften. He sat down on the floor and leaned closer to Sasuke's side.

"Hey, Sasuke..." Naruto called him. He smiled and poking gently at Sasuke's cheek (this time is the up there one, face cheek).

"... ... ..." ...silent.

"I'm sorry." Naruto whispered to Sasuke's ear.

Sasuke opened one eye and stared at Naruto, then he closed his eye back.

"I've said just forget it." Sasuke murmured, hiding his blushing cheek 'Stupid dobe-chan...stupid me, never thought I'll be able to forgive him that easy...'

"But you didn't said that you've forgive me." Naruto pouted.

Unfortunately for Sasuke, he could feel the blonde's pout. Sasuke shifted uncomfortably.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know it was your first time." Naruto drawing invisible lines on the blanket, smiling back. "I thought that Orochimaru has got his hands on you first before me."

Sasuke openened both eyes. 'C'mon, just stop that...' "You really are a Dobe."

"Hmph!" Naruto pouted more. Sasuke began to immune to that pout.

"Sigh, come on," Sasuke rolled so now he laid on his back, " just by the look from his mascara-ed face, you know that the furthest thing he could only do is just touching my wrist." He showed Naruto his wrist. "Yes, he had...er... get his hands on my ass," his right hand waved over the blanket, which is covering his waist, "...but he never had the chance to go inside..." his hand made a trail from the blanket to his torso.

an awkward silence...

... ... ... o.o

Naruto sat there, stunned.

Sasuke sat there, also stunned.

'Now, how am I supposed to react to that?' Naruto thought.

The thought of that snake guy ghosting his hands on Sasuke's body was unacceptable, unforgivable, intolerable, but the thought that he was the first that allowed to do 'it' to Sasuke...was...let just say it has the opposite effect.

After a few seconds, Sasuke was the first to talk.

"Forget that." He waved his hand once.

"... ... uh?"

"I said forget that."

"... okay."

Sasuke rolled to another side, so his back was once exposed again.

The ray of sunlight came through the window, and it playing dark shades and light shadows on that pale smooth skin.

Naruto chuckled silently, more like giggling.

"I heard that." Sasuke pulled the blanket closer, so now it covered half of his shoulder and his back.

Naruto quieted down, and grinned.

And without warning, he hugged Sasuke from the back, squeezing him like a kid would do to his teddy bear.

"O-oi, Naruto!" Sasuke was beyond surprised. Uchiha is not supposed to be hugged like that, damnit! So, he squirmed.

"Mmmmmmmh?" Naruto ignored the squirming, hugged him tighter, and inhaled the scent of Sasuke's hair, near the end of the neck.

"Oi! Stop hugging me like that!" Now he felt the blonde's hair tickling his right shoulder.

"Aww, but you look so cute, Sasuke!" Naruto teased him, and still hugged him tight, while grinned.

Sasuke's face turned into different shades of red (C'mon, Uchiha isn't supposed to be cute!), and he squirmed more.

"I'm not cute!! Now, lemme go!!!" Sasuke scre-- yelled. (Yes, again, Uchiha isn't supposed to scream, they yell, with a higher pitch voice.)

"But last night you didn't complain that much when I hug you like this." Naruto pouted, in thought that this would stop the squirming.

But Sasuke ignored the pout and kept squirming, trying to pry himself off from the giant orange ladybug AKA Naruto. Naruto frowned.

"Hey, if you didn't stop squirming, I'll ask Sakura-chan to cling on your arm then act and scream like a fangirl."

Sasuke caught the word 'cling' and 'fangirl'. He froze, meanwhile his inner-self shuddered. He has too much, too much experience from the fangirls.

Both sat there in a very weird silence. With one boy sat with a very straight back, whole body muscles were as stiff as a wooden board. And one boy sat with two arms bear-hugging the raven-haired boy. Since Sasuke didn't squirm any longer, Naruto took this chance to embrace the other boy more.

And Naruto seemed enjoy it! Yep, he always got what he wants.

"Mmm, it's 5.30 already. Let's have some ramen for breakfast." Naruto said after he felt satisfied from the hugging.

"Hn." Sasuke scoffed, but his inner-self thanked to whomever or whatever up there that stopped the torture from the other boy. Well, not that Sasuke mind the hugging...but...'Damn, dobe-chan. I wonder it would be like this every morning, with him getting up so early and make me hug-able...Groaaan, I'd better--'

Naruto pulled Sasuke out of his bed, but stopped when he heard a sharp gasp and felt Sasuke's finger clutched his left arm tighter. Naruto turned over to see what has stopped him, and he saw Sasuke was squeezing his eyes shut, gritting teeth, and what made Naruto even panicked more is that Sasuke was paler than usual.

"Damnit, Naruto! Don't of all sudden pull me like that!" Sasuke yelled to him with high pitch voice, and yanked his hand back.

"Ow, sorry!" Naruto quickly pulled his hands back to their place. He saw Sasuke massaged his sore back. "Does it still hurt?"

Sasuke sent him a death glare, special one. He didn't have Kyuubi to heal him in one night!

Naruto cringed.

"Uh, okay, I got it... How about we ask Sakura to heal you?" Naruto helped Sasuke to stand.

Sasuke winced when trying to adjust the soreness from the lower back. "No." Now, he tried to balance himself. 'OK, now it feels better.'

"Huh? Why? I believe she'll understand, besides, she knows that we--..."

"No. Way." Sasuke scowled. "I won't let anyone touch my butt, except you--" Sasuke blurted out.

Naruto thought he has just heard something wrong, so he stared at Sasuke. Sasuke looked away, mentally kicked himself for saying that loud. Naruto grinned, knowing that he didn't hear wrong.

"Aawww, Sasuke, you're so cute!" Naruto hugged him again.

"Unh!" Sasuke winced again.

"Sa-Sasuke? Still hurts?" Naruto looked worried, quickly support Sasuke back.

"Idiot! Of course it is!" Sasuke hissed. "Sigh…You didn't need to be that harsh last night, you know." Sasuke muttered and rubbed his back.

"But I love to watch various pained expressions of yours, Sasuke!" Naruto grinned and poked Sasuke's cheek. Sasuke glared.

"And you called me what, a sadist? Masochist?!"

Naruto grinned and chuckled. Sasuke smacked the blonde's head.

"Oowie! What's that for?" Naruto rubbing the egg-sized lump on his head.

"For being an idiot, what's else!"


"Next time, I'm the seme."

"Yes, Sir!"

3 PM

Meeting bridge, after the mission.

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura squealed, "What about a date with me this afternoon?" Sakura grabbed Sasuke's right hand with her both hands, then she swaying it from left to right, from right to left, several times.

"Hn. No." Sasuke looked annoyed with the pink head. 'Damn, and she still acting like that? Sigh…'

Naruto watched both of them from behind. He just chuckled.

"Aaaaawww, that's too bad…" Sakura frowned and put on her best puppy look eyes. She stopped swaying Sasuke's right hand.

Sasuke just frowned at her. He stared at his right hand, and then stared back to Sakura.

"Get your hands off." He ordered the medic-nin. Sakura quickly pulled her hands back and giggling. Then, she went skipping to Yamanaka's flower shop, humming happy song.

Sasuke pay a glance at Sakura, and then he noticed that a paper was slipped between his fingers where Sakura had just held them.

There were two tickets of Konoha Amusement Park, and a small white paper : CONGRATULATIONS! HAVE FUN!!

Naruto walked faster and stopped behind Sasuke. Then he poked his head over Sasuke's shoulder.

"Uwaaah! WOW!!" He received one of the tickets from Sasuke, and then read it carefully.

"Tch, stupid fangirl…" Sasuke smirked, but we know that his inner-self always said the opposites, heheheh…


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