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Blind Hope




A chestnut colored haired girl sat in the waiting room of her doctor's clinic, she was silent and the only sound that she could hear was the faint sound of music coming from the stereo, the sound of pens scribbling hastily on clipboards and the sound of wheelchairs, magazine and newspaper pages flipping and…ambulances.

When was the last time she rode one? Probably a year or so…? She couldn't remember, because all she saw was blackness that lasted forever.

She smiled weakly to herself. "Now I remember" she muttered softly, she adjusted her black sunglasses and recalled that fated day…


"Mikan! Come back here! The traffic light will go green for the cars any moment now, there's no time to get your bag! Mikan! Don't be an idiot!"

"Hotaru, please! My bag has all my essentials in it! And anyway, I believe I'm a fast runner!" Mikan cried, pulling her wrist out of Hotaru's grip – who was trying to prevent her from running across the road to go back to her house and fetch her bag. The traffic light will go green any time now.


"Hotaru! I know what I'm doing!" Mikan yelled, as Hotaru held her wrist once more.


"Mikan…you're such an idiot!"


"HOTARU!" Mikan yelled, finally freeing herself from the grasp of her best friend. She dashed across the street, hoping to make it to the sidewalk where her house was.


She ran as fast as she can…


Then fate hit her…

A truck, to be precise…



"Mikan Sakura?"

The girl looked up, although she couldn't see anything. She could definitely tell that it was the nurse. She could smell lavender perfume and medicine, she could also feel the coldness of the stethoscope that was hanging on the nurse's neck. Yep, it was definitely her.


"Dr. Hyuuga will see you now"

Mikan picked up her pink walking stick as the nurse led her to the doctor's office. As she sat down on the comfortable arm chair, she could hear soft oldies' music play on the radio, she could smell antibiotics, men's perfume and old medical books.

"Mikan Sakura…"

"That's me…"

"Diagnosed with cancer?"

"Leukemia, to be specific"

"And how long have you had it?"

"For as long as I can remember. Actually, I cannot remember. It seems to distant for my memory to recall. But everyday, I get more and more exhausted. I don't need chemotherapy or any other treatment, I just need a way to keep my mind off it"

"Have you ever smoked or drunk alcohol excessively or something?"

"No. My mother had it, I'm not sure but it's probably hereditary. Please, I'm not very well…something you could call "smart" in the medical world,"

"I'm so tired" Mikan continued.

The doctor had extreme pity for Mikan. He knew that she was blind, by the looks of her and she appeared in the newspaper on the day she got hit by the car. The driver was drunk and couldn't see where he was going, poor Mikan. A chain of misfortunes must be stressful, and yes – she did look tired. Very tired. She said she didn't want chemotherapy and such, but all she needed was to smile. It looked like she hadn't for a very long time. All she needed was to be happy.

Mikan was silent, then she heard the door open and then bang. The acrid smell of cigarettes, beer and an expensive leather jacket suddenly filled the room. It was the smell of punk, rebellion and motorcycles.

"Damn it, dad! Why the hell wont you let me into that party they're having tomorrow?"

"Because Natsume, all you'll do is get drunk, go drag racing and then smoke afterwards" replied Dr. Hyuuga

The boy who entered banged his fists on the coffee table in front of Mikan.

"I'll let you go, but only if…you bring this girl out"

She felt the boy's eyes glue on hers.

"GOD! What did I do to deserve to baby sit some freakish geek?" Natsume muttered softly.

"Natsume, take her out – damn it! If you were blind and had leukemia you'd want to be taken out and be happy"

"Natsume" fell silent. He cursed and grunted.

"Come on, let's get going" he said, thrusting her walking stick on her.

Mikan stood up, and felt her way through the door.

"This is going to be one hell of a day…"


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