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The Storm Before


It seemed Mother Nature had a sense of what was coming. Dark clouds were on the horizon. A storm was brewing. In every sense of the word, tomorrow it would come. They had all gathered at Hogwarts in preparation for what was to happen in Hogsmeade tomorrow.

After ten months, ten months since Professor Dumbledore had been killed they were finally ready to face him. Countless hours of research. The destruction of all but the final Horcrux. Too many losses that she really did not want to think about at this point in time. So many sacrifices to achieve this one goal. And it would all count for naught if they didn't succeed tomorrow.

Surprisingly there had been a few defectors to their side after what happened, the one that shocked her most standing beside her watching the clouds roll in. After the funeral, and the mass exodus of students, the only ones that remained were the Order and a few loyal and true students. So it was a great surprise to find him in the Entrance Hall as they went to leave.

He had nowhere to go. He wouldn't stand beside his father at Voldemort's side, and it wouldn't be safe for him to just leave with the other students given his viewpoint. His father had mentioned the Order in a roundabout fashion in the past, and he wanted in, for reasons he wouldn't elaborate on. After much intent discussion he was granted his wish, he was made a member of the Order. He wasn't trusted at first, the wounds from the betrayal were still so very deep, but he proved useful. Turns out people say a lot of things they don't think about when they are talking to someone they think isn't all that intelligent. But he had proven his worth to their cause over time, Harry and Ron still wouldn't trust him as far as they could throw him – which isn't very far at all, unless they use magic of course.

He helped her though, more than she ever thought he would. It's strange the connection that has developed between them, she was hesitant to call them friends, more of a companion on those days when you just wanted someone around, whether to talk to, cry, scream at, or just sit and ponder everything. He was very astute. He seemed to know exactly what she wanted to do, probably before she even did. Which in her opinion made him such a great companion.

Like now, sitting in the Astronomy Tower, they stood against the ledge, preparing to watch the heavens open over the grounds. He just stood there, right next to her. Ready to be whatever she needed him to be. Standing on the brink of so much uncertainty it was all she could ask for.

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