Disclaimer: I don't own Lara or Winston but the rest are mine

Disclaimer: I don't own Lara or Winston but the rest are mine.

Authors Note: Okay I did a little research for a lot of this stuff, and I found out the Neb-er-tcher was an amulet that was lost in Egypt and the first scene they speak a little Arabic and that is what they are really saying, I didn't just make up a bunch of words. So without talking your head off here it is The Legend of Neb-er-tcher, please R/R, thanks and I hope you enjoy it.

Ancient Egypt 2,045 BC its dusk and there are torches surrounding a tall temple. The eye of Re is painted on a main stone in front of the temple and the surrounding pillars were engraved with images of the gods. The hooves of horses kick up sand outside and there stood twenty men with swords ready to do battle with the enemy, the Mumia a cult of power hungry warriors. Inside of the temple three people are hurrying towards the main chamber one priestess and two guards. The Mumia came into view over the nearest sand dune, a small army but brutal none the less. The three inside rushed through a massive doorway and at the other end of the room there was a great statue of Re, god of the sun and ruler of the gods. The priestess turns towards the two men motioning them forward, they step up to the statue and place at its feet a heavy iron box with snakes and scorpions surrounding it. To either side of the great statue are riches beyond your wildest dreams. You can hear the clashing of swords from just outside the room. The two men hurry towards the door ready for battle.

Priestess: Nebu taloned. [Tomb of the gods]

She turns terrified of the battle nearing her position, as her two protectors shared a nervous glance.

Priestess: Henu khet, menet ian was sekhem mesedjer hetau se`, sa shenu Neb-er-tcher [I praise you, may your power and might do what we could not, protect for eternity the Neb-er-tcher]

As soon as she spoke the last words a group of the tall, dark men, came threw the doorway. The guards outside, that had been sent to protect the Neb-er-tcher, were now dead. The last two held there swords ready for a fight. The army silently awaited their commander's order.

Leader: Pared oos [Kill them]

With that the men struck down the two helpless protectors and the protected. The once white stone floor had been stained red and the iron box was unprotected. As the leader of the small army reached for the box a quiet grinding noise echoed threw the large room. The statue of Re began to sway from side to side, and as quickly as the disturbance began, it was over. The army stood there for a moment hands on the hilts of their swords ready for another attack. As they stood there waiting, the massive doorway behind them began to shut, at an agonizingly slow pace, and then the statue exploded in a flood of light and dust. When the dust settled the men stood in awe and terror at what replaced the statue. They began to run in fear but were to late the door had closed; and all you could hear threw the vast and lifeless desert were their blood-curdling cries of pain.