Lara: Yes Winston I'll be back in a day or two

Lara: Yes Winston I'll be back in a day or two.

Winston: Miss Croft are you alright?

Lara: Just a little disappointed. The Neb-er-tcher slipped right threw my fingers.

Winston: Well under the circumstances you couldn't have done anything.

Lara: I suppose.

Winston: Well I suppose you won't be going back to Egypt any time soon right ma'am?

Lara: Not for a while.

Winston: Just one more thing Madame

Lara: Yes?

Winston: How did you manage to get rid of that giant snake? The one that cannot be slain?

Lara: Ancient Egypt didn't have plastic explosives.

Winston: Right ma'am, see you in a few days.

Lara: Good bye Winston.

Lara hung up her cell phone and climbed into an airplane. As they took off Lara looked out the window. She studied the sand dunes and the Niles water.

Lara: Not for a while.